1729.  Daniel O’Donovan, (The O’Donovan) Bawnlahan, Leap, Skibbereen, Renounced Popery.  Late 1844 Sir Richard de Burgo.   Recanted at Castletownroche probably in connection with marriage.

From 1590 West Cork experienced very substantial inward migration marking it out as different then most parts of Ireland excepting Dublin, Cork and some of the Northern Counties. Allied to that at 1840 it had one of the world’s largest rural population density. Massive emigration from the 1810 means that many worldwide have connections. DNA testing is now showing that a person’s religion or surname only partly explains their complex genetic inheritance.

There was traffic also in the other direction. In the late 1830s the Rev. Fisher of Toormore/Altar said that formerly a large area of Crookhaven was known as ‘Protestant Hill’ but they had gone over to the Church of Rome and had become what he said were ‘Bitter Romanists’

Cork Convert Rolls:


Castletownroche records transcribed 1909 by Colonel Grove White.

Note by Paddy O’Keeffe, Bantry Historian.


Son of Richard and daughter of the Knight of Kerry. ‘The O’Donovan’ the head of the Clan married firstly Miss Anne Kearney, Garretstown, for the second time who in his 60s Jane Beecher aged 15/16 and had a second large family. He renamed the Bawnlahan Estate Castle Jane.

Renunciation after first marriage and The Kearneys of Garretstown House also renounced relations the Franks, Rochfords. 49 years before his death.

His son Lieutenant General Richard O’Donovan, married Miss Powell from Wales, they had no children the estate passed to her nephew. The title of Chieftain ‘The O’Donovan’ passed to the Montpelier (Douglas) Cork branch.

Lieutenant General Richard O’Donovan, on his death line passed to Rev. Morgan O’Donovan line.  1840s correspondence between Dr. John O’Donovan and Timothy O’Donovan, Magistrate, Durrus suggested rightful Chief may  be a ploughman in Castlehaven or cobbler in Waterford.

Lands to let 1769:

To be let for 31 years part of Estate of Daniel O’Donovan, Esq., Kilglinny 760 acres. Keahagh in harbour of Castlehaven 121 acres.  Apply Daniel O’Donovan, Baunlahan or William Heard, Attorney, Cork.



https://wordpress.com/post/durrushistory.com/7484  Recantations (Public Conversions to the Church of Ireland), St. Nicholas Church, Cork, 1765-1774, Robert Meakings, Ann Crowley, Stephen Walsh, Walter Reilly, Thomas Byon, James McCarthy of Dunmanway, Catherine Barker, Coleman Walsh (Possibly Drimoleague) and Juli(?) Murphy.