July, 1824 Meeting to Collect ‘Catholic Rent’ (Financial Aid for Catholic Emancipation), Bantry, West Cork, Included Morgan Connell of Daniel O’Connell family, Timothy Sullivan, Daniel O’Connell, Esq., Reendonegan House, Jeremiah O’Sullivan, Esq., Ashmount, Morty P. O’Sullivan, Jeremiah Donovan, Charles O’Regan, John Pidell, Jeremiah O’Donovan some of the O’Doonovan are probably connected with the O’Donovans Landlords of O’Donovan’s cove, Durrus, Alexander O’Donovan, Michael O’Connor probably connected by marriage to John Jago who married Esther Jago their son John a Barrister friend of Daniel O’Connell, John Young probably of the extended fishing merchant family John Jago’s other was a Young, Daniel Lyne a branch of the Bears O’Sullivans.