Cork Examiner:

Bantry, West Cork, Quarter Sessions July 1862 Chaired by Robert Johnstone Esq., Chairman, Magistrates: J H Townsend, F Davies Resident Magistrate, F Bennett, R. H. Notter (Crookhaven), J. W.Payne (Land Agent), William Beamish Baldwin, George Robinson (Possibly Skibbereen Landlord). Jurors: Patrick O’Sullivan (Foreman), Daniel McCarthy, C. and H. Thomas (Possibly Mines), Alexander Blair (Blair’s Cove, Coolculaghta, Landlord), Samuel Baily, Daniel O’Conner, (Possibly Landlord, Bantry), William Young (Merchant), William Jagoe (Merchant), Richard Hungerford Evanson (Ardgoena, Durrus, Landlord), George Swanton (Possibly Fortlodge), William Bennett, Thomas T Curtayne, Denis W Murphy, Cornelius O’Leary, William Tisdall (Auctioneer, Land Owner, Donemark), Stephen Browne, William Ross (Possibly Drimoleague), John Ross, Timothy Downing, Samuel Jagoe, William Morris (Friendly Cove, Durrus, Landlord), T. D. Notter (Crookhaven, Landlord).



There are marginal differences between the Southern Stat adn Cork Examiner accounts.

The Barristers are Bryan Galwey and Henry O’Donovan they appear in many local courts at the time.

Southern Star:

Taken from a dark microfilm quality poor. Skibbereen Eagle, National Library, Dublin.

Names of Grand Jury for Bantry Quarter Sessions, June 1862. Magistrates: F. Davies Resident Magistrate, J.B.Townsend, F. Bennett, R.H. Notter (Crookhaven), J.W.Payne (Land Agent, Bantry), William B Baldwin, George Robinson (Skibbereen). Grand Jury: Philip O’Sullivan Foreman, William Young (Bantry), Wiliam Jagoe, Richard T Evanson (Ardogena, Durrus), George Swanton, T.D. Notter (Crookhaven), J.W. Payne, Denis McCarthy, Charles Thomas (Mine Manager, Dereenlomane and others), Henry Thomas, William Bennett, Thomas T Curtayne, Denis W Murphy, Daniel O’Connor, Cornelius O’Leary (Bantry), William Tisdall (Auctioneer Land Owner Bantry), Stephen Brown, William Ross, John Ross, Michael Morris (Friendly Cove Durrus), Timothy Downing (Skibbereen), Samuel Baily, Alexander Blair (Blair’s Cove, Durrus), Samuel Jago

The Quarter Sessions would equate to the modern Circuit Court.  It was presided over by as ‘Assistant Barrister’.  Under our Constitutional arrangements this would not now be allowed.  He was a quasi civil servant.

The Grand Jury is a roll call of significant property owners in the area.

Some Bantry lawyers: