4 thoughts on “Interesting Links”

  1. Ron Price said:

    I am trying to contact Pat Crowley to discuss Dukelow marriage records.


  2. I am hoping to speak to the originator of the durrus history wordpress item I found through google….it shows a table….there is correction necessary for the Canadian Peter Dukelow and Mary Connell….pls email me at redgal59@telus.net April


  3. An interesting link which might fit well on this page: iconic images of Cork, compared with the same scenes revisited today.

    Ireland Then and Now : A History of Cork in Images


  4. Jon Dukelow Snyder said:

    I would like to communicate with the person who writes this blog. I have some questions about durrus from around 1853- 1870s. I need to be pointed in the right direction.


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