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1744 Denis O’Cullane aged 24 Drimoleague claim to ancient properties in East Carbery, mother, Mary Dawly (Daly) from the Ulster Office reference National Library Manuscript LibraryGenealoica Manuscript No. 139.  Timothy O’Cullane noblese  depositions testifying  his descent.   It may have been done for the purpose of enrolling him later in a European Genealogy Office or to keep up an ancient claim to estates.  There was considerable expense in getting the deponents to Cork to sign in the present of a Notary Public, that would enable to document to be recognised internationally.

Interestingly the Yeomen referred to are generally substantial tenant farmers, Catholic and Protestant.  The Catholic Yeomen are often descended of the old Gaelic Gentry, they tend to marry within the group often travelling widely as the Tobins of Kilcrohane marrying the Fitzgeralds of Baltimore ancestors of JFK.


To whom it may concern

We theunder named do hereby certify that Timothy O’Cullane now of Gurrane in  the parish of Dromaleauge (Drimoleague) Barony of West Carbery County of Cork and Kingdom of Ireland is by the common fame and estimation of the country undisputedly the true and only heir in a line of Descent of that branch of the family of O’Cullane formerly known and distinguished by the name of Kealiceligh he the Timothy being by the unquestionable authority of ancient people whose testimony we verily believe the lawful and only son of Denis who was the son and Heir of Daniel was the son and The Heir of Denis MacDermod O’Cullane otherwise called Kealkuciligh who we are credibly informed and verily believe from the publick report and acknowledgement of the neighborhood was the the ancient proprietor to and in possession of Ballyncoursey and many other lands in East Carbery and Elsewhere.

Signed  at the bottom by Rickard O’Donovan (after his name looks like ’P’),  John …(Jones?) feeble signature indistinct,  aged 88 years, Richard Townsend and Matt O’Hea

Next page an affidavit made before Jonas Stawell Esquire,  one of His Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the County of Cork in the Kingdom of Ireland by Dennis Carty of Ballynascarty in said county Yeoman Samuel Forde of Croghane in said County Yeoman and Laurence Lyne (Pre 1810 John Crowley, Ballyourane, Caheragh married Norry Lyne probably from Barryroe, possibly the same line.  She may also link to O’Mahonys of Carrigmanus)

of Cloghnakilty of said County Yeoman

Sworn at 2nd May 1744 at Kilbrittain before me Jonas Stawell.   

D McCarthy

Samuel Ford

Law(rence) Lyne

I know the above deponents and take them to be honourable men, and men of veracity and therefore I believe that they have deposed above, given under my hand the day above

Jonas Stawell

I knew Denis O’Cullane late of Knockskeagh being a Tennant of my Father’s and I take up on me to certify ye he was reputed to be a Proprietor of ye Estate belonging to the ancient family of yr O’Cullanes commonly distinguished and known by you title of Kealiecligh.  I do likewise very well know Denis McCarthy and Samuel Ford two of ye Deponents of ye  above affidavit and I do certify they are men of of such veracity that I should acquiesce in their testimony of any thing that might be credible as I am persuaded which has been sworn in this stead is dated at Corke ye 9th day of May 1744

William Honner

On the Eleventh  day of May 1744 personally appeared  Denis McCarthy of Ballynascarty  in the County of Cork farmer aged about  55 years and Samuel Forde of Croghane (Crohane,The ancestral townland of Henry Ford, Detroit is  at Crohane, Ballinascarthy, Co. Cork.) in the Said County farmer aged about 52 years, who,  on each of whom voluntarily disposed on the Holy Evangelist of God, that they very well know take to Teige O’Cullane now of Gurrane in the parish of Dromaleague, Barony of West Carbery, County of Corke and Kingdom of Ireland aged about 24 years and that the said Teig is the eldest son and  heir of Denis O’Cullane late of Cruiskagh in the Parish of Killmeen Barony of said County aforesaid Gentleman deceased by Mary Dawly (Daly) otherwise O’Cullane his wife, and these appearers say it is the common report and they verily believe it to be true that the said Denis was the eldest son and heir of Daniel O’Cullane formerly of Ballimoney (Ballymoney) in the Barony of East Carbery and County aforesaid Gent., adn these appearers say that the last mentioned Denis O’Cullane was reputed to be the Eldest Son and heir , and that these appearers do verily believe the said last mentioned Denis to be the eldest son heir of Daniel McDermod O’Cullane deceased who as they believe was the ancient Proprietor of the Lands of Ballycoursey  aforementioned  held and enjoyed the said lands at Ballycoursey after the death of his father the said Daniel McDermod O’Cullane, and these appears further to say that for the reasons hereinbefore set forth, the said Teig O’Cullane in this attestation first mentioned is to the best of these appearances apprehension and judgement, and is allowed to be a lineal Descendant the true Lawful and only Surviving heir of the said Daniel McDermod O’Cullane otherwise Cealieclagh

Dennis McCarthy

Samuel Ford

Which I Attest Being Thereunto Certified

Anthony Lane,

Notary Publick

Kilmeen Townland, Parish Rossmore, Barony East Carbery, West Division:

The Ó Coileáin sept were lords of Uí Conail Gabra, that is the baronies of Connello in Co Limerick. Pressure from the Geraldines at the in the 13th century caused them to move to West Cork, near their kin, the O’ Donovans. The picture becomes complicated because the Ó Cuileáin sept of the Corca Laoidhe, according to MacLysaght (‘Irish Families’ series, 1980, 1982) already inhabited this area!

The picture becomes more complex still: according to Woulfe, a number of Ó Coileáin had earlier moved to West Cork in 1178.

In the 1659 ‘Census’ of William Petty, we find the following among the ‘Principal Irish Names’ of that document:

Co Limerick:

Small County, Cullane 10; Connologh barony, O Cullane & O Collane 35, O Colleane 6.

Co Cork:

Ibawne and Barrymore barony, O Cullane 12; Killbrittaine, Cullane & O Cullane 24; Barrymore, O Cullane 28.

Ballinacarriga Castle, 1585

This is a four storey, six level tower house with an east-facing doorway. On this face of the castle, a sheela-na-gig is positioned high above and to the right of the door between and to the right of the top two right-hand windows (there are three windows above each on this side). Inside at the 2nd storey level, carving in the window embrasure is of a female figure accompanied by five roses, thought to be of Catherine O’ Cullane, wife of Randall Hurley, and her five children. Also at this level are intricate and geometric designs. At the fourth storey level, carvings include The Instruments of the Passion of Christ, figures thought to be St John, St. Mary and St. Paul and the initials RM CC and the date 1585. These are thought to be the initials of Randal Muirhily (Hurley) and Catherine O’Cullane.

From a Census of Ireland 1659 with supplementary material from the Poll Money ordinances 1660-1661, Bandon

O Cullane (13)

Seán Ó Coileáin/John Collins, the Silver Tongue of Carbery, poet and schoolmaster was probably of the extended family.

Séan Ó Coileáin (1754-1817), Carbery Poet, ‘The Silver tongue of Munster’, born into an Ireland of Broken Abbeys, Roofless Churches, Battered castles, Burnt Houses, Deserted Villages united in common Poverty.


Type of deed Date of current deed 25 Jun 1724 Vol Page Memorial
Lease + Release Date of earlier deed 39 547 26937
No Role(s) in earlier deed(s) Role in current deed(s) Family name Forename Place Occ or title A
A P1 P1 HONNER Col John of Crohane, Co Cork
B P1 HONNER John (jun) of Gurranard, Co Cork son + heir of A
C P2 MOORE Col Emanuel of Maryburrow, Co Cork
D P3 MOORE Emanuel (Sir) of Dunmore, Co Cork bart
E P3 HUNGERFORD Richard of
F P2 HONNER William of second son of A
G mentioned HONNER Martha (ow MOORE) of daughter of C
H W CARTHY Charles (jun) of Clagagh, Inchadinmy Island, Co Cork farmer
I W HUNGERFORD Thomas of Cahermore, Co Cork
Abstract By deed dated 26 Apr 1721 between said A, and F memorial 20491 and in consideration of a marriage that had already taken place between B + G and a marriage portion of £200, land being conveyed to trustees. Sworn 9 Jul 1724
MS MS Date registered 14 Sep 1724 Date abstract added 20131227