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Evidence of Daniel O’Connell, Esq., 1st March 1825 to Select Committee of House of Commons, London, on state of Legal Administration, Function of Assistant Barrister in Court, Grand Juries selected from Improper Persons, Low persons Vendors of Spirits and Beer, The Bar in Cork, Mr. Wagget, Recorder of Cork, of Private Means with a small salary which he refuses to to be increased, outside Cork the sessions conducted by Attorneys of low repute the relaxation of Popery Laws has given a better class of Attorney then what existed before., The Mode of Administering the Criminal Law by the Magistrates in Ireland has been very bad, particularly in relation to Tithes, for the last two-an-twenty years Roman Catholic have been eligible to the situation of Directors of the Bank of Ireland but not one elected although an immense deal of Bank Stock belongs to the Catholics, up to 10 Catholics in Bank of Ireland Clerkships.





From Google Books from page 58 others matters are also dealt with.