West Cork History

Poverty of the 1870s, Brahalish, Durrus, West Cork, An Old Man Eyeing Up a Rat for Dinner.

From Jack Dukelow, 1866-1953, Brahalishand Others Charlie Dennis Poet, Batt the Fiddler and others stories


When Jack Dukelow, from Rossmore, he was a boy in the 1870s at the Rock of the Road a local landmark, in Upper Brahalish  there was a little hut where an old man lived.  Jack looked in and was shouted  at by the old man.  He came back later and the man said that he had his eye on a rat that he hoped to kill and eat for his dinner but Jack frightened him away.  Jack got four potatoes  from his father which the old man put into a black pot boiling over the fire.

Rock of the Road.

In years gone by people would gather on top in those times there no furze bushes there.

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