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Maziere Brady’s 3 volume history of the Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross in on the website of Cork Past and Present.

Page 22 contains a description of improvement work carried out by Rev. John Smith:  He obtained a certificate for £201. 10 shillings.

Quarrymen 8d a day, Labourers 6d., a man and a horse 1shilling a day.  Twenty five dozen floor tiles cost £1 0s 10d.  Three tons and one and a half f. balk timber 36. 7s. 6d 3,000 brick, delivered at Ballinadee came to £1. 12s 8d.  Thirty single deals cost £2 12s 6d.  Lime for plastering cost 2s per barrel.  Slate 3s per 1,000.  “Bought a horse for £3 15s and sold him again for £2 5s 6d allowed £1 2s 9d.  Hair for plastering, 8d per barrel.  The total return is £201.10.4d and the house is very fit for the residence of John Smith and his successors


P.121 Describes work carried out by the late Rev. Pat Elmley on the 22nd September 1755 and finds£248.18s half penny to be the present value; and when finished; and £218 3s 9d to be the present value; £30 14s 4d being sufficient to put them isn as good repair as they were when first completed.  According to the detailed account the stonework of the house cost 3s8d per perch; roofing 30s per square;  slating and rendering 14s per square, flooring 30s per square; flagging, 2s 8d per perch; roofing, 30s per square; slating 12s a square.