1834 Grand Jury Presentments. Barony of West Carbery, West Division, Magistrates, Cess Payers, Contractors, Road Works.

1834 Grand Jury Presentments Barony of West Carbery, West Division, Magistrates, Cess Payers, Contractors, Road Works.

West Division, West Carbery, Contractors, 1832, 1833, 1834.



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There are frequent reference to new lines of road. At that stage Richard Griffith and Alexander Nimmo had completed their grand roads from Skibbereen to Crookhaven, Skibbereen to Bantry via Letterlickey Durrus, Ballylickey to Castletownbere, Glengarriff to Kenmare partial, Crookstown to Bantry over Cousane Gap.  These road unlike the Grand Jury roads were built to  a very high engineering standard with robust bridges, all the more remarkable given the primitive state of equipment.


In the road contractor shere apart from the landlords they were a prosperous network up to now hidden from view.

In other presentments from 1800 onwards for the area between Kinsale to Skibbereen there is huge work on the roads network to link the interior of West Cork to beaches and  sand quays.  On the Red Strand outside Clonakilty there could be up to 1,000 horse and carts a day drawing sea sand for fertilizer.

Many of the secondary bridges were built between 1790 and 1820.
















1674, Bounty for Wolves, Kinsale.

1674, Bounty for Wolves, Kinsale.

From Richard Caulfield’s Annals of Kinsale, his mother was Gosnell possibly far back from Schull area:



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The late Dick Warner in Irish Examiner:




In 1698 a Cork alderman made a written complaint about the number of foxes and wolves in and around the city. But the fate of the wolf in Ireland was sealed in the 1600s and Oliver Cromwell is probably responsible. During the Cromwellian Plantation the first settlers to arrive in the country were horrified to find it full of wolves. The animals had long been extinct in England and Wales, the only British survivors were in remote parts of the Scottish Highlands.

So in 1653 the Cromwellian government placed a bounty on them –- £5 for a male wolf and £6 for a female. This was a massive amount of money in those days. Persecuted by bounty hunters and with their forest habitat dwindling, wolves started to decline in numbers.


1604, Maurice Ronan, Rent Roll, Kinsale. 1695, Kinsale area Rent Roll of Edward Southwell, Esq., M.P.

1695, Kinsale area Rent Roll of Edward Southwell, Esq., M.P.

From Richard Caulfield’s Kinsale Council Book, p. 393 in book

1604, Maurice Ronan, Rent Roll

Page 391



The verye trywe copie of Morys Ronan’s Rentayel concerning his landes and tenements in Kynsale, copied and exemplified by me, Syr Davye Drosycoll, of Kynsale, Notarie publicke, worde by worde. James Cornishe is house in Fischer’s strete. Richarde Hwollawan his house in Fischer’s strete. James Pierode his house that John Gallwey boghte iis. by the yere. Richarde Copner’s house in Ficher strete. George’s house in Fischer strete iiiis. by the yere. Niclas Harbane his place abow and benede iis. iiiid. in the yere. 392 APPENDIX H. Teige Moylan’s his house bened, xxcl. by the yere. John White’s house that Davy Sheyn hath, and Philipp Gyanan holds, iiiid. by the yere. Margaret Gyanan his house that Chemet Tryalle holds, iis. by the yere. The litell seller by tux that and Katerine Glassau’s house, iiiid. by the yere. Kateryne Glassane’s house and Davy Cheyn’s house abow and benede, iis. iiiid. a yere. Katyne Cornishe’s house, xiid. by the yere, and the house myne in morgage. Davy Cursye’s house abow xiid. by the yere. John 0 Muruchu and Theige 0 Muryhy his house abow and benede, iis. by the yere . . Pyrodes Hyll and the longe house benede it. The voide place between J owan Broyn’s house and Patricke Gallwey’s soller. Grany his house, and the tache house bynorde that, iis. of chifry by the yere and the freehold myne. The two voyde meyses bysude that. Half a garden in the nyw dytche, xiid. by the yere and the fryeholde myne. J erlyhy Fischer by neude Katheryn Donyll, xld. by the yere and the freehold myn. Archedekenn Cursye’s house in Fischer strete abow, iis. by the yere. Mayster Cornische’s hOllse that Nicolas Wente had, iis. iiiid. by the yere and the frehold myne. The litell parke w’honte the nyew dytche. Eight Ryggs of ground in Patricke Galwey’s garden, viiicl. by the yere. The two sclate housen in the churchyard. Upon the parsonage, iiiid. by the yere. James Barry in Fryer’s strete, iiiis. by the yere. Cohyze his hous in Fryre strete, xId, by the yere. Edmunde Dowf Cursye’s hous, xiid. by the yere. John Byrrye’s hOllS that Niclrts Maknyedy had, xxiicl. by the yere. William Kehirnye’s house, iiiis. iicl. by the yere .. Davy Lahyznane’s shope, vs. by the yere. Jowann Lahyznen her house next the crosse, viis. viiid. by the yere. Inyspillan’s honse, iiiid. by the Jere. Cohyze’s grettre house east and weast. Kateryn Mehigane’s house, iis. by the yere. Mohyr Myowlyane and Ihrry White for a garden, xliiiid. by the yere. Harry White’s parke and a spiute of ground, xld. by the yere. Richard Copner’s hOllse by skot hys. Thome Lyone his tavern e. The nyew hOllS by Loddye’s castell and Loddye’s castell. And the lytell voyde place by yst that. I Moris Ronayne hav in J”uly 160,1 sett a house and garden in Frier’s streete to Phillipp Wirlin~, taIlor, and to his Iwires for ever, paying yerly xlLl. st. current money of and in England at Michmlru as (1l1d Ester, and if said rent be behincIe for three tearmes, it shall be lawful for me ancI to reinter.






RENT ROLL OF EDWARD SOUTHWELL, ESQ., M.P., HALF YEAR, 29 SEP., 1695. Sent by Barbara Baufield (widow of the late Mr. James B., Sir R. S. steward). (Brit. Mus., Add. 9714.) LIBERTIES OF KINSALE. Tenants’ names.—John Coleman. for Lisseahanbegg, 7li. lOs. Prehane lands, 18li. Oliver Pluncket, for Garra, 6li. Robert Browne, for Knockduffe, 1li. lOs. Robert Browne, for Southwaters, 7li. lOs. Robert Browne, for Slaveene, 4li. lOs. Rob’. Browne, for Glaunbegg and Knockanabohilly, Sli. Cap’. Mountford, for Trooper’s close, 2li. John Coleman, for Ranalickeene, 3li. 5s. John Bickford, for Gough’s Parke, 4li. Cap’. Meade, for Tigsaxon-beg, 8li. 15s. Benj. Hill, for his holdings, 30li Total, 1071i. COURSEYS AND KENELEA, do.-Mr. Ballard, 43li. 9s. Edw. Newman, 28li. lIs. 3d. Edw. Riggs and Jane Banfield, 15li. John Walton, 9li. 6s. 3d. Roger Haughton, l11i. Is. Widow Leayne, 10l’i. 17 s. 6d. James Gardy, 9li. 6s. 9d. Total, 127li. lIs. 9d. ‘RINCORRL\N, do.-\Vill. Deames, a house and garden, 16s. 3d. Teige Fowlue, a garden, 5s. Danl . Griffa, a house and garden, 12s. 6d. Kath. Phillip, do., lOs. Danl . Buy, do., 16s. 3d. Teige Buy, do., 16s. John Roche, a garden, 7s. 6d. Dermod MCDonogh, a house and garden, 12s. 6d. Charles Croly, do., 158. John Greana, do., lIs. 3d. Cornelius Greana, do., lIs. 3d. Derby Greana, do., lIs. 3d. Patrick Fowler, do., lIs. 3d. Teige Cahane, do., 12s. 6d. John Scannell, do., lOs. Redmond Burroge, do., lOs. John Kernean, do., Ss. 9d. John Murhill, do., lOs. Teige Carty, a house, 5s. Total, 10li. 12s. 3d. RAMoRE, do.-Derby Murphy, now Denis Keeffe, a house ancl garilen, 12s. 6d. Danl • Carty, do., 12s. 6d. Teige Murphy, do., lIs. 3d. Teige MlIrhill, do., l Os. Total, 2li. 6s. 3d. ARDllRACKE, do.-John Barry, 15s. Jeffery Wild, lli. 2s. 9el. Denis Donovan, a house and garden, lOs. John Gerald, do., 16s. 3d. Denis Carty, do., lOs. Danl • Connoe, lOs. John Carty, do., lOs. Widow Moores’ holding, lli. Derby Carty, a house and garden, lOs. Kath. Brin and J oane Roch, a garden, 1 Os. John Anders and Humphry Carty, do., lOs. Joane Fling, a cabin and garden, lOs. Rob’. Andrews, do. and small garden, 7s. 6el. Derby Conoe, elo., 7s. 6d. Total, Sli. 9s. KINSALE, do.-Corke Street, Oliver Pluncket, sadl er, 12g. Oliver Plllncket, ruercht., 2li. John Matthews, lli. 18. Sir Richaru Cox, crown rent, 68. MARKET KEY, elo.-Will. Mullane, 5s. Danl . MCAulife, 5s. Mary Rohane, 58. HIGH FISHER STREET.·-Councillor Suxbery, 5li. ~. 6d. Barth. Ashwicke, 3li. Eliz. Chisman, 2li. Adam Jessop, lli. lIs. 9d. John Pegg, 2li. wm. Howard, 4li. 38. 6d. James Dixon, 2li. 12s. 9d. Arthur Keeffe, 2li. 9s. 6d. Malt-house, Ald. Hoare, Paule French used for timber, &c., Smaledridge and English, 2li. 148. 3d. Nich. Gerrald, 3li. 38. John Blunt, 4li. 35. 6d. Gookin’s house waste, 50 ~ ‘— 301· APPENDIX IT. 7li. lOs. Mr. Yeflmon~, l li. lIs. GcZ. Total, 39li. S8. :Jd. Gookin, 7li. lOs. 46li. ISs. 3cl. do. Low FISHEH STREET, do.-Mr. Swettnam, 2li. lIs. gcZ. Abigail Lightfoot, 2li. 7s. 9cZ. Mr. Burrowe’s, Fenene Donovan, for part of Mr. Burrowe’s house, 2li. l Os. John Percivall, 3li. 3s. 6el. Will. Harris, 2li. Anti Whitewood, 13s. J ohn Danger, 2li. os. Geo. Piggott, 10li. Ss. 2cZ. Mr. Clarke, Bell J(I’Y, 5li. 4s. Jane Coghl ane, 2li. Jane Tremeal’l1e, lOs. Widow Hoskins, 3li. l Os. Crane Key and cellars waste. John Richardson, l li. lOs. Richd • Millner, 2li. John Rawlins, 2li. John Poore, 2li. 3 MARRINER’S LANE, do.-One house set to 3 people, lli. 15s. Ralph Blithman, 2li. Rose Poore, lOs. Margt. Grady, lOs. wm. Keeffe, a cellar and garden, lli. 15s. Widow Rawlins, lOs. Morgan Driskoll, 12s. 6cZ. Tho. Bourke, 12s. 6el. Capt. Elwell, 5li. Rob. French, part of Magazine, 2li. lOs. Part of Magazine waste. Mr. Snelling, custom house and its cellars, Sli. Long loft waste. Mr. Smaldridge, dwelling house, 4li. 3s. 6d. WOTlT,n’s EI’D, do.-Mnry Norwood, 3li. lOs. Patrick Ruth, lli. Mr. Williams, 2li.. Jer. Courtny, 3li. l Os. Ezekiel Davis, 2li. Ss. T~el. J oane LoatheI’, waste. Phillip Solomon, also Barnt, 13s. 9el. Ann Fackman, 15s. 10el. Tho. Matthewes, lli. 6s. 10tel. Henry Hooper, now Davis, 13s. 4!cZ. Richd • Mably, sen., lli. lIs. 6el. Rob. French. lIs. 9d. Tho. Newell, 9s. Wm. Bowler, lli. lIs. Richd • Mably, jun., 15s. Geo. Blake, 21i. Hugh Rosser, lli. 12s. 3d. Eliz. Emery, lli. 7 S. 1 ~d. Rich. Chard for Benj. Adams, lIs. 9d. Will. Weekes, 2li. 2s. 6d. Tomsen Madox, lli. 2s. 1 ~el. J ane Barnett, Os. 6d. Tho. Kaynes, lIs. 9d. John Smaldridge, lIs. 10lel. Henry Joanes, waste. Total, 31li. Is. Std. COMPASS HILL.- Will. Helton, for the orchard, 31i. J ane Burrowes, Hi. 3s: 6d. Widow MCTeige, 58. Tho. Burrowes, meadow, 41i. 2s. Walter Moarly, 16s. 10td. Arthur Keeffe, a meadow by weir, 3li. 5s. Denis Collins, 6s. Danl . MCAulife,5s. Derby Mahune, a garden, 5s. Charles Martin, do., lOs. John Winter, do., 7s. 6el. Derby Mally, on the rampier, 6s. Teige Keeffe, a garden, 4s. Total, 14li. 15s. lotd. CILLY.-Will. Coningeime, 1li. lOs. Anth. Woolwicke, lOs. John Blake, lli. 6d. Rob. Williams, lli. 6s. 7d. J ohn Neewel, harelip, 13s. 3d. John Madox, lOs. 2!d. Derby Driscoll and John Turner, lli. Is. Gel. Tho. Lacey, I Ss. 5d. Tho. Leamon, 13s.4d. Francis Masey, lIs. 3d. J ames Hayes, 16s. 4td. John Whitford, lOs. 3d. Robt. Roch, 12s. 3d. John Enagh, lli. Is. 6d. John Carey, lIs. 3d. Widow French, 16s. 4!d. Tho. Cripps, 14s. 4td. John Keane, 9s. 2d. Richd • Roch, 6s. l td. J ohn Murphy, 7s. Edw. Carey, 12s. 3d. Mary Lacey, lli. Is. 6d. J ames Roch, 12s. 3d. J ohn Newel, sen., 13s. 2~d. Will. Vron, l li. Is. 6d. Richd • Hicks, lOs. 10 el. Sarah Witheyes, 15s. Edw. Edwards, Ss. Sd. Luke Grifl’en, 19s. 5d. Ann Richards, lIs. 3d. Widow French, 78. ltd. Charles Coghlane, lIs. 3d. Denis Griffen, Ss. 2el. Thymothy Dorgan, 7s. l id. Steph. Witheyes, 9s. 2d. Thy. Bryan, 6s. l td. Arthur Nepkin, lli. 68. 7t d. Will. Collins, lli. 2s. Rob. Fullard, 78. 2d. Francis Witheyes, now Simon Waters, S8. Corn. Sheehane, 15s. 6d. Widow Flemen, 48. John Goula, now Aulife Montane, 58. John Crowly, 78. 6d. Kath. Tumod,48. John Reagane, 78. Agnes Kearnes, 48. Mary Daniel, 4s. Total, 30li. 98. 5d. Total entire, 451li. 16s. 2d. APPENDIX H . 395 14 Sep., l695.-Kilnclony. Edwd. Newman to Edwd • Southwell, Esq., M.P. Account of the King’s lands in the bar. of Courceyand Cantred of Kilbrittain, formerly the Duke of York’s. Present tenants to the King.-Ballimeredigh: Mr. Edw. Browne, val. l 5li. yearly, do. for a term, 20li. Coolbane: Mr. John Galwey, tenant to the King. Ballyncurrigh : Joseph Bullin, 30li. do. and 40li.” Kilgobbin and Ballinscubbig : Epinetus Cross, Esq., SOli. do. and lOOli. Farren MCRickerd, Knock-ni-Hylon, Lackin a Croockog, the Castle, hf. pld.; Tenant on premises, the widow Trisillian. Killaneety: Mr. Edw. Brown, lOli. do. and 15 do. Ballyntemple and Aghaduton, bar. of Iton: Mr. Tho. Gookin, 20li. do. and 25li. do. Curraleigh and Currabeagh, bar. of Barrets: Warham St. Leger, 2Sli. do. and 40li. Garrone Reagh : Mr. Jonas Stawell, 20li. do. and 25li. Knock-n-Copple: Mr. Henry Clungeon, 20li. do. and 25li.






Gaelic League (Conradh na Gaeilge) Meeting addressed by Peadar Ó h-Anracháin, in Durrus, West Cork, 1905.

Some West Cork Contractors, Justices (Magistrates), Cess Payers, Baronial Constables (Collectors of County Cess), Cork Grand Jury 1834, 1838.




Some West Cork Contractors, Justices (Magistrates), Cess Payers, Baronial Constables (Collectors of County Cess), Cork Grand Jury 1834, 1838.



Early stage


1834, 1838 presentments, magistrates, cess payers, collectors of cess. cork archives, gj_co_pr_5 (1)


Cork Magistrates:




Cork Magistrates:

Cork Grand Jury:















1838, 1845, 1863 Cork Grand Jury Presentments Featuring Sand Quays, Strands


1838, 1845, 1863 Cork Grand Jury Presentments Featuring Sand Quays, Strands

One of the factors that fueled the extraordinary population growth in West Cork pre famine was the availability of seaweed and sea sand.   This facilitated potato growth.  The advent of guano in the 1870s and chemical fertilizers gradually killed of the trade.  There were revivals in World War 1 and 2.

Cormac Levis in a booklet published by Aughadown I.C.A . some years ago documents the trade, the boats and the families involved.

This listing is taken from the Presentments forwarded to the Cork Grand Jury for approval.  It was thought that all re 1891 records were destroyed in the Cork Court House fire.  Many other surviving record were destroyed by Cork County Council in 1967 when they moved to the new County Hall. However a number of presentment books have emerged and are now in the Cork Archives.  http://www.corkarchives.ie/


They go into extraordinary detail of proposed roadworks.  In these case it shows the importance of the sand trade and the extension of the business deep into  areas such as  Macroom, Enniskeen from Innishannon Sand Quays and other strands  Some strands feature strongly such as the Red Strand near Clonakilty.   There are various accounts of hundreds of horses and carts  at these strands drawing sand.  The best was the Bantry Bay coral dredged and landed at various piers.  This trade lasted to the mid 1950s and the Carroll family had a number of  boats.


1838, 1845, 1863 grand jury presentment sand quays, strands


Cork Grand Jury:















1840. Commissioners appointed in Clonakilty to Sweep and Clean Town.

1840, Commissioners appointed in Clonakilty to Sweep and Clean Town.


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Patrick O’Hea Doctor, Barrack St. One of 550 attending banquet in Cork for Daniel O’Connell. 1850 proposed Courtmacsherry be used for new workhouse. Dead by 1867 when son Thomas Aloysius, wife Mary, qualified as attorney winning Gold Medal. Post Office Directory 1842. Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier 10 June 1845. 1846 Town Commissioner. 1844 O’Connell Tribute. “1862 Thomas Aloysius O’Hea Kings Inns 1862 Father Patrick M.D., mother Mary

Francis Bennett Attorney, 1842 Shannon Square Sovereign St. Appointed Cleaning Commissioner for Clonakilty 1840. Son of Francis Bennett decd at 1827



Thomas Deasy in the Nation 24 Nov 1849. I think that Thomas was a cousin of Rickard Deasy.

The Desys part of a powerful political network in West Cork who transformed politics from the early 19th century. They included the O’Donovan family of Catholic Landlords and Magistrates in Durrus.  Many of the extended families trace their descent from Alexander O’Donovan who died in Squince, Skibbereen.




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Rickard Deasy, Superseded 1822, Clonakilty, Brewing family.  Deasy, Rickart, Esq., of Clonakilty, to Miss Cotter, at Millstreet – (CMC 8/9/1802).  Father Collins, PP Bantry evidence to Parliamentary Enquiry that he had £2,000 per annum when half pay Protestant Officers on £40 per annum were preferred for Quarter Assizes Juries in Bantry. 1828 seeking reform of House of Commons. Reinstatement supported by Dr John Richard  Elmore, Clonakilty. 1822 local fishery committee.   1822 with Dr. Elmore and John Molony seeking Chief Secretary; support for harbour works for poor relief at Ring.    Attending dinner Devonshire Arms Hotel for Daniel O’Connell 1839 listed as J.P.. Chairman of meeting of Independent Liberal Electors thanking electoral personnel for Impartiality in 1835 elections.  The Reformers of the West Riding of Cork to Daniel O’Connell MP to Dinner in Bandon, Co Cork, with 200 Liberals in attendance including, Francis Bernard Beamish MP (1802-1868), Rickard Deasy (1766-1852) Brewer Clonakilty, James Clugston Allman Distiller Bandon, James Redmond Barry J.P., Commissioner for Fisheries, Edward O’Brien, Masonic Lodge Bandon, John Hurley Brewer, Major E. Broderick, Henry Owen Beecher Townsend (1775-1847), Major Mathew Scott J.P. (1779-1844), Philip Harding, Carrigafooka, Macroom, Richard Dowden (1794-1861) Unitarian, Frances Coppinger Esq., Parkview, Bandon.

Timothy Deasy The Elder (c 1739-), 1793, Barr’s Hall, Timoleague, 1793, Son Timothy and Ann Donovan m Honoria O’Donovan d Cornelius 1759. Shown 1788 as owner of Pookeen townland, Parish of Drimoleague, adjoining lands Carbery Estate map of Sir John Freke, Bart.  Listed supporter of Act of Union, 1799 Son Morgan Deasy Doctor of Physic joint owner of brewery concern with brother Richard his executor Dr. James Donovan MD Barry Hall.  First Catholics to be J.P.s since the Treaty of Limerick.  Family fortune reputed to be based on smuggling. Daughter Ann married Dr. James Donovan son of Alexander of Squince head of the Clann Lochlann branch second in seniority to the Clann Cathal Sept.  Founded brewery in 1807 at Shannon Square, Clonakilty. Superseded 1810-30. Author unpublished memoir re atrocities in Clonakilty in 1798. Son Timothy the Younger 1792 party of pre marriage deed with Anna Maria Barry of Leamara, Tim Deasy, the younger  of London and Barry’s Hall, witness Charles McCarthy, Gortnascreena. Related to O’Donovans of Squince, Skibbereen, O’Donovans, O’Donovan’s Cove, Durrus







Pre Reformation Seal of Stephen Brown, Bishop of Ross. Succeeded 1402.

Pre Reformation Seal of Stephen Brown, Bishop of Ross.  Succeeded 1402.

This gem came from the antiquarian bookseller who comes to Bantry Fair most Fridays












1837. House of Lords The Right Honourable The Earl of Bandon v Henry Becher, Lands in 1737 Mortgage Killeenleagh, Lassanaroe, Cappamore, Cahergall (Kilcrohane), Marriage Settlement 1740 Including Ardenant (Schull), Balteenoughtra, Ballyourane (Caheragh), Barnitonicane (Ballydehob), Caherolickenny, Mauldenny, Derrynalamane (Ballydhob), Dunkelly (Crookhaven), Keelbronhoe (Ballydehob), Lassanaroe, Rathcool, Ratourah (Schull), Letterscanlan. Families Mentioned, Alleyn, Becher, Hedges, Townsend, Wright, Evans, O’Donovan, Hungerford.

West Cork History


1837.  House of Lords The Right Honourable The Earl of Bandon v Henry Becher, Lands in 1737 Mortgage Killeenleagh, Lassanaroe, Cappamore, Cahergall (Kilcrohane), Marriage Settlement 1740 Including Ardenant (Schull), Balteenoughtra, Ballyourane (Caheragh), Barnitonicane (Ballydehob), Caherolickenny, Mauldenny, Derrynalamane (Ballydhob), Dunkelly (Crookhaven), Keelbronhoe (Ballydehob), Lassanaroe, Rathcool, Ratourah (Schull), Letterscanlan. Families Mentioned, Alleyn, Becher, Hedges, Townsend, Wright, Evans, O’Donovan, Hungerford.

The case recites the tortious history of various land transfers in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Many of the townlands former part of the Western Bandon estate that by 1910 was vested in the tenants.  Many of the tenants details are in the Cork Archives, Bandon Estate papers.


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