1822.  From Diary of  Richard O’Donovan, of Bawnlahan, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Ireland, said the Whiteboys had been caught in a pitched battle with police and troops on January 25th nine had been found guilty of Insurrection Act and hanged.  This was prompted by an Excise raid on a Poteen Making Operation which developed into a running battle with the Whiteboys.   Some Local Customs Personnel.

Quoted p. 50in Donald McKay, ‘Flight from Famine’ The coming of the Irish to Canada’, Natural Heritage Books, Toronto, 2009.

Some Local Customs Personnel:

1695 Edward Boyle Collector Customs service in London 1701 referes to Mary widow of Edward who had been plundered of £600 by ‘Tories’ in 1695
Died 1849 William Brickley Late Customs and Excise
1806, died James Campbell Gauger Gauger of up to 30 years
1851 A. Chatfield Collector C&E Signed ‘No Popery Petition 1851’
1848 Michael Doyle Comptroller Customs may be Skibbereen Married Skib 1848 Mary Jane, 2nd daughter J. Crolwey, Surgeon.
1778- William Hingston English Customs service later Light House Keeper Cape Clear Whitehall one of 21 children of Lt. Edward Hingston adn Lucia Small, he m Jane carroll 1897 she was botn Old Court, 1783-1837.
1864 G. W. Hughes Collector Skibbereen Eagle
Dead pre 1791 Jones Collector Dauaghter died 1791 he is ‘late’
1862 Thomas H Love Receiver of wrecks March sale of Frederick Brunner Bantry Skibbereen Eagle John H. Love married Mary Elizabeth Collins , Skibbereen, may be related, March 1842, eldest daughter of late Thomas Collins Esq.
1816 Report Edward Pentland Surveyor of Excise £130 p.a., Ambrose Allisor, Peter Tatton, Gaugers £80 p.a. Edward kearney Schull Gaugher £80 pa
1739 Luke Mercer Commander Thompson adn Vessel Bessrig Creagh, m Mary Townsend (widow of John Becher), later estate Brennanstown, Co. dublin
1867 Mr. McIntosh Inland Revenue Officer Transfered to Castlepollard
1851 H.H. Lyold Comptroller, C&E Signed ‘No Popery Petition 1851’
1808 Samuel Morris Collector Customs Wife Sarah nee O’Donovan son Danile Kings Inns 1808 he then retired May be related to Benduff Morrises
1839 Daniel O’Connell Excise Officer Giving evidence Ballydehob licencing prosecution
1860 James O’Donovan From Skibbereen prominent in Exise in Swansea Descended from O’Donovans of Myross one of the oldest in Ireland Pikes Biography 1909
1846 Michael Daly, Comptroller, Custom House, New road, James Lynch Tide waiter,
1829 Laurence Regan Customs man Bantry voter registration. Regan, Laurence, High-st., Skibbereen, Custom-man 2 Lives, townland of Gortnaclogh
1829 John Regan Customs Man Bantry voter registration. Regan, John, High-st., Skibbereen, Custom-man 2 Lives, townland of Gortnaclogh 10b
1822 Alleyn Roche Tide waiter
1761 Thomas Spaigh Collector UK Archives
1806 Died Edward H Townsend Collector Died at Castletownsend Saunder’s Newsletter 16th September 1806
1763 John Sweetnam Surveyor of Excise adn Gauger
1796 John Sweetnam Surveyor Bridgetown, married Mrs Christina Attridge widow, dau of later Redmond Fitzgerald Esq., Cork City Hibernain Journal 1796
1840 Townsend Collector
1775-1847 Henry Owen Townsend TCD Landwaiter, Dublin, 1810 Malmaison, Castletownsend, son John Mary Morris m Sarah Fenwick, Anne Homan, Vice Chairman Skibbereen Poor Law Union, Secretary Commissioners of Irish Fisheries 1820 Col John Townsend Australia History item 223
1737-1810 John Townsend TCD One of His Majesties Commissioner’s of Revenue 1799 Sheperton MP Dingle, Castlemartyr. Barrister
1851 Augustus Warren Gauger Signed ‘No Popery Petition 1851’
1781, 1790 Richard Wright Esq. Collector Son Samuel Townsend Wright Esq. married at Christchurch Cork to Miss Louisa Digby, 30th July 1790 Rosemary Ffoliott It is likely that he got the Customs job throught the Townsend colllection
According to legend the Hulls and Coughlas were intermittently involved in smugling
1700 Thomas Dyer Tide Waiter Referred to in Dives Downes visitation
October 1707 Complaint by William Lowdnes to Rev Com Ireland 6 East India Company Ships arrived and broke bulk to prejudice of Customs Revenue British History Online
1788 James McCarthy and Isaac Baker Revenue Officials Deed witnesses, O’Driscoll/McCarthy Middle Men Ther is also a Baker family at the time tithe Proctors to the absentee rector, mortal enemies of newly appointed Daniel Coughlan in 1810s
c1820s Michael Tisdall Customs in England Rockhouse, Clifton, father Rev. Fitzgerald Tisdall, Rector Kiloe, Founder Crookhave Yeomanry Corps murdered Priest’s Leap, 1809
1759 Goodwin Swift Toby Bernard, Mizen Journal 2004. Extract from letter of Godwin Swift (Customs Man), 16th May 1757 from Crookhaven ‘Now with regard to the place and provisions: you are to know that you see nothing here but mountains of rock (not cliffs) and yet those rocks are more dear to poor people or strangers as the lands within 2 miles of Dublin. There is here undoubtedly great plenty of fish, yet the people are so lazy they’d rather live on salt mackerel and potatoes then give themselves the trouble to take fresh fish. There is no garden stuff here, very bad mutton and lamb, and no beef, not a tree or even a shrub within 8 miles of the place…. 30th June 1757 ‘…nothing but rocky mountains around us for 20 miles, where not even a slide car can go the road, nor any other cattle than little horses bred and used to this country….you can’t conceive the wretchedness of it. We have neither bread to eat nor malt liquor wine or cider to drink, nor meat except a little mutton and bad lamb. Our liquor a bad toddy, our victuals potatoes and fish and lie in a cottage..
1656 Roger Haughton Collector May be from Shanagarry East Cork Penn Quaker connections
1732, 1753 Richard Tonson Collector, possible JP Francis Post died in affray, he Cutoms seized 80 anchors of Brandy from the sloop ‘Conerrt’ belonging to Murtogh mcwn Sullivan Rossmacowen The Sullivans and Thomas Trenwith attacked the Customs killing Thomas Post a Proclomation was issued for their seizure Tonson may be an ilegetimate descendant of Hull
1820 Patrick Harrington 32 years service Cockswain, Murtogh O’Sullivan 24 years service Cockswain, W Anderson Cockswain 40 years service Jeremiah Denshy 28 years service Cockswain Parliamentary Report 1820
November 1826 Died Hungerford Baldwin Esq. Port Surveyor Died at Castletownsend Rosemary FFolliott
1840 F Skuse Revenue Boatman, D Buchanan Boatman (Coast Guard) 28 years service retirement bodily debility Parliamentary Report 1840
1761 Thomas Spraigh Collector of Baltimore Freedom of Cork 1761, brother-in-law Jhn Hely Hutchinson, MP, Provost Trinity College
1624 James Stanley Searcher Present at Leamcon at seizure by Sir William Hull of cargo of Dutch Pirate Claes Campane Caulfield’s Annals of Cork
1824 SAM YOUNG, Surveyor, Bantry, Feb. 19. SAM YOUNG, Surveyor, Bantry, Feb. 19. Shipwreck