West Cork History


A glimpse of the 18th and early 19th century Linen/Flax Industry in Durrus and Schull, West Cork, from the Lost Census of 1766, 1821, 1841, 1851, with names Cole, Croston, Webb, Whitley, Johnson.  1836 Evidence of Father John Kelleher (Early Statistician) and Reverend Edward John Alcock both Durrus to Poor Laws (Ireland) relating to Spinning in Area.

Because of the topography of the Muintervara and Mizen Peninsulas  have escaped large scale commercial farming.  Even though reclamation has taken place a surprising amount of old features remain.  Contactors are often conscious of the local heritage and exercise care and caution.  One little known feature is that of flax ponds or retting holes.  In the general Durrus District they are to be found in Crottees, Coomkeen, and Brahalish, Coolculaghta and probably more and the same is likely in the Mizen District. Also some field names retain the association with flax growing…

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