The first records are Church of Ireland and Methodist. Marriage records for the Church of Ireland from 1845 may be consulted in the Representative Church Library in Dublin those from c 1790 to 1845 were sent to the Public Records Office during the troubles for safekeeping but were lost when that was destroyed. The Catholic Records were started by the Parish Priest Fr. Quin (one of a number of Tipperary Priests incardated to West Cork, Dore to Caheagh, Ryan to Drimoleague and Doheny to Dunmanway) in 1818 and are on irishgenealogy.ie sometimes the townland names are in an obscure format. There are some records in Cork Churches some of which were transcribed by Dr. Richard Caulfield in the 1870s and 1880s, the originals being destroyed.  There are quite a number of people listed in the Catholic records with a Protestant background as party to marriage or witness, as is the case of people from a Catholic background in the Protestant records.

Marriages Muintervara (Durrus/Kilcrohane), Church of Ireland/Methodist, West Cork from 1688-1940


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St James Marriage Register Durrus From Representative Church Library or other sources
When married Name and Surname Age Condition b=Bachelor s=spinster w=Widower/Widow Rank or profession f=Farmer l-Labourer Residence at time of marriage Name of fathers Rank or profession of fathers Witnesses
1688 Charles Evanson 1.Susanna Arnopp 2. 1710 Mary Martell Evanson family history
1705 Susana Evanson
Jeremiah Coghlan Prob Durrus Court
Carrigmanus Three Castle Head Evanson
family history
1719 William Blair
Sarah White Prob Blairs Cove Marriage and
Licence Bonds
dioceses of Cork
and Ross
WW 32
National Archives

1724 Nathaniel Evanson
Mary Alleyn Married in Antigue, Carribean
1728-35 Alleyn Evanson Susan Ceely (Sealy) Antigue, Carribean.
1774 Nathaniel Evanson (3rd)
Melia Darrymore B w Friendly Cove?
Originally Dunmanway Evanson
Frances Harris Her father Medical Doctor From Evanson
family history
1775 Richard Varian
Grace Ferguson Prob Rooska MLB
1793 Samuel Attridge
Catherine Kingston Prob Gerhameen MLB
1760 Nathaniel Evanson (5th)
Mary Townsend Baldwin Friendly Cove
Clogheen Co Cork Henry Baldwin and Catherine Morris. Source: Diocese of Cork & Ross,
Co Cork, Ireland,
Marriages: 1784
14 children 13
1775 Richard Harris Tullig MLB
Prob Bantry 1777 Michael O’Sullivan
Mary Vickery

Rooska West
John Vickery Married by
licence Michael a
Catholic unclear
if he remained so
all the children
raised in the
Church of Ireland. He settled in Tedagh
1790s Peter Dukelow Mary Bradford F F Prob Dromreagh Henry Dukelow
1797 Elizabeth Shannon
Robert Evans Brahalish
Prob Durrus
1801 John Henry Madras
Martha Evanson Rector Durrus
Friendly Cove Rev John Madras/Alice Baldwin
Richard Evanson Evanson family
1803 James Dukelow Ursula Baker Prob Crottees
1805 John Jeffords Scart MLB
Prob Durrus 1809 Francis Skuce
Frances Skuce Prob Clashadoo MLB
1812 John Skusce
Mary Newman 25
21 B s F Coolculaghta
1812 Richard Tonson Evanson Melian Towgood Donovan
Possibly Friendly Cove She died and he
remarried 1816
7th February 1814 Michael Swanton
Susanna S
Swanton or Shannon? Ginnie Swanton
website at least 3
Kilnegross Church
1816 Richard Tonson Evanson
Mary Beamish Friendly Cove
C1820 George Varian
Grace Daly Rooska Richard Varian Edmund Willis willised@aol.com
Prob in Catholic Church 27th February 1827 Richard Lewis Blair
Catherine O’Donovan Prob Blairs Cove Richard and
1828 Henry Baldwin
Martha Murphy MLB
August 1835 Peter James Dukelow Mary Baker 37 16 He may have been married to Eliza Cripps before F f Dromreagh
1836 Jane Baker
John Dukelow MLB
Prob 1839 Charles Dukelow
Eliza Swanton Prob Crottees Charles Ron Price suggests this marriage from a 1839 MLB
Prob Abbeystrewy c 1838 ? Jermyn
Eliza ?
20 Dunbeacon
Abbeystrewy (Skibbereen) February 1842 Richard Kingston Mary Swanton married by transferring marriage licence from Durrus where she is from he from Drimoleague Drimoleague
Durrus Richard Atkin
Henry King
May Swanton

Abbeystrewy (Skibbereen)
3rd December 1842 Timothy Sullivan
Elizabeth Shannon married by transferring marriage licence from Durrus where they reside John Sullivan? Richard Atkin
Joseph Chambers
Edward Mary
Ann Tomkins
two live near
About 1843 James Dukelow Anne Sweetnam 31 20 Presumed full F f Crottees James his mother Ursula Baker Emigrated to
County NY
24th February
1845 John Jermon (Jermyn)
Susan Roycroft 26
24 Dunbeacon
Ballydevlin Stephen
John F
Sexton John Roycroft
William Sweetnam
April 15 1845 George Hegarty Sarah Leavers 26 24 B s F – Derrirolin Skull
Clunee Durrus Daniel Hegarty Robert Leavers F f David Burleigh
Sarah Gallagher
her mark
3rd May 1845 John Vickery
Ellen Woulfe 33
19 B s Ballycomane
Ballycummin Ames
William Woulfe William
She remarried to
William Kingston
Aughadown 1849
May 13 1845 James Swanton Mary Sullivan 2218 Bachelor spinster Farmer- Ratravane
Tedagh Robert Swanton Jeremiah Sullivan Farmer Farmer Both signed
Francis Cole
David Burleigh
18th July 1845 James Lamb Anne Connell 28 19 Widower spinster Labourer Aghagowna
Ahagowna Patrick Lamb John Connell Labourer labourer Richard Perrott
David Burleigh
their mark
7th October 1845 Timothy Shea Jane Shippardan 20 20 B s Tin worker – Carrigboy
Carrigboy Denis Shea John Shippardan Tin worker labourer David Burleigh
their mark
October 28th 1845 William Whitley Mary McCarthy 21 18 B s Farmer – Parish of Skule
Dromreagh Henry Whitley Jeremiah McCarthy F f Richard Hunt
David Burleigh
their mark
November 4th 1845 Richard Roycroft Mary Lamb 31 20 Widower s Painter and glazier – Schule
Durrus glebe William Roycroft Patrick Lamb F l Richard Peare
David Burleigh
her mark
November 27th 1845 Cornelius Sweeney Mary Donovan 21 19 B s L – Bantry
Clooney Cornelius Sweeney John Donovan L l John Donovan
David Burleigh
their mark
Feb 3 1846 John Groom Sarah Swanton 21 19 B s Cooper Bantry Durrus John Groom George Swanton V
Cooper f George Swanton
Francis Cole
Gregory Cole
1846 James Croston
Mary Levis Durrus Robert Levis Lholland66
Feb 3 1846 Robert Copithorn Sarah Shannon 23 19 B s F – Skull
Durrus Kilcrohane George Copithorn Edward Shannon F f Francis Cole
Gregory Cole
their mark
29th September 1846 Mary Jane Evanson
John French Not in parish
register but on
family history
12th August 1847 James Bennett
Marianne Justice F f Mining Captain Gurtavally Durrus
Ballydevlin James Bennett
Henry Justice William Woulfe
Thomas Latham
Caheragh Church
13th July 1848 Thomas Sweetnam
Catherine Vickery 30
23 F f dau Lisnnoun
Inchinreng Mathew Sweetnam
George Vickery John Vickery
Moses Caffay?
Schull Church
2nd December 1848 Daniel Driscoll
Johanne Driscoll 24
20 Dunmanus
Gloun South Timothy Driscoll
Jeremiah Driscoll L
R Tiphook
James Hegarty
Schull 7th November 1848
Samuel Heasford
Mary Driscoll W w L Dunmanus James Heasford
Bill Hodnett L l Simon Hodnett
Alice Wilkinson
Caheragh Church
24th January 1852 Richard Sweetnam
Avis Kingston 24
21 B s F f dau Dunbeacon
Lisangle Samuel Sweetnam
Paul Kingston F f Richard Kingston
Austin Sweetnam
January 13th 1856 Robert Splane Mary Varian 25 21 25 21 B s Teacher – Tullincastey
Rooska John Splane George Varian Land Stewart f William Forde
David Burleigh

February 17th 1846 William Miller Mary Lannin 30 24 B s F Coolculaghta
Dromreagh William Miller William Lannin F f John Lannin
Thomas Cole
her mark
February 21st 1846` James Croston
Mary Levis 23 19 B s Weaver – Brahalish

Moulamil John Croston Charles Levis F f Gregory Cole
Thomas Baker her mark
February 24 1846 Henry Beamish Sarah Baker 25 23 B s F – Kilcoe
Rossmore Richard Beamish John Baker F f Richard Perrott
Abigail Baker
her mark (Sarah)

March 10th 1846 Jehr Canty Catherine Kelly 34 24 Widower s F – Gurtanoish
Gurtanoish Lewis Canty Jehr Kelly F f Thomas Skuse
David Burleigh
her mark
September 29th 1846 John French Mary Jane French 23 21 B s Ardogeena
Ardogeena French esq Richard Evanson Esq – AE Crosthwaite
David Burleigh
December 5th 1846 William Croston
Mary Dukelow 24 20 B s Weaver – Mowlamille
Crottees John Croston Richard Dukelow Weaver cord weaver Robert Lavis
David Burleigh
her mark
July 20th 1847 John Deane Annie Levis 22 21 B s – – Dunmanway
Rooska Barnabas Deane Richard Levis Gent farmer gent farmer H Jagoe
David Burleigh
Sept 28th 1847 Patrick Lamb Ellen Hegarty 60 50 W w L Aghagouna
Aghagouna David Lamb James Hegarty L l William J Johnson
David Burleigh
their mark
September 28th 1847 Denis Cronin Catherine Carthy 40 40 W s L – Esknabrena
Aghagouna Jeremiah Cronin Michael Carty L l William Johnson
David Burleigh
their mark
March 7th 1847 Margaret Sullivan William Dukelow `27 25 S b – f Parish of Durrus Kilcrohane ditto James Sullivan Charles Dukelow F f Jeremiah Sullivan
Charles Cole
June 17th 1848 Francis Croston
Mary Mahony 26 20 B s Teacher – Brahalish
Aghakista William Croston
James Mahony L l John Woulfe
David Burleigh

August 22nd 1848 Richard Vickery Sarah Patterson 34 24 W s Shop keeper – Bantry Lisareamig James Vickery Alec Patterson F f Robert Vickery
David Burleigh
Schull Church
20th February 1849 Daniel Hegarty
Avis Lavers F Derryconnel
Dunbeacon Charles Hegarty
Robert Lavers F George Hegarty
Elias Lavers?
January 30th 1849 John Woulfe Elizabeth Cole 26 25 B s Teacher servant Rooska
Durrus Glebe Joseph Woulfe Gregory Cole L Weaver Gregory Cole
David Burleigh

Schull Church
5th June 1849 William Attridge Ann Hitchcock 26
18 B s Rossmore
Knockeen Thomas Attraidge
George Hitchcock F Thomas King
Arthur Attridge
Drimoleague 1851 Sarah Swanton
Paul Kingston F Gurtnihir Drimoleague
Clonee Durrus
January 29th 1850 John King Sarah Johnson 24 18 B s F – Ballydevlin
Fahawn William King Francis Johnson F f Richard Perrott
David Burleigh
her mark
February 12th 1850 Daniel Leary Sarah Hosford 29 20 B s Ropemaker Keelvenogue
Gearhies John Leary William Hosford Rope maker f John Leary
David Burleigh
their mark
September 24th 1850 Elias Lavers Mary Hunt 30 24 B s F – Cashilian
Dromriagh Robert Lavers James Hunt F f Edward Hunt
Samuel Lavers
February 1st 1851 `David Shannon Sarah Dukelow 33 24 B s F – Brahalish
Clashadoo William Shannon Thomas Dukelow F f James Hegarty
David Burleigh
minister Edward
February 8th 1851 Richard Baker Avista Sullivan 34 34 B w F – Murreigh
Murreigh Robert Baker Richard (or Michael?) Daly F f John Fahie
David Burleigh
Minister Edward

C1851 Thomas Deane
Margaret Dukelow Crottees? From 1911 census married 50 years
December 1st 1851 Marcus Begley Honora Hurley 22 24 B s L – Keelvenogue James Begley Bartholomew Hurley Carpenter l Charles
John Crosthwaite
David Burleigh

her mark

February 19th 1852 Charles Dukelow Frances Dukelow 32 22 B s F – Carrigbui Clashadoo Robert Dukelow Thomas Dukelow F f David Burleigh
David Shannon
her mark
Schull Church
11th November 1851 John Kingston
Ellen Salter 30
21 Widower
S Gearhies
Ballybane Schull James Kingston
Michael Salter Thomas Latham
Denis Deasy
February 24th 1852 Michael Daly Mary Driscoll 25 22 B s Miner – Rooska
Keelovenogue John Daly Timothy Driscoll L f Arthur Atteridge
her mark
February 24th 1852 Francis Johnson Anne Shannon 23 21 B s F Fahane
Brahalish Francis Johnson Michael Shannon

Arthur Atteridge
David Burleigh

November 27th 1852 George Swanton Mary (Maria) Swanton 34 22 B s F f daughter Ahguheen, parish of Durrus Moloch parish of Durrus George Swanton James Swanton F f John Newman
James Sullivan
February 3rd 1853 John Vickery Grace Dukelow 29 23 B s F f dau Ballycomane Crottees George Vickery Charles Dukelow F f Charles Dukelow
Schull Church
5th February 1853 Jeremiah Coghlan
Grace Dukelow F f Ardharovingha Daniel Coghlan
Peter Dukelow Thomas Salter
James Dukelow
May 24th 1853 Henry Wright Avis Sullivan 22 22 B s F f dau Cashelane
Tedagh William Wright Michael Sullivan F f David Burleigh
Francis Cole.
Not known
1853 Beamish
Ardogina From 1911 census
August 2nd 1853 Denis Murphy Mary Cole 33 25 B s Scripture Reader f dau Glengariff parish Kilmacmogue Fahane Jeremiah Murphy Gregory Cole F f David Burleigh
Francis Cole
October 20th 1853 James Manders Mary Dukelow 28 27 B s Acting Constable of Police f dau Carrigbui Carrigbui Thomas Manders Robert Dukelow Shoemaker f Patrick Heffernan
Thomas Dean?
June 6th 1854 John Swanton Ellen Draper 35 28 B s F – Clonee Scart Samuel Swanton George Draper F f George Draper
David Burleigh
her mark Minister
Edward Bell
December 6rh 1854 John Baker Ellen Carthy 30 26 B s F – Eskuabraha
Eskeabraha Thomas Baker Charles Carthy F f Alec Carter?
Edward Bell Clerk
February 27th 1855 Robert Shannon Frances Swanton 25 23 B s F f dau Gurteeda gulla parish of Skull Molloch parish Durrus William Shannon James Swanton F f David Burleigh
February 27th 1855 Michael Melville Sarah McCarthy 22 19 B s Tailor – Schull Durrus Thomas Melville Jeremiah McCarthy F f Jack Landen
David Burleigh
May 5th 1855 John Camier Mary Williamson 27 23 B s F – Skull skshanalara?
Brahalish Julian Camier James Williamson Cooper f Thomas Attridge
David Burleigh
her mark
September 18th 1855 John Flynn Margaret Kelly 40 26 W s L Danoor (Kilcrohane) Danoor Kilcrohane Edward Flynn Timothy Kelly F l William Coughlan David Burleigh their mark
May 20th 1856 James Sullivan Ellen Swanton 26 23 B s F – Tedagh (Durrus)
Ratravane Schull Jeremiah Sullivan Robert Swanton F f Robert Swanton
Robert Warner
October 16th 1856 James Swanton Annie Dukelow 25 24 B s F f dau Bawnacnockawn Schull Crottees Durrus John Swanton Charles Dukelow F f William Dukelow
David Burleigh
January 13th 1857 Richard Baker Mary Allen 24 22 B s F f dau Rossmore Esknabrena Thomas Baker William Allen F f William Croston
David Burleigh

February 10th 1857 Henry Copithorne Elizabeth Swanton 25 18 B s F f dau Shountullig Schull
Clonee Durrus Henry Capithorne Samuel Swanton F f John Swanton
David Burleigh
his mark
February 14th 1857 William Lannin Mary Pyburn 25 20 B s F f dau Coolcoolacka
Cashelane parish of Schull William Lannin James Pyburn F f John Lannin
James Pyburn
his mark
February 19TH 1857 Thomas Dukelow Anne Warner 23 19 B s F f dau Crottee Bantry James Dukelow Thomas Warner F f William Warner
David Burleigh
Schull Church 23rd May 1857 William Bennett Baldwin
Mary Charlotte O’Callaghan F f Gent Skibbereen
Rick Cottage Thomas Baldwin
James O’Callaghan John Limrick
T Somerville
The Priarie
February 9th 1858 Paul Shannon Frances Dukelow 26 28 B s F f dau Brahalish Clashadoo Richard Shannon Thomas Dukelow F f David Shannon
David Burleigh
Feb 15 1859 Robert Watson Mary Legoe 23 21 B s Coastguard – Dunbeacon Station Carrigbui James Watson William Legoe Soldier carpenter Edward Tutt?
David Burleigh
Feb 24th 1859 Richard Dukelow Ursulla Dukelow 28 20 b s F f dau Crottees Dromtaniheen Charles Dukelow Charles Dukelow F f Charles Dukelow
February 21st 1860 John Bateman Deborah Bradfield 36 30 b s Shoemaker Scart Rooska John Bateman William Bradfield F l David Burleigh
William Croston
C1860 Thomas Lannin
Sarah Johnson Dromreagh Daughter
Elizabeth b 1864
C1860 Richard Williamson
Ann Shannon Brahalish Daughter Maria b 1865
C1860 Michael Melville
Sarah McCarthy Clashadoo (Ahagouna) Son Michael
b 1865
C1860 John Gay
Avisia Kingston Dromreagh Daughter
Mary Ann b 1864
C1860 William Busteed
Hannah Baker Seaman on board HM cutter Rooska Daughter Elizabeth b 1865 father seaman
C1860 George Swanton
Sarah Deane Mullagh Daughter Susan b 1865
C1860 Richard Shannon
Catherine Shannon Brahalish Son Robert
b 1865 informant
Michael Shannon
owner of house
C1860 Arthur Attridge
Ann Attridge Rossmore Daughter Ann
b 1864
C1860 John Draper
Martha Johnson Scart Daughter Jane b 1865
C1860 John Attridge
Margaret Dukelow Gearhameen? Son William
b 1864
C1860 George Baker
Mary Williamson Kealties Twins Richard and Ann born 1864
C1860 Michael
Mary Kingston Clone Son John
B 1864
C1860 Paul Shannon
Jane Shannon Gourtanigh Daughter
Elizabeth b 1864
February 21 1860 David Shannon Jane Shannon 36 20 B s F f dau Brahalish Brahalish Richard Shannon Michael Shannon F f David Burleigh
William Croston
March 13th 1860 William Bradfield Ellen Bateman 28 40 B s F – Rooska Scart, parish of Kilmaccomogue William Bradfield John Bateman F f David Burleigh
John Woulfe
his mark
March 13th 1860 James Reynard Margaret Maguire 30 20 B s L – Rooska Rooska Paul Reynard Stephen Maguire F carpenter David Burleigh
John Woulfe their
March 20th 1860 Robert Levis Margaret McCarthy 26 25 B s L f dau Clashadoo Clashadoo John Levis Jeremiah McCarthy F f William Henderson David Burleigh their mark
November 27th 1860 Richard Daly Catherine Williamson 25 18 B s F f dau Lisheenacreah (Schull) Brahalish Richard Daly James Williamson Shoemaker f David Burleigh

John Treacy?
Her mark
December 6th 1860 Lawrence Connell Margaret Dukelow 2720 B s F f dau Kealfadda (Kilmoe) Coomkeen Richard Connell Charles Dukelow w f f David Burleigh
Richard married
by William J
February 12th 1861 William Jermyn Mary Draper 26 20 B s F f dau Dreenaclogh (Schull) Coolcolaghta (Durrus) Michael Jermyn Richard Draper F fa David Burleigh
John Treacy
acting constable
his mark
February 12th 1861 Richard Allen Susan Baker 30 21 B s L servant Gerhameen Gerhameen William Allen Robert Baker L l David Burleigh
Henderson a
constable his mark
Nothing for 1862 November 7th 1861 Paul Harrington Mary Manders 36 33 B w Carpenter – Bantry Carrickbue James Harrington Robert Dukelow Carpenter fa Thomas Dean
David Burleigh
February24th 1863 William Bradfield Ellen Good 58 48 W w L – Bandon Rooska Thomas Bradfield Robert Baker F f Richard Baker
David Burleigh his mark
May 12th 1863 William Regan Ellen Driscoll 22 20 B s L s Durrus Durrus William Regan Denis Driscoll L l William Croston Jeffery Croston three marks
William J Carey
June 2nd 1863 William Martin Mary Deane 29 22 B s Teacher f dau Lisheenacreagh Crottees Alfred Martin Thomas Deane F f Bruce Warringham ? David Burleigh her mark
16th January 1864 Morgan Sullivan
Eliza Wright F f B s Gent Knockduff Dunmanway
Cashelane William Sullivan
William Wright Gent
Gent Both fathers
April 12th 1864 William Evans Anne Dukelow 35 50 B w L Brahalish Rossmore David Evans
Joseph Daly Pensioner f David Shannon
David Burleigh
their mark
September 22nd 1864 William Woulfe Margaret Dealy 27 22 B s F s Clashadoo Baltimore village Joseph Wolfe George Dealy F f John Woulfe
William Croston her mark
January 10th 1865 Robert Good Susan Dealy 26 22 B s L – Rooska
Rooska John Good
James Dealy L l Michael Dealy
Their mark
David Burleigh
In Schull church
February 1865 Hamilton O’Donovan Blair
Margaret D Bennett F f Blairs Cove
Schull Richard Lewis decd
William Bennett Cork Examiner
7th February 1865
Schull Church
19th February 1865 George Swanton
Patience Roycroft F f B s F Clonee
Liscaha Schull Benjamin Swanton
Joseph Roycroft F f Both fathers
September 28th 1865 James McCarthy Elizabeth Jane Burleigh 21 21 B S Shoemaker – Durrus Durrus Jeremiah McCarthy David Burleigh F session clerk John McCarthy
David Burleigh
C1865 John Brookes
Eliza Kingston Dromreagh Son Richard
b 1868
C1865 Richard williamson
Shannon Brahalish Dau Ellen 1870
C1865 James Williamson
Sarah Dukelow Brahalish Dau Ann b 1869
C1865 William Shannon
Mary Copithorne Glanlough Dau Susan b 1869
C1865 William Wolfe
Margaret Sealy Clashadoo Son William
b 1869
C1865 William Sullivan
Ellen Swanton Tedagh Son William b 11869
October 2nd 1865 George Henry Rawlings Elizabeth Godson 23 25 B s Gentleman – Rossmore Durrus Bantry Kilmaccomogue George Henry Rawlings John Godson Gent gent Richard Vickery
Thomas Rawlings
February 3rd 1866 James Williamson Sarah Dukelow 26 25 B s F f dau Brahalish
Droumsthinahin James Williamson Charles Dukelow F f James Dukelow
David Burleigh
February 10th 1866 James Dukelow Catherine Williamson 30 22 B s F f dau Droumathinahin Droumathinahin Charles Dukelow Robert Williamson F f Richard
David Burleigh
February 15th 1866 George Shannon Elizabeth Phillips 27 24 B s Hotel keeper’s dau Gurteenakilla Schull Carrickbue Durrus William Shannon James Philips F hotel keeper James Phillips
David Burleigh
April 10th 1866 John Field Mary Anne Edgrth 46 36 B w Artillery pensioner – Bantry Durrus court Thomas Field William Fielder Carpenter Ship wright Charles Skuse
David Burleigh
May 15th 1866 Thomas Miller
Mary Chambers 26 21 B s L dairyman’s dau Carrrickbue Durrus Rusheenanashka William Miller Jonathan Chambers F dairyman James Phillips
David Burleigh
her mark
February 7th 1867 John Copithorne Anne Dukelow 27 22 B s F f dau Kilcoe
Coomkeen Durrus Thomas Copithorne Charles Dukelow Charles Dukelow
Thomas Copithorne
February 23rd 1867 Richard Draper Eliza Draper 27 23 B s F f dau Bawnard Creagh
Coolculaghta Durrus Edward Draper Richard Draper Fa f William Attridge
David Burleigh
March 5th 1867 William Ferguson Sarah Williamson 26 21 B s F f dau Ardravina district parish of Teampolnabocht
Brahalish John Ferguson James William Son F f James Williamson
David Burleigh
March 12th 1867 Edward Shannon Anne Driscoll 38 21 B s L – Brahalish
Kealties William Shannon Denis Driscoll L l David Shannon
David Burleigh
their mark
March 21st 1867 George Evans Catherine Brookes 28 full age B s F f dau Lick parish of Creagh Dromreagh parish of Durrus Walter Evans Edward Brookes F f Thomas Evans
David Burleigh her mar
November 5TH 1868 William George Gillman Kate Burleigh 29 19 B s Sergeant 1/13 light infantry- Clashadoo Durrus Beach house, Bantry George Gillman David Burleigh Boot and shoemaker clerk Petty Sessions David Burleigh
William Croston
February 9th 1869 Joseph Kingston Anne Bevil 26 21 L s Coolcalure St Edmonds Durrus Glebe Samuel Kingston William Bevil F f Benjamin Levis?
David Burleigh
March 6th 1869 James Shannon Mary Baker 26 18 B s F f dau Brahalish Rossmore John Shannon Thomas Baker F f William Croston
David Burleigh
June 1st 1869 Charles Dukelow Frances Skuse 25 21`b B s F – Coomkeen Clashadoo Charles Dukelow Charles Skuse F Bailiff Charles Skuse
David Burleigh
February 12th 1870 James Dukelow Sarah Williamson 28 24 B s F f dau Coomkeen
Droumathinatineen Charles Dukelow Robert Williamson F f Richard
David Burleigh
Not known George Vickery
Anne Bateman Ballycomane Possibly Clonakilty George Vickery
February 26th 1870 Peter Dukelow Catherine Attridge 27 21 B S F F dau Cruttee Rossmore James Dukelow Arthur Attridge F f David Burleigh
Wesleyan Church Bantry
31st May 1870 John Bateman
Mary Vickery F f B s Shopkeeper Clonakilty
Ballycomane John Bateman
George Vickery Shopkeeper Hester Vickery
Henry Bateman
February 4th 1871 Francis Sealy Alice Chambers Full age 19 B s L – Savos parish of Castleventry Rusheenanishka George Sealy Jonathan Chambers F f David Burleigh
John Woulfe
their mark
21st February 1871 Thomas Johnson
Anne Levis F f B s F Fanahe Parish of Kilcrohane
Sohahennalessa Frances Johnson
John Levis F f James Levis
Richard Johnson

February 21st 1871 John Attridge Mary Shannon 27 24 B s F f dau Glownsillaght Skull Brahalish Durrus William Atteridge John Shannon F f David Burleigh
William Croston
February 13th 1872 Richard Baker Eliz Johnson 26 22 B s F f dau Rooska Fahane Durrus Samuel Baker Frank Johnson F f David Burleigh
William Croston
March 6ht 1873 John Croston Sarah Hitchcock Full full B s Weaver weaver Durrus Rossmore William Croston George Hitchcock Weaver and sexton f William Croston
William Attridge
July 22md 1873 Charles Dukelow Elizabeth Dukelow 30 full age B s F f dau Drouminatinaheen Skehanamucka (Coomkeen) Charles Dukelow Charles Dukelow F f Charles Dukelow
David Burleigh
September 18th 1873 Thomas Shannon Anne Sullivan 31 f B s F f dau Brahalish
Rooska John Shannon William Sullivan F f James Shannon
David Burleigh

Wesleyan Church Bantry
23rd November 1873 William Young
Hester Vickery F f B s F f dau Letterscanlon Co Cork
Ballycomane James Young
George Vickery F f Frances Bahamas?
William Young

Schull Church
29th November 1873 William Dukelow
Mary Swanton F f B s F ‘Cruthees’
Bawnaghanclugh Charles Dukelow
George Swanton F f Charles Dukelow
John Cox
February 9TH 1875 John Kingston Elizabeth Shannon F f B s F f dau Meenies Drimoleague Moulimil Durrus Samuel Kingston William Shannon F f William Kingston
David Burleigh
Schull Church
17th August 1875 Edward Draper
Eliza Salter F f B s F Coolculaghta
Gurteenroe Schull Richard Dukelow
Michael Salter F Robert Salter
Thomas Draper
February 17th 1876 Michael Sullivan
Anne Shannon 28 f B s F f dau Clonee
Brahalish William Sullivan
David Shannon F f James Sullivan
David Burleigh
February 29th 1876 Thomas Deane Mary Shannon F f B s F f dau Crutee Gurthanese Thomas Deane Paul Shannon F f William Martin
David Burleigh
May 23rd 1876 William Rawlins Elizabeth Cole F f W s F f dau Clofadda House white Church Coolculaghta George H Rawlins Francis Cole Gent f John Cole
David Burleigh
January 30th 1877 Samuel Kingston Mary Jane Sweetnam F f B s F f dau Inchinagatagh Caheragh Dunbeacon Durrus James Kingston
Richard Sweetnam F f Richard Sweetnam
David Burleigh
March 1st 1877 John Shannon Mary Shannon F f B s F f dau Brahalish Moulinish John Shannon William Shannon F f William Shannon
David Burleigh
July 12th 1877 William Newman Avisia Sullivan F f W s F f dau Scart Clooney John Newman John Sullivan F f James Sullivan
David Burleigh
Fred Dobbins
September 13th 1877 William Deane
Sarah Swanton F f B s F – Fanlobbus
Clonee Durrus Robert Deane Benjamin Swanton F f Benjamin
David Burleigh see above rector
February 2nd 1878 William Hosford Susan Baker F f B s L – Gearhies
Kealties George Hosford George Baker F f William Allen
David Burleigh her mark
February 26th 1878 Charles Dukelow Frances Dukelow F f B s F f dau Dunbittern Kilmaccomogue Clashadoo Durrus William Dukelow Charles Dukelow F f James Manders
David Burleigh
February 28TH 1878 William Wright Margaret Phillips F f B s F f dau Cashilean Skull
Durrus Henry J Wright James Phillips F f Thomas
Somervillle David Burleigh
March 2nd 1878 Richard Williamson Susan Shannon F minor B s F f dau Droumnatinaheen
Brahalish Robert Williamson John Shannon F f John Roycroft
David Burleigh
June 18th 1878 Jeffrey Croston Ellen Baker 53 50 W w F – Kealties
Kealties Jeffrey Croston Charles Carthy F f David Burleigh
their mark Robert rice
December 31st 1878 Richard Brookes Avesia Berry 25 f B s F f dau Dromreagh Durrus
Cappagh Beg Schull Edward Brookes Samuel Berry F f James Brooks
Robert Good
January 16th 1879 Samuel Berry Jane Williamson F f B s F f dau Cappagh=Beg Schull Droumatinaheen Samuel Berry Robert Williamson F f Richard
Robert Good
Wesleyan Church Bantry
16th June 1879 Maria Sullivan
Bateman Ff B s Miller Bantry
Bantry Thomas Bateman
Samuel Sullivan Shopkeeper
Farmer Robert Swanton
George Vickery
She died shortly
After buried
Clonakilty he
descendants in
Rearour Aherla
Prob Schull 2nd March1880 John Croston Patience Swanton Moulamill
Ballydevlin William
Weaver 1911 census
November 18TH 1879 Michael Sullivan Margaret Sweetnam F f B s F f dau Clooney Durrus
Dunbeacon Skull John Sullivan Richard Sweetnam F f Samuel ?Sweetnam David Burleigh his mark
Wesleyan Church Bantry
5th January 1880 William Kingston
Margaret Eliza Brooks 23
23 B s F f dau Dromreagh
Dromreagh Richard Kingston
Edward Brooks decd F f John Brooks
Samuel Kingston
October 21st 1880 Henry Bryan Anne Dukelow F f B s F f dau Knockeenboy, Fanlobus Brahalish Timothy Bryan William Dukelow F f Charles L Bryan Timothy Bryan
February 24th 1881 John Shannon Catherine Landon F f B s F f dau Brahalish
Lisacaha Schull Michael Shannon Jacob Landen ..Landed
February 24th 1881 Thomas Shannon Ursulla Dukelow F f B s F f dau Brahalish
Crottee David Shannon John Dukelow F f William Croston David Burleigh
April 16th 1881 William Copithorne Anne Dukelow F f W s F f dau Gubeen Schull
Drounatinaheen Thomas Copithorne Charles Dukelow F f James Dukelow David Burleigh
12th July 1881 William Shannon
Margaret Swanton Rooska
Coolcaha, Ballydehob Robert Shannon
John Swanton
August 6th 1881 Robert Dukelow Mary Dukelow F f B s F f dau Clashadoo Crottee Charles Dukelow John Dukelow F f Thomas Shannon David Burleigh
April 22nd 1882 George Swanton Sarah Swanton F f B s F f dau Bawnakane parish of Schull Moulimil George Swanton William Shannon F f David Burleigh
William Croston
February 6th 1883 James Dukelow Susan Shannon F f B s F f dau Brahalish Gurteanish William Dukelow Paul Shannon F f John Shannon
David Burleigh
April 17th 1883 Thomas Melville Mary Roycroft F f B s F son domestic servant Clashadoo Durrus Glebe Michael Melville Richard Roycroft F f David Burleigh
William Croston
December 15th 1883 John Townsend Sarah Sullivan F f W s Sailor domestic servant Bantry HMS Britomart Tedagh John Townsend James Sullivan L f David Burleigh
William Croston
Wesleyan Church Bantry
17th January 1884 Francis Brooks
Mary Jagoe 30
25 B s F f dau Dromreagh
Edward Brooks
John Jagoe F f Samuel Jagoe
Daniel Boyd
(schoolteacher Durrus)
May 6th 1884 Peter Dukelow Mary Anne Gay F 20 B s F f dau Derrycarron Schull Dromreagh Peter Dukelow John Gay F f John Gay David Burleih Rector John Gay David Burleigh rector O’Grady William O’Grady
May 14th 1884 Fitzwilliam George Morris Ellen French Morris F f B s Gent gent dau Moreagh Moreagh Thomas Morris William Morris Gent gent Richard T E
David Burleigh
Wesleyan Church Bantry
12th June 1884 Samuel Jagoe
Elizabeth Sullivan 30
31 Dromreagh
Tedagh John Jagoe
John Sullivan Richard Young
/Sullivan ?
16th May 1884 Jeremiah Sullivan
Diana Levis F f B s F Tedaigh parish of Durrus
Big Mill Glengariff James Sullivan
William Levis F f Elizabeth Levis
John Warner
September 30th 1884 William Evans Mary Connell F 25 W S Rossmore Rossmore David Evans Jeremiah Connell Army pens Farmer and fish David Burleigh

William Crossan
March 28th 1885 James Shannon Ellen Baker F f B s F son f dau Rooska Rooska Robert Shannon Samuel Baker F f David Burleigh
John Dealy
June 3rd 1885 Michael Wright Margaret Dukelow F f B s F f dau Cashelaine Brahalish Henry Wright William Dukelow F f William Wright
David Burleigh
July 29th 1885 Philip Somerville Warren Elizabeth Sherrard Somerville F f B s Medical doctor Durrus Court Durrus court Brisbane Warren Captain Thomas Somerville J.P. Co Cork Gent gent Jeffrey Wilson
E.A. Somerville
Married by
Glengariff Church
4th November 1885 Charles W Bowlby
Fanny SAK White F f B s Lieutenant Connaught Ranges Coomhola
The Lodge Coomhola Charles E Bowlby
Edward R White Clergyman
Captain Late RHO Regiment Edward Simon

Alice M
Their son was
born in Ahakista Cottage she is of the Lord
Glengariff Church
20th March 1886 John Sullivan
Elizabeth Levis F f B s F Tedagh
Big Mill Glengariff Jeremiah Sullivan
William Levis F f Sarah J Levis
James Sullivan

February 19th 1887 Samuel Levis Mary Attridge F f B s F f dau Scrahanalera Gerhameen John Levis John Attridge F f James Levis
Arthur Attridge
February 22nd 1887 John Shannon Elizabeth Sullivan F f B s F f dau Gurteanish Rooska Paul Shannon William Sullivan F f James Sullivan
Avis Shannon
C1888 Arthur Attridge
Kate ?? 27
34 Rossmore Arthur and Ann nee Attridge ??? Census 1911
I son Arthur
February 14th 1888 Richard Kingston Mary Swanton F f B s F f dau Gurteenahur Drimoleague Clooney George Kingston Michael Sullivan? check F f Samuel Sullivan
George Kingston
Abbeystrewy Skibbereen
30th May 1889
James Philips
Susan Emily Beecher Hungerford F f Widower
S Hotel keeper Durrus
Maryville Coolnagrena Skibbereen James Philips
Richard Beecher Hungerford Carpenter
Gent Francis Eliza
Mathew J
Bantry Wesleyan Church
3rd Dec? 1889 Robert William? Larke
Avesia Deane F f B s RIC constable Glengariff
Durrus Thomas
James F f George Vickery
Mary Menders
Bantry Church 27th November 1890 Robert Sullivan
Frances Harman F f B s Carpenter
Governess Reendesert
Ardnagashel Samuel Sullivan
Robert Harman F f
September 2nd 1890 Edward Skuce Martha Sweetnam F f B s F f Killeen Dunbeacon William Henry Skuce Richard Sweetnam F f William Henry
Paul Sweetnam
None 1891 July 12th 1892 William Shannon Jane Shannon F f March 2nd 1889 Samuel Gay Kate Clarke F f B s F f dau Dromreagh
February 14th 1893 Henry Emanuel Love Catherine Attridge F f Wesleyan Church Bantry
3rd October 1889 Robert Willis Larke
Avesia Deane F f B s Constable RIC
F dau Glengariff

April 25th 1893 Thomas Robert Hurst Mary Shannon F f April 30th 1890 Thomas Parker Edwards Mary Beamish Morris F f B s Clergyman church of Ireland Co Wicklow
June 17th 1893 Daniel Hegarty Mary Jermyn F 19 Wesleyan Church Bantry
16th July 1900 Richard Sullivan
Mary Ann Brooks F f B s F f dau Granure
June 7th 1894 George Hegarty Frances M Shannon F f B s F f dau Knock parish of Schull Rossmore Daniel Hegarty James Shannon F f James Shannon
George Shannon Daniel Hegarty
None 1895 June 2nd 1896 Ernest Marrriot Barber Emily Phebe Pratt F f B s Medical Practitioner
,, ,, The Rookery, Broomhill Park Sheffield The Rectory Durrus Henry Barker Robert Pratt C.B. Iron Manufacturer Rector May Beatrice
Barker Henry
Richard Pratt
Bantry Church
27th July 1897 Frances Johnson
Jane Ann Draper B s B s L f dau 7Robert St North Woolwich
Scart Richard Johnson
John Draper Carpenter
J T Draper
Richard Draper
July 8th 1897 Robert Shannon Anne Clarke F f B s F f dau Gurteenakilla Glanlough John Shannon Goodhand Clarke F f John Clarke
John Shannon
Bantry Church
16th June 1898 Patrick Hastings Sullivan
Annie Sweetnam F f B s Gardiner
Crossdrum Oldcastle Co Meath
Cappanalooha John Sullivan
George Swanton Forester
F George Kingston
James Swanton
September 9th 1898 Thomas Attridge Jane Lannin F f B s F f dau Ballybacin Ballydehob Coolculaghta Thomas Attridge Monica Lannin F f Thomas Lannin
James Attridge
Schull Church
15th December 1898 James Lander Hoskins
Susan levis F f B s Ordnance Surveyor
F dau Durrus
Lowerton Schull S Hoskins
John Levis Rope?
Wesleyan Church Bantry 17th November 1898 or 79? George North
Mary Ann Brooks F f B s F f dau
Dromreagh John North
Edward Brooks F f Daniel North
July 11th 1899 Edward Olliffe Margaret Dukelow F f B s Shopkeeper f dau Innishannon Coomkeen Edward Olliffe James Dukelow F f Charles Dukelow Wilkelimina Olliffe
June 14th 1900 William Kingston Susan Dukelow F 20 B s F fa dau Gurteemahur Dromreagh John Kingston Richard Dukelow F f Samuel Kingston Ursulla Dukelow
November 27th 1900 David Sullivan Elizabeth Baker F f B s F f dau Reendesert Rooska William Sullivan Richard Baker F f Eruma Berestead
David Lee W.L. Eckford
John N Whitley
June 27th 1901 William Shannon Marie Shannon F f B s F f dau Glanlough Rossmore William Shannon James Shannon F f James Shannon
Thomas Shannon
January 9th 1902 Samuel Kingston Susanna Shannon F f B s F – Meenies, Drimoleague Moulamill William Kingston William Shannon F f Richard King Mrs Mary Shannon F Cole John N Whitley
February 6th 1902 Charles Dukelow Annie Williamson F f B s F f dau Crottees Brahalish Richard Dukelow James Williamson F f William
John Curate
N W Whitley
May 6th 1902 Charles Dukelow Fanny Shannon F f B s F son f dau Coomkeen Ahengowna William Dukelow Thomas Shannon F f Bessie Shannon
John Shannon
John N Whitley
September 25TH 1902 John Dukelow Mary Williamson F f B s F f dau Rossmore Cottage Brahalish William Dukelow deceased James Williamson deceased F f Thomas Shannon James Williamson
Wesleyan Church Bantry
July 1903 Richard Sullivan
Mary Ann Brooks F f B s Granure Ballynacarriga
Dromreigh John Sullivan
Edward Brooks F f John Sullivan
Lizzie Brooks
November 26th 1903 William Shannon Mary Ann Daly F f B s F f dau Brahalish Lisheenacreagh Ballydehob David Shannon Richard Daly F f Thomas Shannon Samuel Daly
December 22ND 1903 Richard Enright Isabella Jermyn F f B s F f dau Tullinell Asdee Ballylongford Co Kerry
Dunbeacon Robert Enright Thomas Jermyn F f Thomas Enright

Richard Jermyn
February 9th 1904 Horace McCarthy Annie Johnston F f B s L f dau Gaggin Bandon
Fahane Horace McCarthy Thomas Johnston F f Francis Johnston William Halnan
Wesleyan Church Bantry 23rd February
1905 John Kingston
Lizzie Ellen Brooks F f B s F f dau Coumkella Drimoleague
Dromreigh Samuel Kingston
Edward Brooks F f Samuel Kingston
Mary A Kingston
January 18th 1906 Michael Tyner Elizabeth Sullivan F f B s F f dau Copeen Ballineen
Clonee Robert Tyner Michael William Sullivan F f Frederick Gash Sarah Anne Sullivan
Wesleyan Church Bantry 12th January 1907 John Kingston
Sarah Dukelow F f B s Constable RIC f dau Ennis
Dromreagh Paul Kingston
Richard Dukelow F f William Kingston
Lizzie Dukelow
March 3rd 1908 Samuel Kinston Patience Johnston F f B s F f dau Manuour Caheragh
Fahane Paul Kingston Thomas Johnston F f Francis Johnston May Anne Kingston
Bantry Church
26th March 1908 John Shannon
Ellen Draper Bf f B s F Maulimil
Scart William Shannon
John Draper F f Richard Draper
William Shannon
June 4th 1908 John Shannon Kate Dukelow F f B s F f dau Dromatinaheen Dromatinaheen John Shannon James Dukelow F f Robert Philips
Wesleyan Church Bantry
9th March 1909 William Vickery
Eliza Kingston F f B s Dromkeal
Dromreagh Durrus Robert Vickery
William Kingston decd F f Murt Vickery
M A Kingston
Not known 1909 George Alfred Vickery
Eva 26
28 Ballycomane George Vickery F 1911 census
Bantry Church
17th August 1909
1 John Camier
Fanny Dukelow F f B s Shopkeeper Ballydehob
Dunbittern James Camier
Charles Dukelow F f William Camier
Charles Dukelow
Glengariff Church
10th January 1910 Michael Sullivan
Jennie Bevan F f B s F Rooska
Coomhola Richard Sullivan
William Bevan F Jeremiah Sullivan
Sarah Bevan
April 25th 1911 George Wolfe Fanny Dukelow F f B s F – Stouke Ballydehob Clashadoo Samuel Wolfe Robert Dukelow F f Robert Dukelow Robert Wolfe
November 30th 1911 James William Thompson Sarah Johnston F f B s Chauffer – Aughantine Castle Five Mile Town Co Tyrone Clashadoo John Thompson Thomas Johnston Coachman f Francis Johnston John ?
December 5th 1912 Frederick Nawn Mary Sullivan F f B s Cycle Agent Lisbellaw Co Fermanagh Rooska John Nawn James Sullivan L f William Sullivan James Sullivan
Talbot curate of Murraghminor
October 21st 1912 William Verity Evans Kathleen McCarthy F f B s Mechanical engineer Geraldine Place, Cork Dunbeacon Verity Evans Patrick McCarthy Gentleman farmer l Richard Morris
July 19th 1913 John Alexander Forest Moore Violet Elizabeth Levis F f B s Employed in Railway in South Africa Lisbellaw, Co Fermanagh Durrus House Joseph Moore John Levis deceased Merchant Medical Doctor Frances
Annette Levis
Wesleyan Church Bantry
0th September 1913 James Brooks
Eliza Kingston F f B s Milling Clerk
F dau Murragh Enniskeane
Dromreagh Edward Brooks
Samuel Kingston F f Richard Kingston
Elizabeth Brooks
February 5th 1914 Samuel Sweetnam Anne Vickery F f B s F Gubeen Schull Ballycomane Matthew Sweetnam George Vickery F f William Sweetnam Lilllian Young
February 17th 1914 Samuel Levis Lizzie Dukelow F f B s F Scrahanalina (Toormore) Crottees James Levis Peter Dukelow F f Hubert P Dukelow Margaret Jane Levis
April 21st 1914 (CHECK DATE) John Sweetnam Annie Dulelow F f B s F Laharan, Ballydehob Dromatinaheen Samuel Sweetnam Charles Dukelow F f William Shannon
Susie ? Dukelow
April 28th 1914 Richard Ward Margaret Elizabeth Dukelow F f B s Caretaker Roonmeen Glengariff Crottees William Ward Richard Dukelow Caretaker f Thomas Skuse
Susie Dukelow
May 19th 1914 Goodhand Clarke Alice Anne Brookes Ff f B s F Glanlough Dromreagh John Clarke Richard Brookes F f Isabella Brookes
Richard Kingston
Bantry Church 20th June 1914 Robert Dukelow
Maria Swanton F f B s F Ardavinna Altar
Dunbittern Thomas Dukelow
Charles Dukelow F f John Johnson
Charles Dukelow
November 19th 1914 Richard Jennings Avesia Dukelow F f B s F Ballynie, Leap, Co Cork Dromreagh William Jennings Richard Dukelow F f George EechyMaggie Dukelow
Bantry Church
4th March 1916 Henry Bustead
Annie Sullivan F f B s F Lisapooka Ballymodan
Droumadoneen Abraham Bustead
Jeremiah Sullivan F f
March 7th 1916 Richard Sweetnam Jane Dukelow F f B s F – Morahin, Aghadown, Co Cork Crottees Richard Sweetnam Robert Dukelow f f Mary Dukelow Samuel Sweetnam
No entry for 1917 1918 November 16th 1916 Benjamin Deane Ellen Sullivan F f B s F Glanasack, Glenville, Co Cork Upper Teadagh, Durrus William Deane Jeremiah Sullivan F f Mary Sullivan John Deane
February 25th 1919 John Pyburn Jane Hosford F f B s F – Cashelane Kealties Richard Pyburn William Hosford F f Daniel Hegarty Hannah Hosford
February 25th 1919 Charles Dukelow Margaret Dukelow F f B s F – Clashadoo Dromreagh Robert Dukelow Richard Dukelow F f John Dukelow Janie Dukelow
January 27th 1919 James Sullivan Margaret Dukelow F f B s F – Clonee West Brahalish Michael J Sullivan William Dukelow F f John Newmann
Annie Shannon
February 27th 1919 Samuel Sweetnam Mary Dukelow F f B s F Morahin Aghadown Co Cork Crottees Richard Sweetnam Robert Dukelow f f William Sweetnam Ursula Dukelow
March 1st 1919 James Pyburn Elizabeth Jane Attridge F f B s F – Cashelane Rossmore James Pyburn William Attraidge F f Jacob Landen
Lucenda Attridge
April 26th 1919 William Henry Sweetnam Avesia Shannon F f B s Constable RIC – Adare Co Limerick Gortanish Durrus Richard Sweetnam John Shannon F f Matthew Sweetnam Susie Shannon
November 29th 1919 Robert Newman Sarah Shannon F f W s F – Ardmanagh Schull Brahalish William Newman John Michael Shannon f f Anna Maria Shannon William Newman
April 29th 1920 William John Shannon Mary Swanton F f B s F – Rossmore Clonee West John Shannon Samuel Swanton ? F f Maudie? J Shannon Thomas J Shannon
August 7th 1920 Herbert P Dukelow Charlotte Philips F f B s F – Blairs Cove Durrus Durrus Peter Dukelow James Philips F f Joseph R Acton
Richard Philips
December 28th 1920 Thomas John Dukelow Agnes Duff Sivewright Crighton F f B s F school teacher Durrus Cottage, Clashadoo Durrus N school Clashadoo Charles Dukelow Robert Burnaby Crighton F foreman confectioner Annia A Crighton Robert Barnaby Crighton
August 25th 1921 Thomas Shannon Jane Dukelow F f B s F – Bawnkeone, Ballydehob Dromreagh John Shannon Richard Dukelow F f Henry J Shannon
James Swanton
April 20th 1922 James Christopher Shannon Mary Jane Shannon F f B s F – Rossmore Brahalish James Shannon William Shannon F f David Shannon
Eva M Hegarty
June 15th 1922 John James Attridge Patience Evelyn Amor F f B w F – Schranalean Ballydehob Coolculaghta Phillip Attridge George Long F f Richard John Draper Annie Maria Long
November 9th 1922 Frederick William Bryan Elizabeth Ann Jermyn F f B s F – Coolculaghta Coolculaghta William Bryan William Jermyn F f Samuel French Agnes Bryan
Wesleyan Church Bantry
12th December 1922 Goodhand Clarke
Isabella Brooks 35
39 Widower s F housekeeper Glanlough
Glanlough John Clarke
Richard Brooks F f James Shannon
Maggie Clarke
November 29th 1923 Robert John Shannon Susan Shannon F f B s F – Brahalish Gurteanish Aghakista Durrus John Shannon John Shannon F f William Shannon Mary J Shannon Lily Shannon
Wesleyan Church Bantry
7th February 1924 Richard King
Margaret J Clarke F f B s F fad au Dromreagh
Glanlough William King decd
John Clarke F f George A Brooks
Sadie Clarke
Bantry Church
23rd April 1925 Robert Wolfe
Kathleen Love F f B s Cattle Dealer
F Ballinhassig
Bantry James Wolfe
Henry Emanuel Love Cattle Dealer
F Mary Love
Barnabas Jennings
September 3rd 1925 James Dealy Eileen May White 36 26 B s F teacher Rooska
Durrus John Dealy
Henry White f clerk Michael Dealy Charles Dukelow
Bantry Church
26th January 1926 David Shannon
Maria Swanton F f B s F Brahalish
Aghagoheen Thomas Shannon
James Swanton F f John P Shannon
Susie Swanton
February 9th 1926 William Pyburn Hannah Hosford F f B s F – Dunbeacon Kealties Richard Pyburn William Hosford deceased F f James Pyburn May A Jermyn
July 8th 1926 Robert Deane Elizabeth Shannon F f B s F – Gurteanish Aghakista
Durrus Durrus Thomas Deane John Shannon F f Barnabas Deane Mary Shannon
Wesleyan Church Bantry
22nd February
1927 Robert Newman
Anne Marie Miller F f B s Shoemaker
Dressmaker Schull
Durrus John Newman decd
William Miller F f William Newman
Caroline J Miller
April 28th 1927 Francis Johnston Mary Anne Dealy F f B s F Fahane Gortalasa Rooska Thomas Johnston deceased John Dealy F f Sarah Dealy Richard Baker A A Wilson curate in charge
Bantry Church
10th June 1927 Samuel
Mary Dukelow F f B s Cattle dealer
Shop owner Droumreigh
The square Bantry Richard Dukelow
Charles Dukelow F f John King
Maggie Dukelow
July 5th 1927 William Fuller Sarah Kinston F f B s F – Curraghalickey Drimoleague Keelovenogue Thomas Fuller Paul Kingston F f John Kingston Anniekingston A A Wilson Kilmoe
Bantry Church
5th November 1927 George Thomas Moxley
Sarah Jane Sullivan F f B s F Cladagh Drimoleaue
Tedagh Stephen Moxley
Jeremiah Sullivan
F f Richard Forbes
Mary Love
Bantry Church 16th February 1928 John Christopher Shannon
Mary Swanton F f B s F Rossmore
Aghagoheen James Shannon
Young Swanton F f Anne Swanton
Elizabeth Frances Shannon Shannon
September 11th 1928 Barney Pattison Annie Dukelow F f B s F Gurtrane Dunmanway Dromreagh Richard Pattison Richard Dukelow F f Peter Dukelow John Pattison W E White Clerk
Bantry Church
7th February 1929 Michael Dealy
Elizabeth Bevan F f B s F Rooska West
Coorycoonan Bantry John Dealy
William Bevan F f William Bevan
Annie Bevan
Bantry Church
25th April 1929 James Kingston
Ellen Shannon F f B s F Rathvanagh Ballydehob
Dunbittern Thomas Kingston
Paul Shannon F f Robert Thomas Shannon
Frances Shannon
April 30th 1929 Paul Ross Annie Kingston F f B s F Seehanes Drimoleague Rooska Paul Ross Paul Kingston F f Richard Ross
Sam Kingston
Caheragh Church
8th June 1929
James Sullivan
Margaret Ahern 33
F B s F Tedagh
Mullochmar Jeremiah Sullivan
George Ahern F f George Ahern
Elizabeth Rosley
Schull Church 26th November 1929 Richard Jermyn
Alice Newman F f B s F Aghista
Woodland Schull William Jermyn
John Newman f Nellie Levis
Willie Levis
November 30th 1929 Matthew Sweetnam Mary Jane Shannon F F B s F Glousillough Ballydehob Brahalish John Sweetnam John Shannon F f Susie M Shannon William Sweetnam
March 4th 1930 William Draper Agnes Bryan F f B s F Gurtnarer Ballydehob Coolculaghta John Draper William Bryan F f E M French Samuel French
Bantry Church
29th April 1930 William John Shannon
Grace Swanton F f B s F Lisheenacreagh
Aghagoheen William John Shannon
James Swanton F f Robert Thomas Shannon
George Swanton
Bantry Church
14th October 1930
Benjamin Swanton
Annie Swanton F f B s F Clone
Aghadown? James Swanton
Young Swanton F f George Swanton
November 27th 1930 Jonathan Hodges Susan Christiana Swanton F f B s F – Cluin Allihies Clonee Richard Hodges James Swanton F f James Mahoney Benjamin Swanton
Nothing 1931 June 28th 1932 Goodhand Gay Frances Shannon 33 27 B s F – Burleigh Bandon Clashadoo Samuel Gay Thomas Shannon F f Grace Elizabeth Shannon Rebecca Gay
September 14th 1932 Joseph Rothwell Mary Josephine Shannon F f B s F School Teacher Barri? Newtown Barry Brahalish Benjamin Rothwell Helena Shannon F f James Rothwell William D Shannon
February 28th 1933 William Henry Dukelow Eva Gay F f B s F f dau Coalcaha Ballydehob Dromreagh Robert Dukelow Samuel Gay F f James Dukelow oOlive Clarke
June 6th 1933 Richard Willis Susan Swanton F f B s F f dau Kilbrogue Ballydehob Crottees William Willis Samuel Swanton F f Michael H Love Annie Swanton
Bantry Church
4th July 1933 Thomas Stevens
Mary Ann Love West Park Bantry
Droumreagh William Sevens
Henry Emanuel Love Stewart
F Michael H Love
Paul Kingston
Bantry Church
7th April 1934 Michael Sullivan
Louise Ann Sullivan F f B s Upper Tedagh
Glengariff Road Bantry John Sullivan
William Sullivan F Manager Furlong’s stores Michael H Love
William Sullivan
February 28th 1935 Richard Sweetnam Diana Rebecca Swanton F f B s F – Corolley? KIlcoe Dunbeacon Thomas Sweetnam Richard Swanton F f Lizzie Sweeetnam William Swanton
Bantry Church
23rd April 1935
Michael Burchill
Martina Draper F f B s F Lachanateen Crookhaven
Scart William Burchill
Richard Draper F f William Burchill
April 23rd 1936 James Pyburn Margaret Dukelow F f B s F f dau Dunbeacon Coomkeen Richard ?Pyburn William Dukelow F f William Pyburn lElizabeth Dukelow
Bantry Church
11th June 1936
Paul Kingston
Elizabeth Lily Love F f B s F Keelovanogue
Dromreague Paul Kingston
Henry Emanuel Love F f John H Love
Kathleen Mary
July 18th 1936 Maurice Doyle Elizabeth Dukelow F f W w Ordnance Surveyor Housemaker Durrus Sea Lodge James Doyle John Hill Engineer Schoolmaster Thomas Deane Liam Blennerhasset
June 8th 1937 Hillman Kennedy Eva Matilda Hegarty F f B s F f dau Drumanee/ Co Derry Rossmore Thomas J Kennedy George Hegarty F f Francis Hegarty Richard Shannon
June 15th 1937 Thomas Shannon Elizabeth Shannon F f B s F f dau Brahalish Moulamell William Shannon William Shannon F f John Copithorne Matilda Shannon
July 20th 1937 Thomas Atteridge Elizabeth Shannon F f B s Engine Driver f dau Marsh Gibbon Bicater Oxford Brahalish James S Attridge William Shannon F f William J Atteridge Frances Violet Shannon
September 21st 1937 Joseph Roberts Margaret Dukelow F f W s Shopkeeper Cavendish Quay Bandon Brahalish Frank Roberts Richard Dukelow F f John Leonard Muriel Jennings
October 7th 1937 Samuel Gay Frances Hegarty F f B s F House worker Dromreagh Rossmore Samuel Gay George Hegarty F f Richard Gay Ursula Shannon
Bantry Church
21st October 1937 William Shannon
Kate Levis Glenlough
Coomhola John Shannon
Robert Love John Draper
John Levis
Bantry Church
21ST October 1937 William Burchill
Elizabeth Draper F 20 B s F Carrigmanus Goleen
Scart William Burchill
Richard Draper F f Michael Burchill
John Draper
Caheragh Church
27th July 1939 James Dukelow
Marion Kingston F f B s F Rossmore
Corliss John Dukelow
Thomas Kingston F f Richard Dukelow
Sarah Ann Dukelow
Bantry Church
1st November 1939 Edward Jennings
Susan Frances Swanton F f B s F Benduff Rosscarbery
Molloch William Jennings
James Swanton F f Richard Jennings
James Swanton
Bantry Church
30th January 1940 Robert Henry Baker
Sarah Ann Warner 32
30 B s F Rooska West
Whiddy House Bantry John Baker
William Warner F f William Warner
Elizabeth Baker

January 30th 1940 Richard Kingston Susan Matilda Shannon F f B s F f dau Mauleshangarry Dunmanway Glenlough John Kingston William Shannon F f John Kingston
Violet Shannon
Bantry Church
8th August 1940 Hugh Swanton
Mary Louise Kingston F f B s Cattle dealer Gortnagrogh
Glendart William Swanton
Samuel Richard Kingston
Kathleen Kingston
Willie Swanton
August 13th 1940 John Dukelow Margaret Dukelow F f B s F f dau Crottees Rossmore Robert Dukelow John Dukelow F f Robert Dukelow Sarah Ann Dukelow
October 24th 1940 Robert Thomas Shannon Dora Elizabeth Shorten F f B s F f dau Dunbeacon Knockovaddra Ballineen William J Shannon William Shorten F f Samuel Sweetnam
Zena Deane
From church records in Irishgenealogy.ie

4th February 1819 Michael Donovan to Hanora Murnane Denis Murnane John Murnane
5th February 1819 Daniel Sweeney to Judith Carthy Patrick Sweeney Timothy Carthy
8th February 1819 Denis Donovan to Mary Harrington Timothy Harrington Richard or Rickard Tobin
Timothy Donovan to Catherine Murray Patrick Donovan Daniel Murray
14th February 1819 Cornelius Bohane to Hanora Daly Owen Daly Jeremiah Bohane
Daniel Sullivan to Mary Harrington John Harrington Jeremiah Sullivan
Daniel Small to Judith Carthy Denis Small Jeremiah Carthy
Daniel Hurly to Mary Donovan Jeremiah Hurly Daniel Donovan
Edward Croneen (Cronin) to Hanora Daly David Goggin William Goggin
Jeremiah Coakley to Judith Brien Timothy Coakley Denis Brien
Timothy Sullivanto Catherine Donoghue Patrick Donoghue Daniel Regan
James Holahan to Elizabeth Kifsane(?) Maurice Kifsane Daniel Croneen
Patrick Sullivan to Margaret Croneen Daniel Croneen Timothy Carthy
James Cotter to Hanora ? Denis Comba James Cotter
Michael Leary to Mary Groanny? Jessie Greanny Michael Gallagher
James Carthy to Ellen Sullivan Eugene Carthy Daniel Sullivan
Timothy Sullivan to Ellen Sullivan James Sullivan Daniel Sullivan
June 1819 John Holahan to Ellin Harrington Daniel Holahan Jeremiah Harringtom
23rd July 1819 Daniel Bohane to Margaret Bohane Daniel Bohane Denis Bohane
2nd August 1819 Daniel Small to Joanna Mahony Patrick Sullivan James Mahony
Timothy O’Donovan to Maria Rogers Richard O’Donovan Daniel Donovan
John Daly to Johanna Harrington Daniel Harringtom Cornelius Daly
12th September 1819 Jeremiah Murphy to Mary Daly Jeremiah Murphy James Small
Cornelius Brien to Hanora Carthy Charles Carthy Timothy Harrington
20th November 1819 Daniel Crowley to Ellen Donoghue Patrick Donoghue Thomas Donovan
John Evanson to Mary Mahony Murt Mahony  Patrick Flynn