8 thoughts on “Historic maps from Cork City and County from 1600”

  1. I am having a very hard time finding any info on any one in my family history.Mymother and father got married in 1936 fathers name John Francis Corrigan,he was 21, This put his bearth year at 1915,my mother was 18 which put her birth date at 1919 ,they were marrier in Meade County Kentucky,I think.I will give the info on my self now.Born in march 4 1937 in dayton ohio,St.Marys hospital charity ward.I was taken from my mother at a early age. I was awarded to my grandmother Viola jupin in Brandenburg Kentucky,My name is Francis Leroy Corrigan, my e-mail is corriganlee@ymail.com. I know this is a shot in the dark,


  2. Was looking for where (exactly) Ballycureen House…Kinsale Rd area was, and if there is anywhere the hostory of said house and the land adjacent to it can be procured!?


  3. shproducers said:

    I am looking for any information anyone has in regards to yarn & Fiber production in the West Cork area have heard bits about weavers in Bantry & Durrus but cant find anything anywhere. Also Lace makers in the convent of Bantry and the library was a woolen mill but would love to have more information for the next yarn festival in May. If anyone knows please contact me at sheepsheadyarnfest@gmail.com Many thanks. Niamh


  4. Keith Collins said:

    Bore da/ dia duit. I am seeking the birth pace of my great, great grandmother, one Margaret Murphy Circa 1833.
    On the 1851 census of Wales, she is recorded as being born in, ” Kenneth, Cork.”
    This is so obviously am misinterpretation of the correct name, so I was wondering if you had any idea where this might be. Her husband, one Denis Collins, came from Bandon, so possibly in that area?
    Diolch/ go raibh maghat


  5. Declan ronald Chalmers said:

    any one know where belmar doyles rd was


  6. Hello! I am trying to access this link and it says google+ is no longer available 😦


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