In Mazier Brady’s history of the Diocese of Cork Cloyne and Ross he quotes from Dives Downes journey of 1700 when he visited Skibbereen.   He says that the Quakers about 8 families meet on Sundays and Thursdays a silent meeting.  On Thursday the 30th May 1700 a meeting was held attended by about 40.  He says that two Yorkshire Women visit from time to time.

He also mentions Fontaine a French Huguenot based in a Maritime enterprise in Berehaven he preached and most of the Protestants attended out of curiosity.   Among the Berehaven colony of about 13 families was the ancestor of Davy Crockett.

In the Bandon Genealogy site there is a reference to  Quaker families from Skibbereen with the Massey and Houlden families mentioned.

Bennet’s History of Bandon refers to the Quakers in Skibbereen having a meeting house in 1996.

In 1724 Benjamin Holme held meeting in various Cork towns, including, Bandon, Ross, Castlesaem, Skibbereen and Baltimore.