Estates Maps of The O’Donovan (later Powell), 1727, Bawnlahan, Parish of Myross, and Drinagh, all in Baronies of Carbery, West Cork, with some Tenant Listing and Features, Sand Quays, ‘Danish Fort’, Old Road to Ferry and Blind Harbour.


Part of O’Donovan Estate Parish of Myross, Co. Cork.

Survey 15th March 1727.  Traced at Castletownsend 30th September 1810, JP.

This is a map of the two ploughlands of Bawnlahan showing 4 sub denominations.  

Coolagon  102 acres

Banlahan (Bawnlahan) 116 acres

Coolblan 88 acres

Cuppogh (Cappagh)  114 acres

Total 420 acres

Mentioned Castle Ive.

Adjoining townlnds, Adagh, Brade,  Cooldoragh, Ffornight, Lisstarkane,

  1.  Daniel O’Donovan, ‘The O’Donovan’, Bawnlahan, Skibbereen, West Cork, Renounced Popery, under Penal Laws, 8 Years after his First Marriage to Miss Kearney of Garretstown House, he later married Jane Becher aged 16, from Rolls Office Records Destroyed 1922 and other O’Donovan Renunciations.



A Survey of the Ploughland of Killglinny in the Parish of Kilmacabea for Daniel O’Donovan, Esquire, by me Sa Gosnell, 20th August 1762.

Townlands abutting Ballyroe, Corrunn, Knuckskeagh, Garluneendohige

South Part, 468 acres

Disputed, 31 acres

South part, 225 acres

Whole Contains 725 acres


  1. Magazine of Magazines [Limerick] April 1763  “At Corke, Daniel O’Donovan (The O’Donovan) of Banlahan (Myross, Skibbereen) to Miss Jane Beecher”

He renamed the estate house ‘Castle Jane’.


Taken from map 1st August 1765, Courelickey, Drenagh (Drinagh)

Disputed lands at Curelickey 201 acres (Plan 1) equal to 335 English acres.  Shown townland of Toughbawn, church Drinagh.


A Survey of the Lands of Killyling in the Barony of East Carbery and County of Cork part of the estate of Daniel O’Donovan, Esquire,Containing Seven Hundred and Five Acres One Rood and Twenty Perches English Statute Acres 705 acres one rood 20 perches, Survey saem June 19th 1769. By me John Mollowny.

Protracted by a scale of 40 perches to an inch.

References to the within map

That part No.1 held by Dermod Donoghue, Contains, 160 acres

That part No.2 held by Daniel Hea, Contains, 86 acres

That part No.3 held by Batt Kean, Contains, 140 acres

That part No.4 the north west division of the mountains, Contains, 143 acres

The part No 5,the south west division on the west side of road, 166 acres

Total amount 705 acres

Townlands mentioned, Ballyaroe, Gorteenadooge Knocklagh,



  1.  At Bawnlahan, (Bán Leathan/Broad Lea),  Skibbereen, West Cork, House of ‘The O’Donovan’, Lieutenant General Richard O’Donovan (1768-1829), Potatoes, Using Grufán 4th February, Planting Earlies ‘American’ 19th February, Main Crop after St. Patrick’s Day, Kidney Potatoes, Brown Fancy, Beldrums, White Eyed Potatoes, 1823′ Apple Potatoes’.  Using Sea Sand as Fertilizer.


  1.  From Diary of  Richard O’Donovan, of Bawnlahan, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Ireland, said the Whiteboys had been caught in a pitched battle with police and troops on January 25th nine had been found guilty of Insurrection Act and hanged.  This was prompted by an Excise raid on a Poteen Making Operation which developed into a running battle with the Whiteboys.   Some Local Customs Personnel.

  1.  Lt Col Richard O’Donovan of Bawnlahan, Skibbereen, West Cork, son of Daniel O’Donovan, The O’Donovan of Clancahill’ and Jane Beecher, 1768; Major in 6th Dragoons 19 December 1799; Lieutenant-Colonel 2 May 1800; brevet Colonel 25 July 1810; subsequently Major-General 4 June 1813; Lieutenant-General 27 May 1825; Recognised at ‘The O’Donovan’, died Ireland November 1829.   Death of The O’Donovan, General O’Donovan in his 61st Year, Bawnlahan, Skibbereen, West Cork. and Passing of Chieftainship of Clann Cathal to Montpelier (Douglas, Cork) Branch.   He married a Miss Powell from Wales and on his death the estates passed out of the family ending up ultimately with her nephew.



Map of part of the Lands of Coolagon being a Sub Denomination of the Lands at Bawnlahan now held by  William Clarke from Madame O’Donovan, situate in the Parish of Myross, Barony of East Division of West Carbery, and County of Cork,March 31st 1831 by Daniel Donovan.

Now in Mr. Clarke’s possession, 32 acres

North Plot of Mr.French’s Holding, 2 roods

South Plot of Mr. French’s Holding, 4 acres

Total Statute Measure, 37 acres

Survey 27th June 1832 of Part of the Estate of Curriglas, Sub Denomination of Curraghalicky, Parish of Drinagh, Co. Cork.  Estate of Edward Powell, Senior, Esquire,  in contemplation of Leases to be granted by him.  Survey by Robert T. Wolfe.  Laid down by a scale 40 perches to an inch.

Townlands mentioned Coomatholin, Pike, Curraghalicky


Denis Connolly, now Edward Ellis,  46 acres

John  Connolly, Bawn, now Edward Ellis,     38 acres

John  Connolly, America, now John Nyhan,  46 acres

Timothy Healy,  137 acres  

Daniel McCarthy, 57 acres  

Cornelius Burke(e), now John Ellis ,  46 acres  

Jeremiah  Connolly, Mick, now Daniel Mccarthy,  35  acres  

Jeremiah  Connolly, Bawn,  45 acres  

Jeremiah Connolly, Denis,   44 acres

Peter  Connolly,  9 acres  

Total Statute Acres 485


Estate at Coomathalis, Parish of Drinagh, Barony of East Carbery of Major Edward Powell, surveyed 1835 Robert T. Wolfe.


Estate at Coomathalis, Parish of Drinagh, Barony of East Carbery of Major Edward Powell, surveyed 1835 Robert T. Wolfe.

Names on map, James Hurley, Ellis, Attridge?, Robert…,.

William Wolfe’s farm 150 acres

Robert J. Wolfe’s farm 114 acres

Thomas Northridge  133 acres

North part …   lot  130 acres

Bog reserved  5 acres

..Hurley?  72 acres

Total 611 acres

Surrounding townlands, Keelnacolly, Corrigfada, Corrigagrinane, Kippagh, Pike, Colrigla, Knuckmora,

1835 Map of part of Estate of Bawnlahan.  Property of Major Powell.  Surveyed by O’D(onovan) Blackstaff.  Scale 20 perches in an inch.

Features mentioned Pound (used of holding cattle and livestock distrained for arrears of cess, rent, tithes).  Old road to Castletownsend, ferry, blind harbour.  Lackeehreagh wood.  Ruins of old Chapel.   Cappagh Sand Quay.  Farenaught  Sand Quay.  Labourers Houses.   Paddocks of Bawnlahan.

Beakeenmaca Bridge. Danish Fort. Gurteenagreanny Wood.

Names mentioned William Woulfe, Robert …., James Casey’s fields. John Casey.  William Wolfe


Jerry Stoucagh Farm, excluding William White’s lot 46 acres

William White’s exclusive of  Casey’s fields 20 acres

James Casey 7 acres

Cornelius Casey including Bawn and house 80

John Casey 8 acres

Peter Hegarthy (Hegarty) 10 acres

Michael Reagh 12 acres

Charles Reagh 6 acres

Jerry Donovan 9 acres

Jerry Donovan 54 acres

John Rogers 8 acres

Timothy Rogers 8 acres

Samuel Rogers 8 acres

Timothy Rogers 8 acres

Jerry Stoucagh Paddock 36 acres