1914 Enthusiastic Election Meetings Schull Division at Kilcrohane and Ahakista for Denis McCarthy, O’Brienite (All for Ireland) Party.  Allegations of Nepotism.  Steam Rolling of Roads, Pier for  Sea Sand , Priests Thrown off Old Age Pension Committees Mentioned


1914 Enthusiastic Election Meetings Schull Division at Kilcrohane and Ahakista for Denis McCarthy, O’Brienite (All for Ireland) Party.  Allegations of Nepotism.  Steam Rolling of Roads, Pier for  Sea Sand , Priest Thrown off Old Age Pension Committees Mentioned.

Since the 1890s the general district was split Inuit two rival Nationalist factions. Frequent reports of election related disturbances,

The allegation of nepotism was directed at the Roycroft family of Mount Gabriel, The County Surveyor was a brother of Ned Roycroft was later based in Bantry., Quite a number of the extended Roycroft family held position associated with the Workhouse in Schull.

The Barrister referred to land other Bantry O’Leary lawyers

1904, 1910 Daniel O’Leary Barrister Metionedi in Obituary as attending funeral 1903 address mass meeting at the Abbey re Manchester Martyrs. 1904 funeral of Daniel O’Donovan, Solicitor and Land Owner, Skibbereen.

1878-1954 Daniel O’Leary Solicitor, MP 1916, Solicitor Arklow, Co.Wicklow Elected on death of James GIlhooley for O’Brien faction in Irish Parliamentary party. “1941 funeral of brother D. O’Leary, Solicitor, ex M.P., Arklow brother

1937, 1937 Joseph S. O’Leary Solicitor, 1939 Commissioner Best man at wedding of his brother J. O’Leary, Dunmanway, soilicitor, in Dublin 1937 to Miss Mary Kathleen Lavin.

1908 Solicitors. O’Leary Patrick, The Square Wolfe Jasper, The Square. Attending funeral James Flynn, (1817-1896), Caherdaniel, died 1896. Funeral of 1900, James Wiseman, Beach, Bantry. 1904 relief fund Charles Martin McCarthy wife and children he a boatman Bantry died trying to save a sailor. 1909 attending the funeral of Dr. William Jennings, J.P. 1917 attending funeral of three crew lost when Minnehaha torpedoed by the Germans. ” “Magistrate William Henry O’Sullivan, 1897, The Square/Main St., Bantry, daughter Annie m 1906 Patrick O’Leary, Solicitor, Bantry son of Florence Glendart, listed 1921. 1898 funeral of Mrs. Margaret O’Connor mother of Benjamin, JP. 1904 funeral of Daniel O’Donovan, Solicitor and Land Owner, Skibbereen. 1909 attending funeral of Mrs. Martha Rogers, Durrus. 1913 attending the funeral, Skibberen, Dr. Patrick (PJ) Burke, Skibbereen. ” “1941 funeral D. O’Leary, Solicitor, ex M.P., Arklow brother J. O’Leary, brother Miss M. O’Leary, Dunmanway, sister Mrs. Creedon, Parkgariff, Monkstown, sister Mr. J. O’Leary, Dunmanway W. H. O’Sullivan, Bantry brother-in-law Charles Donovan, Bantry, brother-in-law D. Creedon, Solicitor, Dunmanway, nephew T. O’Brien, Killeagh, nephew Mary O’Leary, Bantry, niece Patricia Creedon, Monkstown, niece ” His uncle Patrick O’Leary, Glendart, was involved in the Fenian raid on Canada mentioned by Rocky Mountain. Died 1936, Mountmellick William Clerke Apprentice to Patrick O’Leary, qualified 1919 Pracised in Mountmellck died there 1936. Attending 1923, Mrs. Nora O’Leary nee McCarthy Courtmacsherry, Woodlands, Dunmanway. Wife of Jeremiah O’Leary Solicitor.

Edward (Ned) Roycroft (1850-1937), 1894, Mount Gabriel, Schull, farmer, listed 1913. 1892 Poor Law Guardian.  Attending the funeral, Bantry Jane Dillon nee Roycroft (1843-1892). 1899 Chairman Schull Board of Guardian and District Council. Farmer 1901 has one servant. One of the first to be elected to Cork County Council. Signed Requisition   1905. Cork Junction Railway Bill.  Requisition to the Right Honourable The Earl of Bandon K.P., to Call a meeting for the purpose of Approving the Cork Junctions Railway Bill. 1911 executive committee Carbery Show.    1913 attending funeral of  Mrs. Mary O’Sullivan nee O’Driscoll, Kilthomane, Crottees, Durrus. 1914 County Council election assentors Dr. John Shipsey and Rev. G.B. Fairbrother. Vice President Carbery Show 1915.  Married Kate McCarthy associated with the Irish Parliamentary Party, Roycrofts may descend from 2 brother who who came to Bandon 1600.  His son William who succeeded him on the Co. Council.  Quite a number of the extended Roycroft family were employed at the workhouse or Union.  Chairman Schull Board of Guardians, Skibbereen to Schull Railway, Committee member Cork Mental Hospital. Supported Treaty, nominated and supported Jasper Wolfe as a TD.  Partner with his son in a drapery shop in Schull.  Huge funeral.

1887. Sketch of The Brilliant Irish Member of Parliament.  Tim Healy of Bantry.  By John A. Hennessy a Waterford Man in New York.



1909 Bantry Feis. Patrons include Canon (Church of Ireland) O’Grady, James Gilhooley, M.P., Tim Healy King’s Counsel,M.P., Maurice Healy, M.P., The Earl of Kenmare, Magistrates, Dr. O’Mahony, Benjamin O’Connor, M. O’Driscoll, William Martin Murphy, Alexander Martin Sullivan, King’s Counsel, Dr. M. J. McCarthy, Patrick (Rocky Mountain) O’Brien, Dromore. Prizewinners, Industrial Section.


Emigration from Gearhies, Muintervara, to Joliet, Illinois, America. Visit of Bantry Born MP, Tim Healy 1881, Hotbed of Fenians, Hibernian Activity, Pro Boer Meeting Attended by Many Irish.


Bantry Gang: Healy Brothers, Thomas, Solicitor, M.P., Timothy, M.P. , Queen’s Counsel, Governor General Irish Free State, Tim, Sullivan Brothers, Alexander Martin, Owner ‘The Nation’, Founder Irish Parliamentary Party, M.P. Queen’s Counsel, Timothy Daniel, M.P. Composer ‘God Save Ireland”, Donal, Secretary Irish Parliamentary Party, M.P, Lord Mayor of Dublin, Harrington Brothers, Tim, Teacher, Journalist, Author of The Plan of Campaign, M.P., Barrister, Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ned, Organiser, M.P., William Martin Murphy, International Businessman, Railway Contractor, owner Irish Independent, Dublin United Tramways, M.P., James Gilhooley, Fenian, M.P.


1931 Funeral of Tim Healy, Bantry Born, M.P., Barrister, Governor General of Irish Free State. Genealogy (by John T. Collins 1944) of O’Healys/Healys/Hely from 5th Century, Patron Saint of Family St. Lachtin died 622 AD.


1885, House of Commons, London, A Lash of Tim Healy’s , MP, Tongue, The Earl of Bantry Off Chasing Kangaroos in Australia instead of Sitting on Cork Lunacy Board and Non Attending Board Member 90 Year old Earl of Mount Cashel.


Tim Healy Governor General Irish Free State Census Return 1901

1895 Bantry Terrier Coursing Club, Captain Biaia’s Dog Czar under 24 lbs.

President James Manders:

William Warner of Bantry owned creameries at Killarney, Enniskeane and Ballinacarriga and developed a brand of butter aimed at the export market. In partnership with James Manders (son-in-law) who later left the partnership he started a factory at William Street.  By 1886 its production was £6,000 in the summer and employed a hundred men including fifty coopers. In 1892 it was producing 800 tons a year.

The Musgrave Cork family owners of the Super Valu Group are descended from Bantry Warners on the female side.


John Cullinane, (1834-1900) The Square, Bantry.  1895 treasurer Bantry Terrier Coursing Club. 1898 thanked by Bantry Board of Guardians for providing a meal for the inmate of the workhouse consisting of meat and vegetable followed by currant cake and



Timothy O’Donovan JP to Dr. John O’Donovan on The Real Irish Greyhound not the wolf dog called the …..‘Guire Mac Fhira’ the Irish Grey Hound is called ‘Conn’ and was spelled Gre-hound, this breed is quite smooth silk like satin it is a mistake to confuse the rough or wiry dog being of Scotch descent and never could compete with the real Irish in Fleetship or Beauty, Richard Hungerford Evanson, Coursing at Dromreagh in the 1864.

The O’Donovans were clearly into dogs, his brother Doctor Richard placed an ad in a newspaper in the 1827 for a lost bitch ‘Lily’ at Ahakista. The House at O’Donovan’s Cove had a large area devoted to kennels

Richard Hungerford Evanson, Friendly Cove, held coursing meeting in Dromreagh in the 1870s which appear in the Skibbereen Eagle.

Gaming in the hills was popular Lord Bandon maintained Durrus Court as a hunting lodge.


O’Donovan’s Cove
December 20th, 1860

Many thanks my dear friend for your recent collection and very handsome present, which I value highly, and my young friend, I shall it have properly framed, and ornamented with name of the artist.
I hope the book arrived safely . In some of the old Coats of Arms of the O’Donovan family I have seen the motto was ‘Ver Super Hostem”. I could not account for this crest was always the same ..
The Carbery O’Donovan I regret to say are wearing
he is at present abroad and is now fourteen. His father has been in Germany for 3 years and was very reckless and extravagant but his property fortunately was strictly entailed the land is secured to his family. His wife is grand daughter to Daniel O’Connell, the mother of my wife was a Miss Lavellan, Co. Limerick, a daughter of Philip Lavellin of Water park in the County of Cork. Her sister was married to Mr. Puxley of Dunboy Branch?. The grandson the present Mr. Puxley is a man of immense wealth the principal owner of the famous Allihies Mines in the Barony of Bere
I return Count McDonnell’s letter which is very interesting such as may be expected from one of the ancient race. I also return the other letters, with the Crest of the Wexford Donovans and your own. I hope to hear sometime from you at your pleasure and look forward with hope to our meeting in the ensuing.
…….papers and the pleasure when of my young friend, your son, I would accompany you.
I have still … of the real Irish Greyhound not the wolf dog called the …..‘Guire mac Fhira’
the Irish Grey Hound is called ‘Conn’ and was spelled Gre-hound, this breed is quite smooth silk like satin it is a mistake to confuse the rough or wiry dog being of Scotch descent and never could compete with the real Irish in fleetship or beauty.

Wishing you and yours every prosperity and happiness I remain your obliging friend an affectionate clansman,

Timothy O’Donovan

I also return the very pleasing testimonial of the merits of your son Edmund from Sir Bernard Burke.


Latin ‘A man above his enemies”
The Cork Levellins were of Norman descent some of the family conformed to the Church of Ireland.
Elsewhere Dr. O’Donovan comments on the Wexford branch who may have come from West Cork purchasing Cromwellian Debentures in the 1840s the incumbent was described by Dr. O’Donovan a a ‘Bigoted Orangeman’

Timothy O’Donovan (1790-1874), 1818, O’Donovan’s Cove, in ruins 1875, Durrus, listed 1838, son of Richard Esq. and Jane d Alexander O’Donovan, Squince.  Present at enquiry Skibbereen 1823 into enquiry into fatal affray at Castlehaven caused by Rev. Morritt’s tithe extraction. Correspondent with Antiquarian Dr. John O’Donovan re O’Donovans of Carbery.  Brother of Dr O’Donovan and Richard O’Donovan JP and uncle of Richard O’Donovan JP. Hisson’s wife is grand daughter to Daniel O’Connell, the mother of his wife was a Miss Lavellan, Co. Limerick, a daughter of Philip Lavellin of Water Park in the County of Cork.  Her sister was married to Mr. Puxley of Dunboy Branch. The grandson the present (1860) Mr. Puxley is a man of immense wealth the principal owner of the famous Allihies Mines in the Barony of Bere.  Signed public declaration in Skibbereen to Alexander O’Driscoll on his removal as Magistrate 1835 with Lord Bantry, Simon White, John Puxley, Arthur Hutchins, Thomas Baldwin, Samuel Townsend Junior and Senior, Thomas Somerville, Richard Townsend Senior, Rev. Alleyn Evanson, Richard Townsend, Lyttleton Lyster. 1835 Subscriber Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1837.  In 1838in the Liberal interest where at Bantry voter registration 15 were registered as opposed to 6 ‘Orangemen’ the tenants of Timothy O’Donovan JP were chiefly among those who registered.  Among these were probably McCarthys of Tulig later prominent in Nationalist politics of whom John Mccarthy (1859-1931)became a leading  in Nebraska and wrote a poem in praise of Timothy O’Donovan.  Attended Great Meeting in Bantry 1840 re Poor Laws.  Chaired 1846 distress meeting Bantry on proposition of Father Michael Barry PP Bantry. Landlord and political organiser. Member Election Committee, Rickard Deasy, Clonakilty (later Attorney General) 1855  Member election committee McCarthy Downing, Skibbereen. Juror Cork Spring Assizes 1863.   Land record, 1870, Kate O’Donovan, O’Donovan’s Cove, 1,940 acres and Reps Timothy O’Donovan 1,940 acres. 1874, Death at 85 of Timothy O’Donovan, J.P., Esq, O’Donovan Cove, Durrus, West Cork, The Last Survivor of the Ancient House of O’Donovan Bawn or Clann Cahill, Justice of the Peace since 1818 Probate to daughter Mrs Anne Barry, widow, effects £2,000.

1866.   Kennels Sought in Skibbereen for West Carbery Harriers.


Marmion is probably merchant, landowner, owner of coaches.  The Family came from around Dundalk to manage Becher Estate c 1740, an old Norman family who conformed to the Church of Ireland.

Skibbereen & West Carbery Eagle; or, South Western Advertiser 08 December 1866

In the 19th century there is a lot of concentration on religious and political differences. We forget the common culture and dogs in their manifestation was one of them.

Recollections of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, Breast Fed Until He Was 3.  Boss Croker: Maurice J. Power, Associate of President Cleveland.   Thousands come to Rosscarbery to Celebrate Father Powers Miracles on St. John’s Eve.  1858  St. Johns Eva, Beautiful Irish from a Crippled Beggar, bare ulcerated legs. Thadeus O’Mahony, Bandon born Professor of Irish TCD. Tom Hungerford Landlord, a Tenant of his father. Grandfather’s Bleachery, Flax Meitheal.  West Cork Delegates to the Dungannon Convention 1782.

Reading the recollections there is a touch of the Seanachaí telling stories around the fire on a winners night.  Like many Irish and other Revolutionaries he came from a comfortable background until disaster struck the family.  His grandfather family were linen bleachers as well as having a substantial farm with servant boys and girls and milking 20 cows.  In many part so West Cork into the 1960s a man with 20 cows would be regards as a strong farmer


Breast Fed Until He Was 3.




1924 Peadar Ó h-Anracháin (Peter O’Hourihane) on the Poets of Carbery Including Séan Ó Coileáin (1754-1817), Carbery Poet, ‘The Silver tongue of Munster’, In Irish using Old Gaelic Script


1924 Peadar O h Anrachain on the Poets of Carbery Including Sean O Coilean The Silver Tongue of Carbery, In Irish using Old Gaelic Script.

Unfortunately the old Gaelic script was replaced in the 1950s by the Roman font.

There was a certain amount of unease in some quarters as it cam to be associated with attempts by the English in the 17th century to Proselytism by printing the Bible in Irish. I think the font used by Bishop Bedeal is now largely intact in the Irish Print Museum.

The Watchtower Magazine for September 2015 contains an article on Bedell’s seventeenth-century Irish bible.

The article on the manuscript of Bishop William Bedell’s Irish translation of the Old Testament, which is held in Marsh’s, has generated much excitement among Jehovah’s Witnesses resident in Ireland, with many requests to see the precious manuscript itself. https://www.marshlibrary.ie/bishop-bedells-irish-translation-of-the-bible/

Apple apparently have an app enabling you type in the ancient script.


Peadar Ó h-Anrachain (Peadar O’Hourihane) listed as Vice-Chairman, Cork County Council, 1921.  May be the same as scholar.


A McCarthy Sept. Clann Teige Roe of Scart, Bantry.


Early Ordnance Survey Map Showing Site of McCarthy Castle, Scart, Bantry, Silver Mines, Lead Mines on Hutchinson Estate.


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 22.40.35

Died March 1634. Daniel Teige McCarthy (Muclagh), of Belamoyre (Durrus Court, Gearhameen, Durrus), West Cork, Buried Abbey Bantry, Family Lands Later forfeit Formery (c1710 to 1910) part of the Western Bandon Estate.  Recorded in Ulster Office 1636.


Major John Reid’s Grant, Patent enrolled 14th January 1666. Basis for Evanson later Lord Bandon Durrus Estate lands Derrycloughshagh (South part), Dromunder of Drominihy, Munane, Toughbane, Cappagh, Colshateriffe alias Clasnatariffe, Moulerane, Castleventry (part), Coarquolaghy or Coorecolaghy (Coolculaghta, Durrus?), Coolenslonge (part) bounded on the west with Tully and Kealty (Tullagh/Kealties Durrus), on the south by the sea on the east by Clony (Clonee/Durrus), on the north and north west with unprofitable mountains al in Carbery. Total acreage (statute) was 6,069 which included an odd particle of a few hundred acres rent £56 17s 11d.


Father/Reverend Daniel McCarthy, ’An tAthair Tadgh Na Muclagh’, Trilingual (Irish, English, French) Formerly Parish Priest Durrus, West Cork 1790, Marriage to Sarah Blair, of Blair’s Cove, Durrus, and His Petitions to Dublin Castle, Genealogies.


December 1899, Schull Board of Guardians: 49 in the Workhouse, Average Cost of Inmate, 1898 over 3 shilling a week.  Dr. Edward  Shipsey mentioned the high cost of eggs that time of year.  He had effected savings of £200 on medicines in the previous 5 years.


It is each to criticise the Guardian for attention to costs.   However the cost of the Workhouse and the dispensary ahd to be paid for locally through the rates.  This is what at the time was one of the poorest and disadvantaged parts of Ireland.

Of those present  JP denotes Magistrates.   Timothy (Thade O’Mahony was one of a family of fish merchants from Kilcrohane married to a former Mccarthy who had a substantial business premise in Goleen.

Michael Hegarty of Toormore Cottage referred to is the brother in law of Thade O’Mahony involved in various businesses and great grandfather of Peter Sutheerland, former EU Commissioner, Chairman of Goldman Sachs and BP.

1919 Wanted, A respectable Country Girl Must be A good Worker, Able to Milk, Bake, Wages £18 to Suitable Girl, West Cork Girl Preferred. Apply Mrs. Ross, Glounthane, Co. Cork.

1919 Wanted, A respectable Country Girl Must be A good Worker, Able to Milk, Bake, Wages £18 to Suitable Girl, West Cork Girl Preferred. Apply Mrs. Ross, Glounthane, Co. Cork.

It might be fanciful but the preference might reflect the strong work ethic of West Cork people of all religions.

Interesting she advertised in the Skibbereen Eagle not the Cork Examiner.

Interestingly looking at Agricultural Shows in West Cork many of the exhibitors are Protestants who migrated to the greater Cork Harbour area or East Cork are for better land and more opportunity but many years later still exhibit in their home place Agricultural Shows.

Looking at the Ross family like that Mrs Sarah Ross, nee Stanley in 1901 and 1911 census she and Husband Michael are bi lingual suggesting that the greater Kinsale area 1850 was bi lingual