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Courtesy: Kilmeen Parish History, 1975 Dan O’Leary, Funded by Jerry Beechinor.

Jerry Beechinor was pioneering agriculturalist and prominent businessman.  Probably native to the local area,  he was Chairman of Cork Marts, International Meat Packers.


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14th March 1794, Cork Evening Post

On the eve of the  Assizes The Minister, Churchwardens, and the Principal Inhabitants of Kilmeen thank the Government for their aid when their property was attacked by a deluded mob.

Isaac Watson, Minister

James Hegartie and Sam Bateman, churchwardens

Francis Bennett, Letter

John Wright

Benjamin Wright

William Norwood

John Wallis

Jeffry Wallis

Thomas Northridge

Adam Hegartie

John Wolfe

George Fuller

Daniel Chambers

Pat Murrahin

Pat Boohane

Dan Boohane

Owen Noonan

Robert Birchinell (Burchill)

Jeremiah Donovan

Cornelius Dwyer

Cornelius Cahalane

Daniel Cahalane


Likely all people of some substance.   


Courtesy: Kilmeen Parish History, 1975 Dan O’Leary, Funded by Jerry Beechin





1659 Census (Probably from Hearth Money Tax Rolls) 1659.








In relation to the O’Hurley forfeitures it has been suggested that the Protestant Hurley family of Kilmeen, Schoolteachers later Doctors are the direct descendant of the O’Hurleys of Ballinacarriga Castle, the name Randal runs in the family.


Registered Vestrymen of Christ Church, Kilmeen, 1870.


Francis, Earl of Bandon, Castle Bernard, Bandon

Edward Hume Townsend, Coolnaconartha

Horace Webb Townsend, Coolnaconartha

Edward Smyth, Knocks House

Abraham Buttimer, Geragh and Derrivereen

William Pattison, Geagh

Daniel Hurley, Derrivereen

David John Gillman, Doctor of Divinity and  Deacon, Geragh

John Harwick, Kilmeen Rectory Lodge

John Hawkins, Geragh (left parish)

John Sullivan, Coolnaconartha

Joseph Roper, Ballygurteen (went to London)

James Garvey, Ballygurteen (left the Parish)

Samuel Bateman, Liscubba

William H. Northridge, Liscubba

Henry Burchell Liscubba, (left the parish)

Charles Robinson, Kilmeen Cottage (left the parish)

Jonathan Wolfe, Coolnacocartha (left the parish)

John Bateman, Coolnaconartha

Jonathan Bateman, Kildee

Charles Northridge, Liscubba

William Wolfe, Dereen

Thomas Beamish, Killmod

Sampson Beamish, Kilmalooda

Samuel Northridge, Millenagun

Thomas Northridge, Millenagun, (let the parish)

John Northridge, Millengun, (left the parish)

Benjamin Northridge, Millenagun, (went to America)

Thomas Damery, Liscubba

Samuel Bateman, Coolnaconartha and Rossmore

Bennett M. Gillman, ‘The Retreat’, Clonakilty

Thomas Beamish, Cahermore

Henry Northridge, Junior, Liscubba

Joseph Woods, Millengun (left the parish)

Samuel Ford Junior, Knockea

Robert Buttimer, Knockawaddra, (left the parish)

William Hobbs, Millenagun

William Thornton, Dundanion, Co. Cork

Thomas Bryan, Caherkirky

George Ross, Knockawaddra

John Ross, Knockwaddra

Benjamin Shorten, Knockawaddra

William Buttimer, Ballinvard

William Buttimer, Junior, Ballinvard

Charles Payne, Lissnabrinna

John Hornibrook, Clouncarigeen

Thomas Nash, Oak Mount, (left the parish)

John Gabriel, Coolnanonartha (left the parish)

Anthony Kilroy, Ballygurteen, (left the parish)

James Greer, Geagh School House, (left the parish)


Courtesy: Kilmeen Parish History, 1975 Dan O’Leary, Funded by Jerry Beechinor.