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After the rising of 1641 claims for compensation were submitted mainly from settlers of a Protestant background.  They have now been digitized at Trinity Collegehttp://1641.tcd.ie/


Hull losses:


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The collection comprises the world’s largest collection of 17th century living conditions.

Included in the list are some from the Bantry area;

Parish Durrus, Barony Bere and Bantry

823.76  Martha May and brother Nathaaniel May, he is described as a yeoman.

824.211 Nicholas Harvy, late Blackrock, yeoman

825.23  Raplh Oliver of Whiddy Island, yeoman

Parish of Kilmocoge

822.142 Thomas Moorecocke of Dromanare (Dromdoneen0, wheelwright

822.249 Thomas Heyford, of Bantry, Gent

822.273 Thomas Henry of Whiddy, yeoman

823.23 John Brown of Whiddy, yeoman

823.55 William Wood of Carir Inskeene (Inchinarihen?), joiner

823.87 John Winter of Bantry Parish husbandman

823.100 John Lak of Whiddy Island, husbandman

823.122 Thomas Moorcock, Dromanara (Dromdoneen), parish k , yeoman

823.143 Edmund McCarty of Bantry, yeoman

823.169 Valentine Gordon of Bantry, spinster, Scottish protestant

823.190 Anthony Blunt of Bantry, yeoman

824.149 Agnis Tucker of Whiddy Island, widow

824.223 Katherin Heyford, wife of Owen Heyford of Bantry

825.7 Christopher Speringe of Bantry, timberman

825.264 William French of Kilmacom (Kilmomoge), tanner

825.318 Robert Collins of Whiddy, yeoman.

Parish Skull, Barony West Carbery

822.135 Thomas Wey, Clerk

823.212 John Northern of Lencom (Leamcon), yeoman

824.253-9 Sir William Hull, Knight