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Scart, off Bantry/Cork Road.


Cool-na-Long, Gearhameen:



Genealogy of McCarthy (Muclagh/Clann Tadhg Ruaidh-na-Scairte) family of Scart (Durrus/Bantry), West Cork, later Cul-na-long, from 1185 AD including descendants of Father/Reverend Daniel McCarthy from Samuel Trant McCarthy, High Sheriff Co.Kerry, Srugrena Abbey 1912 intermarried with O’Learys Incigeela, Mccarthys Kilcoe, O’Donovans, O’Mahonys Dunbeacon, McCarthys Dunmanway, Blairs Bantry/Coolculaghta/Blair’s Cove among others, 18th century family members in France.

From Judge Samuel Trant McCarthy’s General McCarthy History.

The Castle was in the townland of Scart around a mile from Durrus Cross adn the family moved to the then new Castle at Cul-na-Long, Gearhameen, Durrus s till well preserved. Their lands partly came into possession of Sir. Walter Coppinger (the Coppingers are of Hiberno-Danish descent) who went into possession when they defaulted on the mortgage c 1640 these would be the eastern end Caheragh and Ballycomane. His land was forfeit due to rebellion and eventually came into the possession of the Frekes, Lord Carbery,

The Western was forfeit due to rebellion and passed to Colonel Reid, then to Evansons who disposed of to the Bernards of Bandon who leased it back to the Evanson. Their lease fell in around 1850 and Bernards the the Earls of Bandon resumed possession. They built the village of Durrus with dispensary, courthouse, housing and shops. The western end ran from around the current Bog Road bounded by the Durrus River and the Northern Hills to Kealties far out into the Muintervara peninsula.

Recently some beautiful stonework from the Castle was located.

The family moved from Scart c 1615 to Cul-na-Long in Gearhameen, Durrus. The substantial Castle still stands in reasonable repair. The family were called ‘Mucklagh’ from their herds of pigs which grazed the then oak woods in hte Durrus lowlands. Interestingly the Dukelow family in Coomkeen Durrus live in a sub-townland called Scrahan na muice (Scrathán na Muice) the hollow of the pigs. In Spain the most expensive cured ham is that from oak acorn fed pigs.


1834 Cool-na-Long Castle, Gearhameen, technically wrong name Cool-na-Long is 1 mile further west the site of an earlier McCarthy castle adjoining a very deep pool in Dunanus Bay.  McCarthy built c 1620 undefended, acquired by Colonel Reid post confiscation, used as British Army Barracks, acquired by Evansons c 1690, thye sold their interest to Francis Bernard (ancestor of Earl of Bandon) c 1710 and re leased it.