West Cork History





Maziere Brady’s 3 volume history of the Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross in on the website of Cork Past and Present.

Page 22 contains a description of improvement work carried out by Rev. John Smith:  He obtained a certificate for £201. 10 shillings.

Quarrymen 8d a day, Labourers 6d., a man and a horse 1shilling a day.  Twenty five dozen floor tiles cost £1 0s 10d.  Three tons and one and a half f. balk timber 36. 7s. 6d 3,000 brick, delivered at Ballinadee came to £1. 12s 8d.  Thirty single deals cost £2 12s 6d.  Lime for plastering cost 2s per barrel.  Slate 3s per 1,000.  “Bought a horse for £3 15s and sold him again for £2 5s 6d allowed £1 2s 9d.  Hair for plastering, 8d per barrel.  The total return is £201.10.4d and the house is very fit for the residence…

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