West Cork History

1822. From Diary of Richard O’Donovan, of Bawnlahan, (Bán Chlocháin), Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Ireland, said the Whiteboys had been caught in a pitched battle with police and troops on January 25th nine had been found guilty of Insurrection Act and hanged. This was prompted by an Excise raid on a Poteen Making Operation which developed into a running battle with the Whiteboys. Some Local Customs Personnel.

Attempt to build new bridge at Bealkenmar (Béal Cinn Mara). Covenant in leases to fertilize with 4 boat of sea sand, he builds his own Sand Boat. Mr Hull calls with News of Failure of Roche’s and Leslies Bank in Cork. Bawnlahan Fair, Ascension Thursday. Flax grown on Estate. Various varieties of early Potato. Tree Planting , Landed by Boat from Cork.



Because of the Penal Laws his father Daniel O’Donovan conformed to the Church of Ireland in 1727. He married…

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