1838, 1845, 1863 Cork Grand Jury Presentments Featuring Sand Quays, Strands


1838, 1845, 1863 Cork Grand Jury Presentments Featuring Sand Quays, Strands

One of the factors that fueled the extraordinary population growth in West Cork pre famine was the availability of seaweed and sea sand.   This facilitated potato growth.  The advent of guano in the 1870s and chemical fertilizers gradually killed of the trade.  There were revivals in World War 1 and 2.

Cormac Levis in a booklet published by Aughadown I.C.A . some years ago documents the trade, the boats and the families involved.

This listing is taken from the Presentments forwarded to the Cork Grand Jury for approval.  It was thought that all re 1891 records were destroyed in the Cork Court House fire.  Many other surviving record were destroyed by Cork County Council in 1967 when they moved to the new County Hall. However a number of presentment books have emerged and are now in the Cork Archives.  http://www.corkarchives.ie/


They go into extraordinary detail of proposed roadworks.  In these case it shows the importance of the sand trade and the extension of the business deep into  areas such as  Macroom, Enniskeen from Innishannon Sand Quays and other strands  Some strands feature strongly such as the Red Strand near Clonakilty.   There are various accounts of hundreds of horses and carts  at these strands drawing sand.  The best was the Bantry Bay coral dredged and landed at various piers.  This trade lasted to the mid 1950s and the Carroll family had a number of  boats.


1838, 1845, 1863 grand jury presentment sand quays, strands


Cork Grand Jury:















1840. Commissioners appointed in Clonakilty to Sweep and Clean Town.

1840, Commissioners appointed in Clonakilty to Sweep and Clean Town.


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Patrick O’Hea Doctor, Barrack St. One of 550 attending banquet in Cork for Daniel O’Connell. 1850 proposed Courtmacsherry be used for new workhouse. Dead by 1867 when son Thomas Aloysius, wife Mary, qualified as attorney winning Gold Medal. Post Office Directory 1842. Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier 10 June 1845. 1846 Town Commissioner. 1844 O’Connell Tribute. “1862 Thomas Aloysius O’Hea Kings Inns 1862 Father Patrick M.D., mother Mary

Francis Bennett Attorney, 1842 Shannon Square Sovereign St. Appointed Cleaning Commissioner for Clonakilty 1840. Son of Francis Bennett decd at 1827



Thomas Deasy in the Nation 24 Nov 1849. I think that Thomas was a cousin of Rickard Deasy.

The Desys part of a powerful political network in West Cork who transformed politics from the early 19th century. They included the O’Donovan family of Catholic Landlords and Magistrates in Durrus.  Many of the extended families trace their descent from Alexander O’Donovan who died in Squince, Skibbereen.




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Rickard Deasy, Superseded 1822, Clonakilty, Brewing family.  Deasy, Rickart, Esq., of Clonakilty, to Miss Cotter, at Millstreet – (CMC 8/9/1802).  Father Collins, PP Bantry evidence to Parliamentary Enquiry that he had £2,000 per annum when half pay Protestant Officers on £40 per annum were preferred for Quarter Assizes Juries in Bantry. 1828 seeking reform of House of Commons. Reinstatement supported by Dr John Richard  Elmore, Clonakilty. 1822 local fishery committee.   1822 with Dr. Elmore and John Molony seeking Chief Secretary; support for harbour works for poor relief at Ring.    Attending dinner Devonshire Arms Hotel for Daniel O’Connell 1839 listed as J.P.. Chairman of meeting of Independent Liberal Electors thanking electoral personnel for Impartiality in 1835 elections.  The Reformers of the West Riding of Cork to Daniel O’Connell MP to Dinner in Bandon, Co Cork, with 200 Liberals in attendance including, Francis Bernard Beamish MP (1802-1868), Rickard Deasy (1766-1852) Brewer Clonakilty, James Clugston Allman Distiller Bandon, James Redmond Barry J.P., Commissioner for Fisheries, Edward O’Brien, Masonic Lodge Bandon, John Hurley Brewer, Major E. Broderick, Henry Owen Beecher Townsend (1775-1847), Major Mathew Scott J.P. (1779-1844), Philip Harding, Carrigafooka, Macroom, Richard Dowden (1794-1861) Unitarian, Frances Coppinger Esq., Parkview, Bandon.

Timothy Deasy The Elder (c 1739-), 1793, Barr’s Hall, Timoleague, 1793, Son Timothy and Ann Donovan m Honoria O’Donovan d Cornelius 1759. Shown 1788 as owner of Pookeen townland, Parish of Drimoleague, adjoining lands Carbery Estate map of Sir John Freke, Bart.  Listed supporter of Act of Union, 1799 Son Morgan Deasy Doctor of Physic joint owner of brewery concern with brother Richard his executor Dr. James Donovan MD Barry Hall.  First Catholics to be J.P.s since the Treaty of Limerick.  Family fortune reputed to be based on smuggling. Daughter Ann married Dr. James Donovan son of Alexander of Squince head of the Clann Lochlann branch second in seniority to the Clann Cathal Sept.  Founded brewery in 1807 at Shannon Square, Clonakilty. Superseded 1810-30. Author unpublished memoir re atrocities in Clonakilty in 1798. Son Timothy the Younger 1792 party of pre marriage deed with Anna Maria Barry of Leamara, Tim Deasy, the younger  of London and Barry’s Hall, witness Charles McCarthy, Gortnascreena. Related to O’Donovans of Squince, Skibbereen, O’Donovans, O’Donovan’s Cove, Durrus







Pre Reformation Seal of Stephen Brown, Bishop of Ross. Succeeded 1402.

Pre Reformation Seal of Stephen Brown, Bishop of Ross.  Succeeded 1402.

This gem came from the antiquarian bookseller who comes to Bantry Fair most Fridays












1837. House of Lords The Right Honourable The Earl of Bandon v Henry Becher, Lands in 1737 Mortgage Killeenleagh, Lassanaroe, Cappamore, Cahergall (Kilcrohane), Marriage Settlement 1740 Including Ardenant (Schull), Balteenoughtra, Ballyourane (Caheragh), Barnitonicane (Ballydehob), Caherolickenny, Mauldenny, Derrynalamane (Ballydhob), Dunkelly (Crookhaven), Keelbronhoe (Ballydehob), Lassanaroe, Rathcool, Ratourah (Schull), Letterscanlan. Families Mentioned, Alleyn, Becher, Hedges, Townsend, Wright, Evans, O’Donovan, Hungerford.

West Cork History


1837.  House of Lords The Right Honourable The Earl of Bandon v Henry Becher, Lands in 1737 Mortgage Killeenleagh, Lassanaroe, Cappamore, Cahergall (Kilcrohane), Marriage Settlement 1740 Including Ardenant (Schull), Balteenoughtra, Ballyourane (Caheragh), Barnitonicane (Ballydehob), Caherolickenny, Mauldenny, Derrynalamane (Ballydhob), Dunkelly (Crookhaven), Keelbronhoe (Ballydehob), Lassanaroe, Rathcool, Ratourah (Schull), Letterscanlan. Families Mentioned, Alleyn, Becher, Hedges, Townsend, Wright, Evans, O’Donovan, Hungerford.

The case recites the tortious history of various land transfers in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Many of the townlands former part of the Western Bandon estate that by 1910 was vested in the tenants.  Many of the tenants details are in the Cork Archives, Bandon Estate papers.


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Old Durrus Photos.

Old Durrus Photos.

Thanks to John McCarthy, Durrus

If the shadows are telegraph poles after 1875.  Village built c 1855 by Lord Bandon.  It replaced a collection of miserable mud cabins.  Nte traditional West Cork Cloak worn by woman  in centre.  The pub 1st right was owned at the time by a member of Gilhooley family a relative of MP for West Cork


Probably just after 1901 note no graves yet, looks like building timbers.  Man in coach possibly Lord Bandon.  St. James Church History refers to Lord bandon around that time and his coach


Church of the Sacred Heart was built in 1901. The design was widely praised and a number of churches in the area have a similar design including that at KIlcoe. This was built on a site of one acre by way of lease to Fr. O’Leary from the Earl of Bandon for 990 years, at a rent of 10 shillings per annum lease dated November, 1898. The first sod was cut by Dan Keohane and John Sullivan, Clonee. The contractor was Daniel O’Donovan, Bantry. The stone was provided from a quarry at Fahies, Clashadoo owned by the Shannon family and operated by the Spillane family and drawn to the site by Patrick Crowley of Ahagouna, Paul Shannon, Clashadoo and Hurleys Ballycomane. In the course of drawing stone one of the carts was wrecked and a replacement was provided gratis by Bob Dukelow, Coomkeen.The cost of the church was £2,900 and the Architect was Maurice Alphonsus Hennessy from the South Mall, Cork.  The pews were made by Laurence Lehane. It Is believed that the project caused financial difficulties for the contractor.  The church is being refurbished 2017 at a cost of €100,000. ..



2nd from left Eddie Hurst  (Beach House, Bantry, progressive farmer) married Shannon, Clashadoo she had Coughlan ancestry.  Father of Bantry historian Hazel Vickery. Boy Shawn Dillon, Clashadoo. his ancestors contractors 1835 to Cork Grand Jury.  He inherited substantial property from Bantry aunts. Active Clann na Poblachta 1947 Bantry.  Family have a large tomb Moulivard Graveyard.

Election 1892:

Thomas Dillon referred to is buried in a large tomb in Moulivard, Durrus East.  He is of the Clashadoo family. His wife nee Roycroft died 1892 and her obituary listed an enormous funeral a veritable ‘who’s who’ of West Cork.  The Vickeries of Ballycomane have a long history of involvement in local affairs as 1820s local cess payers. The Tobins likewise of Kilcrohane were politically active.

Tall man back row with hat:  In the late 1930 and 1940s Tom Deane (former Dublin Metropolitan Policeman).  So tall DMP made a special bicycle for him.

Pig Fair c 1940s


When the marts started, especially Bandon (1957) and Skibbereen (started by Cork Co-Operative Marts in 1958) it sounded the death knell of the fair for cattle.  Durrus Fair used to be held near creamery. It was revived in 1937 having lapsed for 20 years previously, and was held on the third Monday of every month. The market at Ballydehob was also attended.






1950s, two petrol pumps Barrys later son in law Cronins to the west Chrissie Leahy nee O’Sullivan family had mills behind since c 1805.  ESB only came post 1959.


This apparently was a postcard.  The area to the immediate left was a cattle loading area.  The lower road to Ballycomane was where the truck would be parked to load cattle.  ON the right hand side2nd from left wa the former Carraigbui Petty Session Court, held on the first floor, a collapse in c 1880s left many injured.

Barrys premises 1st left pub and shop, he was a returned Yank from west of Dunbecon.

Dinny JOhn L O’Sullivans pub 1st right.  he was from Kilcrohan, worked in Dreenolmane barytes Mines, then USA, another returned  Yank.  Married  one of Shannon sisters of Brahalish.


Not in photo Wisemans shop, built back after USA fashion as Mrs Wiseman nee Daly, Kilcrohane after her years in USA reckoned the car needed to be accommodated.




Something Different, West Cork, Argentine Links, Monument to Father Fahy, Buenos Aires (1805-1871), He was rightly considered the father and benefactor of his countrymen, to whom he devoted his time, labour and life, with disinterested self-denial enhanced by his admirable modesty.

Something Different, West Cork, Argentine Links, Monument to Father Fahy, Buenos Aires (1805-1871), He was rightly considered the father and benefactor of his countrymen, to whom he devoted his time, labour and life, with disinterested self-denial enhanced by his admirable modesty.



He was rightly considered the father and benefactor of his countrymen, to whom he devoted his time, labour and life, with disinterested self-denial enhanced by his admirable modesty. Of each and every one he was the advocate, benefactor, friend, guide and pastor. He won their esteem, love and gratitude by his consummate prudence, deep understanding, moral integrity and supreme self-sacrifice… He was one of those rare examples of complete self-denial devoted exclusively to the welfare of his fellow-creatures.


William Martin Murphy of Bantry was involved in railway/tram construction in Argentina.

Father Tim Mahony, 1900 en route to New York from Louvain to trace his West Cork O’Mahony, Lantry (Lankree) ancestors:


[While] in Dublin I looked up Mr. Barnaby Lanktree, a son of Henry Lanktree, who was a first cousin of Mother’s. He has a splendid position in the Metropolitan Police Force, being Supt. of the Dept. of Detective. Personally he is a tall handsome man and a Lantry through and through, being just a little addicted to bragging, but in a very pleasant way. He has a brother, Charles, in London acting as Inspector of Police; also a sister, Charity, and two brothers in the Argentine Republic, South America;












Further north:



Some Roycroft (Recraft) Wills from 1676, Bandon and Marriages from 1775.


Some Roycroft (Recraft) Wills from 1676, Bandon and Marriages from 1775.

It has been sasi that all the west Cork descend from two bandon brothers. Like most who arrived in the Bandon Valley post 1590 there are Catholic and Protestant branches in Cork and worldwide among descendants.



















Of the Durus, Clonee Roycrofts extended family include Swantons of Ballydehob, Fergusons of Clashadoo, Durrus, Varians of Rooska, Orpens of Kerry of whom the artist William Orpen is of this line, O’Sullivans of Ballighadown, Caheragh/Drimoleague of whom Eugene O’Sullivan, a middle man and Church Warden Drimoleague C of I 1790s, Hutchinsons  local Landlords Clonee, Durrus, Vickeries of Rooska and Ballycommane, Durrus.

Marriages:  Likely for better off families these are Marriage Licence Bonds most probably married by reading out intention to marry three time by Banns.



1754, Another of Cork’s Periodic Banking Crises, Thanks to the Duke of Dorset (Lionel Sackville) for The Public Credit During present Crisis, Signed by Leading Merchants.




1754, Another of Cork’s Periodic Banking Crises, Thanks to the Duke of Dorset (Lionel Sackville) for The Public Credit During present Crisis, Signed by Leading Merchants.

Lionel Cranfield Sackville, 1st Duke of Dorset KG PC (18 January 1688 – 10 October 1765) was an English political leader and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Dorset served twice as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, from 1731 to 1737 and again from 1751 to 1755. In 1739, at the foundation of the Foundling Hospital, he was one of that charity’s original governors. His first term as Lord Lieutenant was uneventful. His second took place at a time of acute political tension between the two main factions in the Irish Government, one led by Henry Boyle, the Speaker of the Irish House of Commons, the other by George Stone, the Anglican Archbishop of Armagh. Dorset, now heavily influenced by his son George Sackville, made the mistake of openly backing the Archbishop. He was unable to oust Boyle from power, and was accused of being the Archbishop’s tool. He became extremely unpopular, leading to his eventual recall.












Obituary of Ernest Reginald McClintock Dix, (1857-1936), Antiquarian, Historian, Solicitor.

Obituary of Ernest Reginald McClintock Dix, (1857-1936), Antiquarian, Historian, Solicitor,

The National Library in Dublin have a large collection of his rare papers including Cork related pamphlets which he donated.


1857-1936 Ernest Reginald McClintock Dix ,Solicitor, Dublin Extensive writer on Cork Historical Affairs in JCHAS. Related to Arabic scholar Sir Leopold McClintock Ernest Reginald McClintock Dix (1857 – 1936) was a solicitor and scholar who was active in the Gaelic revival and also a major authority on early Irish printing and binding. He wrote extensively on Irish bibliography and antiquities and was also a noted book collector, leaving behind him a huge collection of material, much of which went to the National Library of Ireland


Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 10.24.31









1572 on.  Fiants of Queen Elizabeth 1 of England with West Cork References Multiple Pardons (McCarthy/O’Driscolls, Crowleys/O’Crowleys/Dalys/O’Mahonys/O’Cullanes/Collins for ‘Rebels’. Includes Donald Oge McDonnell McCartie, Brahalish Donald Mac Owen McDonogh O’Dailie, Montrewarie (Kilcrohane). 1595-6, multiple O’Mahonys included Bandon and Mizen area, McCarthys, O’Donovans, Crowleys

This gallery contains 7 photos.

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1560s.  Fiants of Queen Elizabeth 1 of England with West Cork References Multiple Pardons (McCarthys. O’Driscolls/Crowleys/O’Crowleys/Dalys/O’Mahonys/O’Cullanes/Collins…