CSO/RP/1832/4660. Letter from A O’Driscoll, Shepperton, [County Cork], to Maj William Miller, [Inspector General], forwarding threatening and anti tithe notices [extant] posted in Drimoleague [Dromdaleague] and reporting on outrages in his area and recommending the strengthening of the military in the area

1832, Drimoleague, Anti Tithe Notice Posted ‘Dear Nebour Pay No Tythe Money Go According to Pereshners if Not Make Your Will or You be Beheaded Quartered and Gelded’

Judging by the Chief Secretary papers the country was on the verge of insurrection in 1832 because of the tithes. The first district to be rid of tithes was Durrus/KIlcrohane. Among those who masterminded the campaign was Timothy O’Donovan, a wealthy Catholic Landlord sn Magistrate of O’Donovan’s Cove. O’Driscoll was part owner of the Durrus tithes with Durrus Landlord Nathaniel Evanson and the Rev. Alcock. On one day their heavies tithe proctor, drivers) collected the entire arrears. The Parish Priest Father Quin had refused to pay tithes adn the tithe proctor was about to seize his furniture including his bed but were restrained by Fr. Quin’s Protestant neighbours.

West Cork tithes by Parish adn agitation:


Captain Alexander O’Driscoll, 1827, Clover Hill, Superseded 1810-30, Restored 1843. Norton Cottage, Skibbereen (two of the same name at time), Ancestor Alexander married daughter of McFineen Dubh O’Sullivan, son of Tim ‘The Gauger’, sister Mrs Freke of Baltimore Castle.  1820 signed Memorial for new road Glengariff to Castletownbere.  Married to the daughter of Thomas Attridge, Ballydehob. Correspondence with Chief Secretary appealing dismissal of 1820.  Bridge at Bawnlahan 1820. 1822 subscriber as Clover Hill, Church Building Fund Durrus, he held tithes in Kilcrohane with Rector and Rev. Alleyn Evanson. Present at enquiry Skibbereen 1823 into enquiry into fatal affray at Castlehaven caused by Rev. Morritt’s tithe extraction. Grand Jury Presentments attending 12 from 1838-1840 at Norton Cottage.  Probably engaged with his crew in marine salvage of Clio out of Crookhaven 1825. 1826 City election voted O’Callaghan conservative. Voted 1835 election as out of town Freeman address Shepperton. Public support for him on dismissal 1835 by fellow Magistrates Lord Bantry, Simon White, John Puxley, Samuel Townsend Senior, Samuel Townsend Junior, Hugh Lawton, Thomas Somerville, Rev. Alleyn Evanson, Richard Townsend Senior.   Enquiry attended in Bandon 1841 into suspension arising from conduct with Stipendiary Magistrate J. Gore Jones and Sub-Inspector Andrew Creagh  attended Earl of Bandon, Lord Viscount Bernard, on. H. White Hedges, Macroom Castle, Henry Bernard, Castle Barnard, Abraham Morris Dunkettle, Captain Henry Wallis, Drishane Castle, Lieutenant Colonel St. John Clerke, Overton House, William Cooke Wallis Junior, Castlecook, Mathias Hendley, Mountrivers, Henry Leader, Mount Leader, George Browne, Coolcower, St. Ledger Aldworth, Newmarket, Charles Evanson, Carlemont, Cork, Sir Thomas Deane, Thomas Hungerford, The Island, Nicholas Dunscomb, Mount Desert, Richard Henry Hedges Becher, Hollybrook, Skibbereen, John Isaac Heard, Kinsale, John Wheeler, Junior, James Gillman, Retreat, MD, Clonakilty, Thomas Herrick, Coolkerry, Captain R.A. Rogers, Petersfield, Michael Gallway, Gurtnagreena, John Nason, G. Nagle, Ballinamona Castle, Samuel Wallis Goold Adams, Jamesbrook, Jeremiah E. McCarthy, Rathduane, William F. Austen, Greenshela, Thomas R. Sarsfield, Ducloyne, Arthur Pery Aylmer, Castlefreke, Thomas Cuthbert Kearney, Garretstown, Joseph Haynes, Maryland House, Charles Connell, Cloverhill, John Barter, Cooldaniel, Francis G. Woodley, Leeds, Lawrence Corban, Maryville, E. Millett, MD, Cove.  1841 supported Conservative Longfield Longueville, Mallow even though Catholic hosted meeting attending John Ross, Rossford, Thomas Morris, Mahonagh, Thomas Wood, Dereeny, Listed 1838, dead….. with address Mount Music/Bunaulin, Caheragh when daughter Kate married Herbert Baldwin Esq., 1845. 1835 Subscriber at Gortnascrena, Skibbereen, Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1837. Suspended for a period as J.P. reinstated after altered by a sitting of over 70 Magistrates in Bandon from both political sides. 1828 Bandon Quarter Sessions. His lands managed by Bird. Member Provisional Committee projected Bandon to Bantry Railway 1845, address Norton Cottage.   Believed to have been committed to a debtors prison in Cork by his wine merchant where he died. Norton Cottage was lived in once by Dr. O’Donovan, J.P., and bought 1925 by Jasper Woulfe, Solicitor, Crown Prosecutor and TD,