Monies expended by Board of First Fruits on West Cork Churches from 1748




Monies expended by Board of First Fruits on West Cork Churches from 1748

The title is Cork but most of the Church are in West Cork. Churches are Church of Ireland.   The Catholic Churches were being rebuilt from around 1750 initially humble edifices, ironically one of the most magnificent was built around 1780s in Bandon.  By the mid and late 19th century Catholic churches are generally very imposing only a few having any architectural merit.  Methodist churches are generally modest.


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Early Church Wardens, 1781, Bishop Mann Visitation of Church of Ireland Dioceses of Cork. Ref D121.1. 1827 Parliamentary Return of Vestries, 1851, 1861 Visitations

\Early Church Wardens, 1781, Bishop Mann Visitation of Church of Ireland Dioceses of Cork. Ref D121.1. 1827 Parliamentary Return of Vestries, 1851, 1861 Visitations


Further on there is a full list of clergy



1833. Failure of Alexander and Company, Bank, Calcutta and West Cork and East India Company Connections with Some Military Sevice.

1833. Failure of Alexander and Company, Bank, Calcutta and West Cork aand East India Company Connections.


CSO/RP/1833/5063. Chief Secretary’s Office. Letter from Lyttelton Lyster, magistrate Rosscarbery [Ross Carbery, County Cork], to Edward John Littleton, [Chief Secretary, Dublin Castle], asking to be made a stipendiary magistrate, stating that he suffered financially from the failure of Messieurs Alexander and Company, Calcutta [Kolkata, India].


Thanks To Brian Limrick:


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The Private Bank set up by Alexander & Co. The Bank of Hindustan was the first bank to introduce Bank Notes for the first time in India. These Bank notes were representative money only. The actual money was Gold and Silver coins. The Bank of Hindustan maintained reserves of actual money i.e., coins of Gold and Silver which were known as Rupia. The notes issued by the Bank always contained a Promise Clause to pay the bearer the actual money (Gold or Silver) on demand in exchange of notes issued by the Bank. Run on is a banking term when some sort of panic is created among the general public creating a fear that the Bank is not able to exchange its notes by the actual money(Gold or Silver) and depositors start running towards the bank to withdraw their money from the bank. In modern day banking it is called Bank Failure. The Bank Of Hindustan faced such run on three times but it survived every time only because of the fact that the bank was keeping sufficient stock of actual money and only that much notes were issued which were backed by equivalent or more reserves. In commercial crises of 1832 the Bank of Hindustan was closed and went under its parent firm M/S Alexander & Co.

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Limricks related to the Sullivans early 18th century Cork Attornies may have originated Aughadown intimately connected to East India Company:


John Limrick, Esq., (1812-1890), 1860, Union Hall House, 2nd son of Captain William Somerville Limrick who died 183.  Listed 1843. at Ardmana, Rosscarbery. Skibbereen 1847 distress meeting. Signed ‘No Popery Petition 1851’, Union Hall, patron Masonic concert, Skibbereen, 1862, sitting Skibbereen 1850. ` 1856 Ballydehob Presentment sessions. Attending Railway meeting Drimoleague 1856.  Subscriber Dr. Daniel Donovan ‘History of Carbery, 1876. SUBSCRIBER TO CUSACK’S ‘THE HISTORY OF CORK,’ 1875 – CASTLEHAVEN Limrick, John, J.P., Union hall. Churchwarden Castlehaven 1870 with his brother in law Robert Hungerford who married his sister Anne. 1870 return, 8,181 acres. Local priest Father Barry, Ballydehob, said of him ’A good Magistrate, his time and his health are unsparingly devoted to deeds of benevolence’.  Some of his wealth came from his father who, having probably served with Arthur Wellesley (Wellington) at the battle of Seringapatam in 1799, gained a substantial amount of prize money in India. The prize money after Seringapatam was over £1M distributed among the victors. Col. Limrick then became a member of the East India Company on his retirement, maintaining a London address.  Col. Limrick’s brother, Rev Paul Limrick, garrison chaplain at Fort William in Calcutta, is also believed to have owned considerable property in India. The family connections to the Sullivans (Benjamin Sullivan Cork Attorney self styled Ó Sullivan Mór kinsman to Laurence Sullivan, Chairman East India Company) would have helped. It assumed John Limrick’s daughter Lucy inherited his estate which then passed onto the Spaight family.   Purchased some of the Audley mines, Ballydehob. Executor of brother Dr. William Limrick 1869, £3,000.  Probate 1890 to William Tower Townsend J.P., Myross Wood, effects £3,647.

Denis Brown 1806 Aeystrewey 1824 East India Company, St. Helena Regiment Discharged 1845

1798 Dr. Alfred Elmore Military Surgeon, Clonakilty,  served under Wellington. Brother of Dr. John Surgeon, East India company Surgeon. English born. Married Miss Callanan

1852 William John Freke Solicitor Dublin 7. 4 Nov 1852 Deed of Settlement made between George Evans, 7th Baron Carbery, Castle Freke, Co. Cork, and Harriet Maria Catherine, Baroness Carbery (his wife) in the 1st part, Edmund William Shuldham (her father and Lieutenant General in the East India Company’s service), Dunmanway, Co. Cork, in the 2nd part, and Fenton John Evans Freke (Captain in her Majesty’s Second Regiment of Life Guards), William John Freke (Solicitor), city of Dublin, and Edmund Anderson Shuldham, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, in the 3rd part, listing the trusts and agreements involved in the marriage between Baron Carbery and Harriet Shuldham in August 1852. A later declaration by Baron Carbery and his wife releases Fenton John Evans Freke as one of the Trustees of the settlement. Signed and sealed by only the Baron and Baroness Carbery. A declaration on the reverse of the settlement notes that George Evans, Lord Baron Carbery is “…Deaf and Dumb, but being capable of reading”. 9 skins

1836 Married Kilmeen ” s ” Major John Townsend Somerville was born in 1800 and commissioned into the Bengal Service. He married in May 1836, Frances Margaret, daughter of Rev Arthur Herbert,(5) Rector of Myross Wood, Co Cork. John died in 1861. Frances’s sister, Mary Herbert, married John Henry Townshend [238] in 1839.

James Sullivan Bantry 13th Regiment of Foot attested 1824 aged 35? 24 years service 14 with East India Company . labourer, 5’7”, chronic rheumatism Royal Hospital Chelsea Soldiers who served in Canada 1743-1882

Bandon FREEMEN ADMITTED SINCE 1831 Gillman, George, Clancoole, esq., capt. Half-pay Hon. East India Company service. Son of a freeman

Samuel Heard 1835-1921 Ballintubber, Kinsale Surgeon Major East India Company Indian Army Created Rossdohan gardens Kenmare

Durrus family, father born Durrus 1826, Death of Captain Alleyn Evanson After his Return from India, 4th Son of Alderman Charles Evanson, Former Mayor of Cork.

Died 1941 Henry Hurst Bantry, British Navy Surgeon died HMS Hood 1941 Nicholas Hurst was in the Somme and went on in 1918 to join the India army. He and his brother Tom both served there till 1947. Henry, another brother, saw service just at the end of 1917 into 18 as a Naval Dr in the Med. He went down with the HMS Hood in 1941. Paternal ancestors coastguard early 19th century later seine owners Bantry vintners property owners, maternal Shannon, Clashadoo, Durrus by marriage Dukelow who married c 1815 into Coughlan farm originally post 1600 O’Coughlan/Coughlan Carrigmanus, Goleen

Died 1881. Peshwar India Surgeon Major Edward O’Sullivan Surgeon Queen’s Regiment. Youngest son of Patrick O’Sullivan, Es., Millove, Castletownbere, agent to Lord Bantry and Seneschal. Not known how he died.

Michael Allen c 1830 Toormore ” ” Plaque in Teampol na mBocht (Altar) Church by daughter Ellen Connell nee Allen, Boston, USA

Jeremiah Buckley 1813 Bantry Service Sawyer India, Horse Artillery Company Tried 1837, Bombay Tried in Ahmednigger Court, Bombay for allowing prisoner to escape and desertion sent to New South Wales 1838 on ‘Gaillardon”

Paul Kingston Dromgariff, Clonakilty and Nastrabad, India Colour Sergeant 2nd lancashire Regiment Died India 8th February 1885 probate to brother Samuel farmer Dromgariff

Coakley Levis c 1765 Bantry Lieutenant 1st West India Regiment 1806, 3rd Garrison Regiment “Skibbereen Levis, Coakly, H.P. (CC 21/12/1843) – ADDRESS TO ALEXANDER O DRISCOLL, J.P., SKIBBEREEN 1843 [following his dismissal as a Magistrate] h “

Colonel Doctor Cyril Popham August 1890-1958 Bantry Son Doctor Popham August 1914 Colonel 1914 Royal Army Medical corps, Captain 1918, India 1919 Malta 1926, India Military Hospitals 1930s, Palestine 1940, Egypt C.O. Military Hospitals Scotland and England retired 1947 Married Mary Hayter nurse WW1, Medals for sale 2014 Thanks JIm Herlihy





Some West Cork Military Records.

This is but a drop in the ocean but shows the remarkable range of military service involved.  The concentration is in the upper echelons with many records obtained from deeds, wills, directories.

There is service in the East India Company from some of the most remote townlands in the area.  Of those who emigrated to the USA when conscription commenced in 1917 it started with the number 1. By the end of the War it reached over 4.5 million.  Those men who emigrated from around 1900 would have been liable to conscription as well as  those in Canada and Australia.


World War 1 (and some other) 16th April 2019 Deaths and earlier Military service West Cork.

1845. Earl of Bandon, County Lieutenant, enclosing an extract from a letter re Famine Relief of Rev Dr Traill, Schull, which had been translated into Irish and been found useful in the West Cork area.

1845. Earl of Bandon, County Lieutenant, enclosing an extract from a letter re Famine Relief of Rev Dr Traill, Schull, which had been translated into Irish and been found useful in the west Cork area.

The National Archive online catalogue have multiple reference to the Earl of Bandon efforts to secure famine Relief.

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RLFC/2/Z17206 Date: 04 Dec 1845

Right Honourable Honourable James 2nd Earl of Bandon, Custos Rotorum,  (1785-1856), Castlebernard, FRANCIS (1st EARL of BANDON) and HARRIET (Boyle) had James (heir and 2nd Earl born 14th June 1785 in Bandon and died 31st October 1856 at Castle Bernard) m 13th March, 1809 in Cashel  Mary Susan Brodrick eldest daughter of Charles, Archbishop of Cashel and sister of Charles, 6th Viscount Midleton. Mary was born 9th October 1787 and died 23rd April 1870, buried in Bandon. Due to rising war related prices land rents estimated 1811 at £30,000. Succeeded to title and estate  after his father’s death in 1830. Subscriber Lewis Richard Dowden papers: 1837. 1842 Subscriber Jacksons County and City Directory. 1844 Printed handbill/notice , ‘Cork Art Union for the promotion of the fine arts in the South of Ireland’, annual subscription appeal. President is Lord Viscount Bernard MP (Lord Bandon). Printed by W Scraggs, 102 Patricks Street. (1p)  Subscriber John Ryan, 1845 ’20 Years of Popish Persecution’. Made huge efforts during the Famine to secure relief. County Grand Master Orange Order. Fellow Royal Society 1845. Member Commission on Magistrates 1838 subscriber, 2 copies,  1861 to Smith’s History of Cork. Bandon 1869.







1788 Survey Clonakilty and Baltimore with Tenants Named 1819 Survey Clonakilty Tenants Names

Records Carbery Estate 1788:



1788 Clonakilty (Cloch na Coillte)


Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 22.25.05.png


Main Street, North Side

2, Widow Brien

3, John Hungerford

5, William Good

8, John Barry

12, Florence Donohue

13, James Tobin, …, house and garden

14, Widow Galwey, warehouse?

15, Widow Galwey, dwelling house, yard, garden

Front to Fair Green, East Side

18, Daniel Clancy, a cabin

19, Widow Driscoll, a cabin

21, 21, Matthew Higgins, 2 cabins

22, William Hayes, a cabin

Fair Green East Side

23, John Roe, a cabin

24, Dennis Donovan, a cabin

25, Later John Miley, a cabin

26, 27, 28, Timothy Lahy, 3 cabins.

Main Street, North Side

29, Widow Hurley, cabin

30, James Hamilton, cabin

31, Daniel Driscoll, cabin

32, Daniel Harrington, cabin

33, Bart. Brien, cabin

34, Daniel Dillon, cabin

35, John Donohe, cabin

36, Reverend? O’Brien, cabin

29-35, gardens undivided.

37, Sylvester Hurley, house

38, Timothy Collins,house

37-38, garden undivided

39, Patrick Lovejoy, potato garden north side road to Castle Freke

40, Several cabins, rocky waste, held in common, north side road to Castle Freke

41, Richard Smith, the Paddock, south side road to Castle Freke

42, Timothy Dillon, the marsh, south side road to Castle Freke

43, The Pound, Fair Green

Northside Road to Skibbereen

Main Street, South Side

1, Richard Smith, dwelling house, office, yard, …

2, Sylvester Hurley, cabin

3, Darby Coghlan, cabin

4, Daniel Keefe?, cabin

5-31 undivided garden

5, John Driscoll, cabin

7, Mary?, O’Brien, cabin

8, Patrick Lovejoy, cabin

9, James Collins, cabin

10, Owen Harrington, cabin

11, William Driscoll, cabin

12, Edward Scanlan or Donohue in ruins

13, John Hamilton, cabin

14, Darby Canty, cabin

15, John McNeal, cabin

16, Dennis Regan, cabin

17, James Brooke, cabin

18, Daniel Hamilton, cabin

19, Jeremiah Donovan, cabin

20, Widow Galwey, cabin

21, Daniel Brien, cabin

22, James Mahony and Denis Donovan

23, Denis Herlahy, cabin

24, Edward Fitzgerald, cabin

25, Cornelius Collins, cabin

26, Widow Galwey, cabin

27, Peter Hurley, cabin

28, Denis, Donovan, cabin

29, Daniel Mahony, house

30, Richard Long, house

31, Jeremiah Shanahane, house

Market Place


Barrack Lane, East Side

13, formerly Denis Harrington, waste

14, Darby Spillane, cabin

15, Denis Spillane, cabin

16, John O’Brien, cabin

17, Thomas Bennett, 4 cabins, and gardens

18, Edward Pursell?, four cabins and yad

19, several cabins

Tanyard Lane, South Side

20, Malachi, cabin

21, Denis Mahony, cabin

22, Widow Collins, cabin

23, Widow Sullivan, cabin

24, Denis Mannich?, cabin

20-24 garden undivided

25, John Galwey (Late), field, .., malt house

26, John Hungerford, orchard

27, Formerly? John Galwey, field

28, Rough pasture in common

Tan Yard lane, South Side

29, Late John Galwey, tan yard

30, Darby Carthy, house and bleach green

31, Stephen Galwey, field

32, Maurice Coosheen, cabin and yard

33, Charles Collins, cabin and yard

32-33 garden undivided

34, Daniel Donovan or Blackstaff

35, Waste

36, John Donovan, cabin

37, Darby Donovan

38, Michael Carthy

Market Place

33, Charles Dempsey?, house

40, Widow Lane, house

41, Widow Dillon, house

42, Widow Long, house

43, Stephen Galwey, slated house, yard and garden

44, Peter Carthy, house, back house and garden

45, Waste

46, John Carthy, cabin

47, Catherine Sullivan, cabin

48, John Scanlon, cabin

49, John Collins, cabin

51, Timothy Harrington, cabin

52, Owen Harrington, cabin

51-52, undivided gardens

Church Lane, North Side

1, Widow Smith, new slated house and garden

2, William Kelly, house

3, Richard Coveney, house

4, Michael Regan, from T. Hayes, house

5, Widow Regan, slate house

6, John Hayes

7, Cornelius Burke, cabin

1-7 gardens undivided

8, Martin Regan, cabin

9, James Feeherty, cabin

10, John Collins, cabin

8-10 garden undivided

Church Lane, South Side

11, 12, Darby Dawley, two cabins

13, Darby Dempsey, house and back house

14, Henry Deneen (Dineen?), house

15, John Brien or Mungan, house and garden formerly slop yard

16, Daniel Hayes, house and garden

17, Widow Munroe, cabin and garden

18, John Legoe (Jagoe?), house and orchard

18, John Legoe, field and pasture


1819 Clonakilty Survey

Courtesy Late Michael J. Collins.



Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 22.32.42



1819 Clonakilty, September, Map surveyed and drawn by Henry McLenchlan?
119 Richard Deasy Possibly brewing family
120 John Townsend
121 Winispeare Toy Winispeares in Bantry mid 17th century Durrus, Rossmore, 1720s
122 Clonakilty School
123 Winispeare Toy
124 Richard Pine?
125 Winispeare Toy
126 Francis Hanglin
127 Poor Boys School
128 Ground out of Lease
129 Thomas Callanan
130 Winispeare Toy
131 William Hegarty
132 Jeremiah Hanglin
133 Richard Hungerford
134 Daniel Sweeney
135 James Spiller
136 Thomas Collins
137 Rev. William Stewart Magistrate, Minister Church of Ireland
138 John Williamson
139 Bridewell
140 Daniel McNamara
141 Henry Williamson
142 Winispeare Toy
143 Peter McCarthy
144 Out of Lease, in lanes, street, passage to River Feale 136 statute acres

1788 Baltimore


Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 22.30.44


1, The Castle, rock and waste.

2, Denis Driscoll, cabins and garden

3, Charles Davis

4, James Meld?

5, Four cabins and waste

6, vacant

7, vacant

8, Archibald Molloy?

9, James Freke, field pasture

10, Florence and Mary Driscoll, cabin and garden

11, Richard Baker, cabin and garden

12, Thomas Bryan?

13, Thomas Bush, cabin and rarden

14, James Freke, house, office and garden

14, Darby Fowler?, garden

16, James Freke, garden

17, John Crowley, garden

18, Jeremiah Lynch, cabin and garden

19, Widow Ahern, cabin and garden

20, Richard Bush, cabin and garden

21, Henry Bush, cabin and garden

22, Daniel harrington, cabin and garden

23, Daniel Harrington, cabin and garden

  1. Coney Island, Richard Bush

25, harbour Mouth, Henry Bush, John and Thomas Byers?, and Widow Aherne

26, Hill of Baltimore, Thomas Roche and Richard Bush, large holding

27, Jeremiah Lynch

28, John Neale

29, Widow Baker

30, James Freke,

31, Lahernor of Cloghboaley, james Freke

32, Gerynare, Richard Bush, Francis Bush and partners

1616. XVI – 35, Patent 13, Grant from King James 1 of England to Sir Walter Coppinger, Esq., Cork City as Assignee of Sir James Semple, Co. Cork, In Barony of Carbery

West Cork History,+Co.+Cork/@51.6325476,-9.3152706,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4845a797cbacb2a1:0xa00c7a99731ea90!8m2!3d51.6325484!4d-9.3065158?hl=en

This is the Grant to Sir Walter Coppinger of the former McCarthy Cloghane lands mainly around Caheagh.  The McCarthys took a mortgage from Coppinger, defaulted and he went into possession.  He engaged in surrender and re grand and acquire title in 1616.  Unfortunately for him be backed the wrong horse in 1641 and the land was forfeit.  A large part became the Evans, Lord Carbery estate in the 18th century.

  1.  XVI – 35,Patent 13, Grant from King James 1 of England to Sir Walter Coppinger, Esq., Cork City as Assignee of Sir James Semple, Co. Cork, In Barony of Carbery, The Castle, Townland,  Cloghan, otherwise Cloghan-Igaragh 3 Ploughlands,  at Ballycomane (Durrus) Half or Two Thirds? Ploughland, at Ballyourane (Caheragh), 3 Ploughlands at Clonecuggir (Caheragh), Lishearhigh, otherwise Lishorierigh and Inshinecottagh, 3 Ploughlands, Cullinagh, Gortdromagh, Maulenebagalshie, and Clonkine, 3 Loughlands 3 Gneeves, Adergole Cloghbooley Dirrileigh and Shrilane 3 Ploughlands, Lisclaraghmore, Lisclaraghbeg…

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Bantry Manor Courts, Seneschals, 1831 Census, Petty Session Court Clerks.

Bantry Manor Courts, Seneschals, 1831 Census, Petty Session Court Clerks.



Bantry Manor Courts, Senescals, 1831 Census, Petty Session Court Clerks.









More Mellifont, (Kinsale, Donemark, Bantry, Dunmanway) from Arthur V. Mellefont, Australia


More Mellifont, (Kinsale, Donemark, Bantry, Dunmanway) from Arthur V. Mellefont, Australia

  Courtesy David Coffey.






David Mellifont, 1794.  Donemark house of Carrignarontha, Bantry.  May have freedom of Cork 1761 as Esq. Appears in frequent deeds as witness 1761-1775 including soe in Bandon area. 1779 Lieutenant Bantry Volunteers, Superseded 1810-30, Middleman on Lord Kenmare estate. Game Cert 1802.  1804, Loss of Nabby, En Route from Liverpool to Bandon on South Shore of Bantry Bay. Contents Pillaged by Two Hundred Men and Women. Crew Sheltered by Richard Donovan, Esq.,  David Mellifont, Esq., Magistrate, Donemark, Bantry, with Captain Scott adn Lieutenant Griffin and 40 Soldiers went to Bantry to Search for Stolen Property, assisted by Jonas Baldwin, Esq  1820 signed Memorial for new road Glengarriff to Castletownbere. 1822 his house and those of Pattison, Doyle, McCormack, Kingston attacked by over 400 Whiteboys searching for arms. William O’Sullivan, Esq., Carriganass Castle, native Ahill purchased Carriganass from David Mellifont, Donemark in 1817 for £250 and £50 rent.  O’Sullivan prominent in anti tithe, repeal. Married 1804, Sophia Grey, Wexford, address given Mardyke, Co. Cork probably Skibbereen. Sophia Mellifont Nee Gray wife of David Mellifont had a brother called Nicholas Gray he was secretary to the Wexford Insurgents 1798.  Gray went to America and was involved in the 1812 War, he was Inspector General of the American Army. The Grays were from Whitfort House Wexford and Jamestown Co Wexford. Mellifont died Donemark 1835, significant debts, estate in Chancery and litigation.



Richard Mellefont, 1766, Downemart (Donemark), Bantry.  Probably son of Gilbert. Kenmare Estate renewed lease of Donemark for three lives, his own, Christopher Earbery, Shandaragh and Mathias Hendley son of Roger of Downing, Co. Cork.  Lord Kenmare comments ‘The tenant is a very genteel and worthy man’.  Mellifont family of Norman origin, Kinsale converted.  1758 Lease of 31 years from Kenmare Estate to Richard Mellifont as trustee for Patrick Galwey in occupation his ‘near relation’.  1763 to let a large mountain farm at Shanacrane near Dunmanway apply Richard Mellifont near Bantry.



1849.  Commencement of Cork Bandon Railway with The Bandon-Ballinhassig stretch operations with two engines, Rith Tinneadh (Speeding Fire) and Sighe Goithe (Whirlwind)

1849.  Commencement of Cork Bandon Railway with The Bandon-Ballinhassig stretch of commenced operation with two engines, Rith Tinneadh (Speeding Fire) and Sighe Goithe (Whirlwind)





Finances of Cork Magistrates.

Finances of Cork Magistrates.


A snapshot of  financial information. Some probables, marriage settlements, rent rolls.  It is difficult to give old probate information due to the destruction of the Public Records Office in 1922. It is probable that among the 8 million documents of the Land Commission Records in a warehouse in Portlaoise that the public are not allowed see would throw more light on this subject.


In West Cork some of the smaller landlords we virtually destitute from the 1790s and frequently raised mortgages and rent charges from wealthy local Catholic and Protestant merchants and  large tenant farmers. Some of these transactions can be tracked at the Registry of Deeds Projects:

For the general Durrus/Schull/Bantry area search by Evanson, Blair, Hutchinson. From the 1790s the Beecher Estate once around 40,000 aces in Skibbereen/Mizen was sorting out its financial difficulty by giving families such as the Swantons of Ballydehob and  Jagoes of Dunmanway long leaseds for a once off fixed capital sum.  By 1850s the Estate was only receiving a quarter of the market rent.  Even the larger Estates such as White of Bantry were about to appoint receivers in the 1830s. The Bandon Estate was in effect owned by the 1890s by its agents the Wheeler Dohertys of Bandon solicitors and land agents through a series of mortgages.




Cork Magistrates Finances



Cork Magistrates, often in the earlier periods landlords:

Cork Magistrates Finances