Burial Register St James Church and inscriptions of local graveyards, Durrus

Pre 1880 families would have used Moulivard Burial Grounds and some still do. In the last 50 years burials included a Shannon woman from Moulivard her maiden name was also Shannon from Rossmore so presumably she was buried in her own family plot. Other local graveyards include the old Kilcrohane about 1 mile west of the village used by local Protestant families in the 19th century including the Swantons. Also the old Caheragh graveyard and Keelcangle on the Durrus/Toormore Road used by families on the Mizen side of Durrus: (updated)


Date Name Age Townland Other
C 1690-98 Nathaniel Evanson (1st) Four Mile Water B England v 1630
1701 Richard Hutchins Gent Durrus Index to Administration Bonds dioceses of Cork and Ross National archives WW8
1722 Robert Levis Jnr ditto
 1734 Charles Evanson ditto
1766 Nathaniel (2nd) Evanson 69 Four Mile Water Family held Durrus lands on long lease from Lord Bandon m Martha Alleyn Antigua 1724
1775 Richard Harris Tullig WW8
1778 Alleyn Evanson Four Mile Water Born c 1700-16
1805 John Jeffords Scart ditto
1810 William Roycroft Droumreague Farmer WW8
1816 Melian Evanson
1827 Honora Blair Prob Blairs Cove WW8
1827 Mary Townsend Baldwin Evanson Friendly Cove M Nathaniel (5th) c 1760 he d 1829
1827 Michael Swanton Brahalish Index to Administration Bonds dioceses of Cork and Ross National archives WW8
August 21st 1829 Nathaniel Evanson Junior 27 Friendly Cove
1833 Nathaniel Evanson (5th) C 94 Friendly Cove Family History m Mary Townsend Baldwin 1760 she d 1827
1838 est Lewis Blair Blairs Cove Referred to as deceased at son Hamilton O’Donovan’s wedding Schull 1865
1840 Henry Dukelow 53 Wife Mary nee Bradford son Peter d 1840
1840 Eliza Swanton 73 ‘Parish’ of Drumreagh Reported in 1841 Census as deceased mother in law of  John Cole
1840 Margaret Cole 1 year 6 months ‘parish’ of Dromreagh Father John b 1800 mother Eliza nee Swanton died liver disease.
1840 Peter James Dukelow Prob Dromreagh Father of James Peter d 1876
1839 Helen Vickery Moloch/Rooska Maiden name Warner married at 16 died cholera epidemic[i]
1842 James Vickery 82 Moloch/Rooska From  James Stanley Vickery’s recollections (1829-1911) son of John Rooska
1845 James Newman Scart Teacher WW8
1849 Nathaniel Evanson Sea Lodge Wife Sarah Swanton 1830 aged 33 sister of Thomas Swanton (Irish scholar Ballydehob?)nephew of Robert Swanton patriot and Admiralty Judge New York
1850 Richard Cole 89 Coolculaghta/Blairs Cove Grave Cole Family history b 1761 married Elizabeth Webb 1792 schoolmaster Schull clerk of Durrus vestry
1850 Gregory Cole 2 Coolculaghta, Cole History
1850 Elizabeth Philiphs 50
1853 Rev Alleyn Evanson Durrus Court Landlord reputed to be benevolent
1853 Elizabeth Cole Coolculaghta See Richard Cole d 1850
1855 Maria Townsend Evanson Four Mile Water Alleyn d 1847 Ballintemple Charles d 1847 Clonakilty Dorothea d Bantry 1863
1862 James Ferguson On Sullivan memorial Moulivard age hard to decipher may be 88 erected by Michael Sullivan to his wife Mary d 1881 aged 82? And to grand daughter Molly Jane Sullivan aged 8 d 1880
1863 James Sullivan 81 Tedagh Prob buried Abbey Bantry wife Ann Sweetnam father Michael (c1755-1830) mother Mary Vickery
15th February 1864 Infant Williamson 2 Brahalish Richard Williamson farmer present GRO
12th March 1864 James Kingston 80 ‘Gairies’ GRO[ii] Married Farmer Ellen Salter Ballihane present
13th April 1864 Thomas John Burke O’Flaherty 65 Carrigboy Retired Captain in the Army married
22nd June 1864 Elizabeth Susanna Atkins 22 Carrigboy Wife of Dr H Bond Atkins GRO
19th August 1864 Johanna Kingston 57 Dromreagh Thomas Kingston farmer present at death GRO
24th July 1865 William Miller 65 Coolculaghta Wife Mary Miller present  GRO
26th October 1865 Alexander James Blair Blairs Cove and Dundrum
29th October 1865 William Shannon 68 Brahalish Single Farmer Dysentry 1 year Paul Shannon Gurtanish present GRO
21 November 1865 John Wolfe 3 months Clashadoo Sarah wolfe present GRO
6th March 1866 Frances Sweetnam 8 Ballycomane Farmer’s daughter William Vickery Ballycomane present GRO
8th March 1866 Anne Shannon 77 Sea Lodge Widow of labourer Mary Shannon Durrus Glebe present GRO
13th October 1866 William Roycroft 75 Caughavadda Abbey Bantry wife Mary
10th March 1866 Sarah Allen 77 Sea Lodge Widow William Allen Sea Lodge present GRO
21st March 1867 Avesia Freeman 56 Glanlough Lady John Walker son in law present Glanlough GRO
April 26th 1867 Elizabeth Ferguson 83 Clashadoo Farmer’s wife, husband Thomas present at  death[iii] He is listed in the Tithe Applotments for Coomkeen/Clashadoo 1830
4th September 1867 Mary Baker 32 Kealties Married farmer’s wife George Baker present GRO
24th October 1867 William Shannon 26 Sealodge Phistis Mary Shannon present GRO
23 rd November 1867 Robert  Shannon 11 months Brahalish Mary Shannon present GRO
December  7th 1867 Francis Cole 59 Coolculaghta Grave, married Frances Forbes 12 children aged 60 in GRO David Burleigh Clashadoo present
1868 Tonson (Richard) Evanson 70 Friendly Cove Parents Nathaniel (four Mile Water Justice of the Peace) m Melian Towgood Donovan 1770-1813 Mary Beamish (b 1786) 1816
10th February 1868 Mary Kingston 2 Dromreagh Farmers daughter Thomas Kingston present GRO
27th April 1868 Mary Shannon 5 weeks Brahalish Farmer’s daughter Jane Shannon present GRO
3rd August 1869 William Melville 4 months Clashadoo (may be Ahagouna) Sarah Melville present GRO
11th January 1869 John Baker 60 Rosnabrena part of Kealties Married labourer Ellen Baker present GRO
18th March 1870 Mary Swanton 80 Clonee Married to farmer Michael Swanton present GRO
30th September 1869 Frank Skuse 82 Clashadoo Born Derrynafulla Kilcasan Married farmer Charles Skuse present Clashadoo GRO
3rd January 1870 Elizabeth Philips 50 Carrickbui Wife of farmer James Philips present GRO
13th May 1870 John Croston 1 Kealties Father Labourer Mary Croston present GRO
5th September 1870 Fanny Shannon 56 Brahalish Married John Shannon present GRO
15th February 1871 John  Shannon 75 Cummer part of Brahalish Widower farmer James Shannon Rossmore present GRO
9th March 1871 David Shannon 58 Brahalish Married James Shannon Rossmore present GRO
7th July26th August 1871

7th July 1872

Son PiperElizabeth


3 monthsDurrusFather Uriah Constable RIC  13th August 1871Young Roycroft2KilveeenogueSon of farmer accident scalded in a pot of milk GRO  19th August 1871Thomas Ferguson88ClashadooWidower Susanah A Skuse present Clashadoo GRO  18th November 1871George Vickery77BallycomaneGeorge Vickery Ballycomane present  GRO  25 January 1872James Maguire60CoolculaghtaFarmer Richard Maguire present GRO  13th February 1872Thomas John Skuse13ClashadooAccidental discharge of gun  18th April 1872Eliza Johnson75FahaneWife of farmer Anne Johnson present GRO  16th June 1872Charles Dukelow66DromathanheenCharles Dukelow present Dromthanheen GRO  17th April 1873Timothy Sullivan82BrahalishDied of grief 4 days after been robbed of £92 William Whitley Brahalish present GRO  18th November 1873Anne Swanton80BallycomaneFarmers widow Margaret Crowley Ballycomane present GRO  8th July 1874James Evans40RossmoreLabourer Ann Evans present GRO  11th October 187413th October 1874Charles DukelowJames Dukelow13 months2 monthsDromathanheenCharles Dukelow present GRO  16th October 1874Elizabeth Miller3 monthsRossmoreFather dairyman Thomas Miller present GRO  12th November 1874Thomas Attridge22GerhameenFarmer single Phistis John Attridge present GRO  28th February 1875Thomas Lannin50CoolculaghtaFarmer married Sarah Lannin present GRO  7th June 1875James Dukelow76CrotteesMarried Peter Dukelow Crottees present GRO  7th July 1875Thomas Deane70CrotteesFarmer married Thomas Deane present  GRO  20th August 1875George Baker50BrahalishFarmer Jane Baker present GRO  24th January 1876Francis Johnson84FawhaneFarmer widower GRO  July 7th1876James Peter Dukelow78Born DromreaghGrave wife Mary nee Baker d 1911 Reno County, Kansas father Peter James b 1770 Peter Dukelow Dromrigh present at death GRO  14th February 1877Sarah Croston27DurrusWeaver’s wife Mary Croston present GRO  17th March 1877John Kingston61GearhiesWidower farmer Ann Kingston Gearhies present GRO  11th April 1877Richard Dukelow33DurrusLabourer single typhoid Cornelius Donovan present GRO  24th May 1877Thomas Kingston76DrumreaghWidower farmer Jeremiah Kingston present GRO  17th June 1877Edward Brooks75DromreaghWeaver married Edward Brooks Dromreagh present GRO  5th September 1877William Gay22DromreaghSingle Evizia present Dromreagh GRO  21st August 1877Margaret Burleigh18GearhameenPhthisis David Burleigh Petty Session Clerk present GRO  4th September 1877Frances Skuse84ClashadooWidow of farmer Allen M Skuse present GRO  2nd November 1877Catherine Shannon70BrahalishMarried Susanna Shannon Brahalish present GRO  22nd December 1877Anne Shannon2BrahalishMeasles David Shannon present GRO  1st February 1878Mary Croston45KealtiesFarmer’s wife William Croston present GRO  22nd February 1878Frances Vickery77BallycomaneWidow George Vickery Ballycomane present GRO  3rd March 1878Anne Dukelow71DromatinaheenFarmer’s widow GRO  1878Charles Dukelow99CrotteesWife Margaret Sullivan Tedagh d 1907 mother Ana Williamson  2nd April 1878Thomas Dukelow95ClashadooWidower Fanny Shannon Clashadoo present GRO  21st January 1879Sarah Woulfe80ClashadooWidow of farmer Margaret Wolfe present GRO  28th March 1878John Dukelow18 months‘Cruthies’Richard Dukelow present GRO  2nd April 1878Richard Williamson18 monthsBrahalishSarah Williamson present GRO  8th May 1875Thomas Baker70RossmoreMarried farmer James Shannon present GRO  1st July 1878Joseph Wolfe12ClashadooJaundice Margaret Wolfe present GRO  10th October 1878John Kingston78GortalasaMarried farmer GRO  2nd January 1879Charles Dukelow99BallycomaneWidower John Vickery Ballycomane present GRO probably originally from Crottees Vickery son in law m to dau Grace  25th April 1879John Johnson35FahaneAnne Johnson present GRO  13th August 1879Susan Dukelow65DromrighWidow of farmer Richard Dukelow Dromreagh present GRO  18th August 1879John Shannon76BrahalishFarmer married Paul Shannon Brahalish present GRO  16th January 1880Ellen Swanton58CloneeMarried to farmer John Swanton present GRO  6th March 1880Anna Lennox38DurrusTeacher’s wife Edward Lennox present  21st April 1881Mary Whitley76BrahalishWidow of farmer William Whitley present GRO  2nd March 1880Mary Sullivan nee (Ferguson?)62 On Sullivan memorial Moulivard erected by Michael Sullivan to his wife Mary d 1881 aged 82? And to granddaughter Molly Jane Sullivan aged 8 d 1880 also James Ferguson 82? years James Ferguson possible b 1788 son of John Four Mile Water  8th November 1881Geoffrey Croston55KealtiesMarried weaver William Croston present GRO  12th December 1881Francis Roycroft KielvenogueWidow of farmer Julia Roycroft present GRO  16th December 1881Thomas Kingston65GurtalassaLabourer bachelor Hanora Kingston present GRO  6th January 1882`Catherine Dukelow3 weeksCoomkeenFarmer’s daughter Charles Dukelow present GRO  13th February 1882Patrick Donovan90Clashadoo (may be Ahagouna)Single labourer Sarah Melville present may be connection to Schull parish GRO  13th July 1882Edward Draper6 weeksDromreaghSusan Draper present GRO  March 1882Ethel Beamish1 Grave oldest child of John and Annie Beamish born Friday September 1880 died Friday march 17th 1882 10th March 1883Bessie Croston100BrahalishWidow of labourer Annie Driscoll present GRO12th November 1883John Attridge74GearhameenSamuel Attridge present GRO12th December 1883Catherine Attridge2FahaneJames Atridge present 18th May 1884George Hosford74KealtiesFarmer Susan Hosford present GRO t  23rd May1884John Shannon3DromreaghCroup labourer’s son Julia Shannon present GRO  16th August 1884Avesia Dukelow87DurrusWife of farmer (may have been Deane and owner of first pub in Durrus) Mary Croston present GRO  3rd August 1884Anne Evans73RossmoreFarmer’s wife (may be Connell Gearhies) William Evans husband present Rossmore GRO  6th September 1884Paul Shannon87GureanishMarried farmer Paul Shannon present GRO  4th May 1885Caroline Phillips22DurrusHotel keeper’s daughter James Philips present GRO  15th October 1885William Miller2CoolculaghtaRickets 1 year father William present GRO  1st September 1885William Shannon1 dayCummer (Part of Brahalish)Avesia Shannon mother present GRO  11th December 1885William Evans72RossmoreFarmer Jeremiah Connell father in law Gearhies present GRO  26th February 1886Richard Dukelow12DrumatiniheenScarlet fever uncle James Dukelow  present GRO  1886Susanna Skuse67ClashadooFarmer’s widow Frances Duckent? present GRO  2 August 1886George Hitchcock86RossmoreWidower Thomas Attridge grandson present prob born Schull parish GRO  21st September 1886May Brooks75DromreaghFarmer’s widow Margaret Kingston daughter present GRO  5th February 1887William Deane3 monthsCloneeDied whooping cough Thomas Deane present  13th March 1887Julia Shannon9DromreaghLabourer’s daughter mother Julia present GRO  15th July 1887Evesia Gay62Evesia GayFarmer’s widow John Gay present GRO  15th October1887

28th March 1888Fannie VickerySusan Vickery1711BallycomanePhtisis father George presentFather present GRO  3rd May 1888Fanny Kingston2 weeks Fanny Kingston mother present GRO  21st December 1887Arthur Attridge64RossmoreFarmer married Arthur Attridge present GRO  22nd December 1887Ann Attridge54RossmoreFarmer’s widow Arthur Attridge present GRO  11th May 1888John Dukelow11 daysDromreaghRichard Dukelow present GRO  28th July 1888Abigail Sullivan66GerhameenLabourer’s wife Denis Sullivan present GRO  1st October 1888Alice Croston4DurrusWeaver’s daughter John Croston present father GRO  18th October 1888Peter Dukelow2 weeksDromatinaheenCharles Dukelow father GRO  November 11th 1888Charles Dukelow  Moulivard Graveyard wife Mary d 1929 son Jack d 1939  7th December 1888Elizabeth Sullivan85BrahalishFarmer’s widow John Shannon Brahalish present GRO  17th December 1888William Shannon66GlanloughRichard Shannon present GRO  1st March 1889Mary Croston64DurrusMarried William Croston present GRO  5th December 1889Alfred Brooks1year 5 monthsDromreaghEdward Brookes present GRO  8th March 1890Sarah Shannon66CloneThomas Shannon present GRO  2nd June 1890Anne Deane1 weekCrotteesThomas Deane present GRO  13th November 1890Thomas Draper38CappanroeAccident wheel of cart went over him William Draper present GRO  27th November 1890James Williamson29brahalishBachelor farmer Anne Williamson mother present GRO  6th March 1891John Allen74BrahalishMarried farmer John Allen present GRO  3rd March 1891Richard Draper43CoolculaghtaPhtisis William Draper present  31st March 1891William Croston69DurrusWeaver John Croston present GRO  12th August 1891John Shannon44BrahalishMarried farmer Mary Shannon Brahalish present GRO  9th March 1892Richard Williamson87BrahalishMarried farmer Anne Williamson present GRO 23rd March 1892Jane Williamson79DromainaheenFarmer’s widow Richard Williamson present GRO April 13th  1892Charlotte Louise Pratt73The RectoryWife of Rev John Pratt Irish Church  (nee Murphy mill family Bantry) Julia Buttimer present


November 13th 1890 Thomas Draper Coolculaghta Grave erected by his brother William
March 3rd 1891 Richard Draper Coolculaghta Grave erected by his brother William
April 14th 1892 Elizabeth Draper 80 Coolculaghta Grave erected by her son William widow  age 78 in GRO
17th April 1892 Anne Levis 40 Upper Glen Samuel Levis present farmer’s wife GRO
17th April 1892 Jane Brooks 43 Dromreagh Phtisis married to farmer Edward Brooks present GRO
18th May 1892 David Burleigh 74 Durrus Petty Session Clerk Bright’s disease Frances Burleigh present GRO
24th May 1892 William Samuel Brooks 8 years6 months Dromreagh Diphtheria Edward Brooks present GRO
3rd January 1893 Richard Kingston 5 months Gortalasa John Kingston present GRO
19th April 1893 Mary Townsend 87 Durrus Gentleman’s widow Magistrate Richard Townsend present GRO
28th April 1893 Edward Allen Evanson 87 Durrus Police pensioner single John Croston present GRO
9th August 1893 Paul Swanton 2 months Clonee Prob croup Samuel father present GRO
15th September 1893 William Lannin 70 Coolculaghta Farmer married Lizzie Lannin present GRO
22nd October 1893 Mary Dukelow 40 Coomkeen Farmer’s wife William Dukelow present GRO
24th  November 1893 Ann Dukelow 1 year 6 months Brahalish Mother Ann nee Swanton father William d 1938
14th December 1893 Richard Shannon 30 Glanlough Farmer’s son single William Shannon present GRO
March 29th 1894 Richard Draper 90 Coolculaghta Grave erected by his son William Widower 93 on death cert GRO
20th December 1894 Mary Shannon 28 Dromreagh Single labourer’s daughter Phtisis Thomas Shannon present GRO
5th July 1895 Ina Charlotte Benns 9 6 months Durrus Father Sergeant RIC Mathew present at death pericarditis
16th January 1895 John Shannon 74 Brahalish Farmer single Richard Shannon Brahalish present GRO
7th July 1895 John Swanton 82 Clonee Widower Bridget Sullivan Ballycomane present GRO
24th October 1895 James Alfred Brooks 8 months Dromreagh Frances Brookes present GRO
25th May 1896 Mary Bradfield 35 Killvonogue Farmer’s wife phtisis William Bradfield present GRO
4th august 1896 Ellen Hosford 34 Gearhies Complications after childbirth farmer’s wife Michael Hosford present GRO
28th November 1896 William Dukelow 73 Brahalish Born Crottees Wife Margaret Sullivan Tedagh d 1907 father Charles d 1878 accidental death age 77 death cert GRO
21st January 1897 William Morris 83 Moregh Gentleman farmer Richard son GRO
21st February 1897 John Williamson 69 widower GRO
20th August 1897 Mary Shannon 80 Brahalish Widow of farmer Catherine Shannon present GRO
4th September 1897 Mary Shannon 82 Gurtanash Widow William Sullivan Gurteenaish present GRO
14th  March 1898 Anne Williamson 73 Brahalish Widow Elizabeth Williamson daughter present GRO t
3rd April 1898 Margaret Baker 94 Rossmore James Shannon Rossmore
3rd April 1898 Mary Camier 63 Crottees Cooper’s widow John Camier present GRO
12th April 1898 Margaret Attridge 75 Gearhameen Farmer’s widow Samuel Attridge present GRO
24th April 1898 Catherine Beamish Morris 80 Moreagh Widow of gentleman Richard T E Morris Moreagh present
July 19th 1898 Alexander James Cole 31 Coolculaghta Grave single mural tablet to him in Durrus church Cert says age 30 died of dysentery niece Harriett M Rawlins present
21st December 1898 Catherine Hosford 75 Gearhies Married to farmer Michael Hosford GRO
1898 Emina Brooks 9 days Dromreagh Labourer’s daughter Father Francis present GRO
1899 Thomas Baker Kealties Father John present GRO
6th February 1899 Anne Attridge 70 Rossmore Widow son William present GRO
Mary Jane Levis 45 Durrus Wife of Dr Wood Levis phtisis 12 months
17th November 1899 Charles James Dukelow 28 Clashadoo 2 entries one gives description as pub agent’s son grandfather Charles present o aged 12 other publican’s assistant father Charles GRO
13th February 1900 Charles Dukelow 87 Coomkeen Widower farmer William son present GRO
3rd May 1900 Robert Dukelow 2 6 months Crottees Robert father present Crottees GRO
7th February 1901 Thomas Shannon 62 Clashadoo Married farmer Frances Shannon daughter present GRO
March 14th 1901 Frances Cole 78 Coolculaghta (Blair’s Cove) Grave nee Forbes widow Margaret Driscoll present at death
26th March 1901 Sarah Lannin 68 Coolculaghta Widow Thomas son present GRO
September 29th 1901 Frances (Fanny) Cole 37 Coolculaghta Grave unmarried daughter of Francis d 1867 died at Clashadoo Harriet Rawlins niece present Bright’s disease
April 9th 1901 Richard Dukelow 19 Dromreagh Grave, related to Rea family
29th April 1902 John Pratt 89 Rectory Clergyman Irish Church GRO
11th October 1902 Jane Dukelow 74 Robert Dukelow present widow of farmer
28th October 1902 William King 60 Dromreagh Farmer married Margaret King present GRO
13th December 1902 Samuel Levis 78 Kealties Annie Levis Kealties present GRO
26th April 1903 Benjamin Swanton 93 Clone Widower James Swanton present GRO
17th June 1903 William Shannon 53 Farmer married GRO
October 16th 1903 Richard Allen Rossmore Farmer
16th October 1903 Richard Allen 84 Rossmore Labourer married Susan Allen widow Rossmore GRO
January 5th 1904 William Attridge 82 Rossmore Widower Farmer son Thomas present GRO
January 10th 1904 David Shannon 81 Brahalish Farmer married farmer son William present GRO
10th February 1904 John Levis 84 Kealties Farmer married William Levis present GRO
March 3rd 1904 Lizzie Anne  daughter of Samuel and Catherine Gay 8 months Dromreagh
March 19th 1904 Charles Dukelow Coomkeen Died in Leap son of William Dukelow Coomkeen
22nd April 1904 Margaret Jane Brooks 10 weeks Dromreagh Grandfather Edward Brooks present GRO
July 7th 1904 Emily Rose daughter of William and Sarah Jane Attridge 1 month Rossmore
March 19th 1905 Lizzie daughter of Sam and Avesia Swanton 3 Clonee Samuel present farmer GRO
May 19th 1905 John Jagoe 84 Coolculaghta
August 18th 1905 Louisa wife of H R Morris Moreagh 44 Moreagh
September 21st  1905 James Dukelow 70 Dromreagh Grave wife Catherine daughter Catherine present
October 25th 1905 Nance? Baker 83 Kealties Widow of Richard
December 3rd 1905 Robert Shannon 40 Glanlough
15th May 1906 Mary Attridge 1 2 months Fahane Croup Edward Attridge grandfather GRO present
October 20th 1906 Francis Philips Infant Durrus Infant son of James and Maria
18th April 1907 John Shannon 59 Dromreagh Widow Sarah Shannon present GRO
July 14th 1907 Margaret Dukelow 87 Rossmore Wife of William d 1896 nee Sullivan Tedagh  mother Anne Sweetnam only moved dto Rossmore from Brahalish after 1896 buried with grandchild who died aged 11
August 28th 1907 John Shannon 16 Clashadoo Grave mentioned on grave of Frances Shannon d 1925
August 29th      1907 Maria Philips 47 Durrus Widow of James daughter Charlotte present
December 1st 1907 Joe Acton 11 Durrus Son of Joe and Hannie
February 3rd 1908 Sarah Croston 82 Rectory  Lodge
March 14th 1908 Margaret Brookes Bantry Grave wife of John infant children Leslie Jane Kate
8th April 1908 Richard Baker 88 Kealties Widower Elizabeth Baker present Kealties GRO
April 9th 1908 Richard Baker 80
April 17th  1908 William Wolfe 75 Clashadoo John Wolfe present age given as 76 farmer GRO Wife Margaret  d 1916
1908 Sarah Croston 84 No occupation spinster Julia Attridge present GRO
October 17th 1908 Winifred Shannon 14 months Found drowned GRO Daughter of William and Mary Ann
January 11th 1909
May 8th 1909 Richard Beamish 78 Ardogeena Robert A Beamish present Ardogeena Buried Kilcoe
May 16th 1909 William Shannon 43 Glanlough
November 23rd 1909 William Hosford 63 Kealties Wife Susan at death GRO Buried old Durrus Graveyard
December 19th 1909 William Draper 55 Coolculaghta Age at death 56 measles and pneumonia Annie widow present GRO Erected memorial to his parents father Richard d 1894 mother Eliza d 1892
12th March 1910 Margaret Attridge Fahane Edward Arrridge widower  Fahane present
March 25th 1910 Ursula Shannon 52 Brahalish Widow of Thomas Shannon
April 27th 1910 William Henry Wright 55 Rock Cottage Toormore Wife Margaret d 1938
July 1st 1910 Michael Swanton 79 Clonee Widower Samuel present GRO
June 18th 1910 Julian Camier 86 Rossmore Sarah Attridge present GRO Schull Graveyard
December 18th 1910 Richard Sweetnam Senior 86 Dunbeacon
January 19th 1911 Fitzwilliam G Morris 58 The Terrace Dunbeacon
March 4th 1911 James Swanton 82 Clonee Bachelor farmer Samuel Swanton present GRO
March 10th 1911 Catherine Dukelow 62 Crottees Widow of Richard Elizabeth Dukelow present GRO
March 14th  1911 Catherine Dukelow 68 Dromataniheen Widow Annie Dukelow present GRO
March 19th 1911 Sarah Dukelow 5? Dromreagh Wife of Richard
April 5th 1911 Thomas Attridge 59 Rectory Lodge Carpenter Julia Attridge present died Bantry Hospital she d 1921
April 19th 1911 Jennie Shannon 1 year 7 months Dunbeacon Daughter of Richard Shannon buried Aughadown
June 2nd 1911 Richard Dealy 86 Rooska
June 21st 1911 Margaret Wolfe 75 Clashadoo Farmer’s widow John Wolfe present GRO
June 21st 1911 Margaret Deane 90 Durrus
November 18th 1911 Ellen Kingston 88 Gearhies
December 13th 1912 Catherine Gay 48 Dromreagh Wife of Samuel present GRO
April 6th 1912 Richard Townsend Justice of the Peace 83 Friendly Cove (born Sydney Australia) Irish Times obituary said he was the oldest magistrate in Ireland, born Sydney, Australia Patrick McCarthy present GRO
April 6th 1912 Mary Shannon 84 Moulamill Widow, Buried old Durrus Graveyard? John Shannon present age 86 GRO
June 15th 1912 John Brookes Bantry Grave
August 22nd 1912 Paul Shannon 88 Clashadoo Thomas Shannon present GRO
October 9th 1912 Charlie Dukelow 9 years 6 months Ahagouna Housekeeper’s son Fanny Dukelow Ahagouna present GRO
April 17th 1913 Doctor J Wood Levis 54 Durrus (from Myross Cottage) Brother of Rector from Union Hall daughter Violet Denis Sullivan present GRO
May 15th 1913 Mary Shannon 60 Brahalish Farmer’s widow 59 William Shannon Brahalish present GRO
16th August 1913 Edward Attridge 75 Fahane Widower son James present GRO
August  28th 1913 Charles Dukelow RIC Ballincollig RIC Barracks
October 22nd 1913 John Attridge 55 or 16 Gerhameen Chronic Phthises  brother Samuel present GRO
17th February 1914 George Vickery 77 Ballycomane Married George A Vickery Ballycomane present GRO
December 12th 1914 Charles Dukelow 72 Dromreagh John Dukelow son present GRO
December 31st 1914 Robert Deane 73 Durrus Crottees Bachelor 71 Nephew Barnabas present Crottees GRO
January 5th  1915 Richard Dukelow 85 Crottees Son Charles Dukelow 84 married present
March 22nd 1915 Mary Lannin 78 Coolculaghta Buried Schull
March 27th 1915 Samuel Jagoe 62 Clonee  West Buried Bantry
18th June 1915 Jane Kingston 90 Gearhies Farmer’s widow Ellen Driscoll present GRO
November 27th 1915 Arthur Bevan 72
December 30th 1915 Arthur Attridge 54 Rossmore
June 21st 1916 Margaret Wolfe 76 Clashadoo Wife of William d 1908
February 16th 1916 Avesia Shannon 60 Gorteanish Spinster Nephew Robert Deane present Gortanish GRO
February 17th 1916 William Martin 99? Holly Hill Bantry Parish
May 31st 1916 James Shannon 73 Rossmore Mary Shannon widow Rossmore present GRO
June 3rd 1916 Willie Wright 27 Grave brother of Elizzie Ann Philips d 1984
July 12th 1916 William Whitley 75 Brahalish
13th August 1916 Susan Evans Croston 11 half months Carrigboy Grandmother Patience Croston  present GRO
24th December 1916 George Vickery 48 Ballycomane Widow Avesia Vickery present GRO
January 7th 1917 Evis Dukelow 88 Dunbeacon
January 21st 1917 Michael Sullivan 74 Clonee West Son James present age 76 GRO Buried Abbey Bantry
March 1st 1917 Thomas Jermyn 79 Dunbeacon
19th April 1917 Samuel Kingston 60 Gearhies Son John present GRO
17th September 1917 Elizabeth Shannon 57 Married daughter Bessie Shannon present GRO
17th October 1917 Sarah Atridge 4 Fahane Mother present GRO
November 24th 1917 Henry Love 53 Dromreagh Buried Goleen
November 30th 1917 James Dukelow 66 Rossmore Born Brahalish father William m Margaret Sullivan Tedagh Wife Susan nee Shannon m 1883 no children brother John present GRO
January 21st 1918 Francis Roycroft 75 Kilvenogue Moulivard Graveyard wife Kate d 1925 daughter Ann d 1918 son William present GRO
April 11th 1918 Alice Anne Clarke 29
May 30th 1918 Sarah Williamson 77 Brahalish
July 28th 1918 Ann Roycroft 46 Kilveenogue Spinster? Moulivard graveyard daughter ? Francis brother John present GRO
September 19th 1918 Elizabeth Shannon 57 Gurteanish Buried Bantry
September 22nd 1918 John Croston 74 Died in Bantry
September 18th 1918 Thomas Deane 77 Crottees Wife Mary d 1931 son Barnabas present GRO
13th May 1919 Sarah Williamson 77 Brahalish Son James present GRO
1919 Ernest Evans 3 Murreagh Grave father William d 1968 mother Catherine d 1956
January 20th 1920 William McCarthy 92 Dreenlomane  (Ballydehob)
28th March 1920 Richard Attridge 35 Tullig Widow Ellen
July 16th 1920 Nellie Morris 54 Dunbeacon See entry for Fitzmaurice 1911
August 4th  1920 Elizabeth Baker 51 Kealties Widow son Richard present GRO
9th October 1920 Edward Brooks 79 Dromreagh Widower Richard brother present GRO
December 14th 1920 Jane Rea 45 Durrus Olive k Rea dau Durrus present GRO
December 27th 1 1920 Constable Isaac Rea 20 Wounded at Cappoquin 21st November 1920
6th January 1921 Jane Lannin 57 Spinster brother r Tom present GRO
21st January 1921 Patience Levis 76 Crottees Farmer’s widow Samuel J Levis present GRO
August 14th 1921 Jane Shannon 81 Moreagh Widow Richard son Dromreagh GRO
21st September 1921 Richard Brookes 64 Dromreagh Son George H present GRO
December 31st 1921 Julia Attridge 73 Rectory Lodge Widow housekeeper son Thomas Clashadoo GRO
March 16th 1922 Edward Draper 77 Parish of altar Formerly Coolculaghta mentioned on Draper family gravestone
May 8th 1922 Anne Shannon 67 Clashadoo (Ahagouna) Widow dau Frances Dukelow present GRO
February19th 1922 Sarah Dukelow 76 Coomkeen Widow  of James son Robert present GRO
March 9th 1923 Thomas Johnston 86 Fahane Son Frank present married GRO
March 28th 1923 Peter Dukelow 85 Blairs Cove Wife Catherine nee Attridge widower Herbert P present GRO
May 10th 1923 William Attridge 55 Gerhameen July 22nd
1923 Susan Dukelow Infant Clashadoo Daughter of Frances and Charles her grave notes Jane Williamson
23rd July Susan Dukelow 38 Clashadoo Thomas Dukelow nephew present GRO
13th October 1923 Benjamin Swanton 67 Clonee Father Benjamin b Ballydehob 1818 married his first cousin Mary Swanton[iv]
October 3rd 1923 James Swanton 76 Clonee Probate granted to Benjamin Swanton farmer £160 George son present GRO
November 19th 1923 James Shannon 10 Dromataniheen
1923 Robert Philips Durrus Executor selling 81 acres and 26 acres Clashadoo 1923
November 30th 1923 William Clarke I month Dromreagh
1924 James Swanton 69 Clonee Grandfather of Jimmy(Ben) Swanton Clonee buried old graveyard Bantry may have attended old school Molloch father Benjamin b 1818 Ballydehob
January 3rd 1924 Paul Shannon 70 Keelbrogue Ballydehob
January 24th 1924 Samuel J Levis Crottees Southern Star
12th March 1924 John Shannon Rosnacaheragh Mother Margaret McCarthy present GRO
July 2nd 1924 John Shannon 16 Clashadoo
August 17th 1924 Samuel George Shannon 3 weeks 3 weeks Brahalish/Rossmore Father William d 1948
November 22nd 1924 John Shannon 2 months Brahalish Son of Susan d 1933 Robert d 1966
November 25th 1924 Mary Shannon 29 Rossmore
January 4th 1925 Ursula Dukelow 29 Dromreagh
January 8th 1925 Kate Roycroft
January 25th 1925 Frances Shannon 97 Clashadoo
February 21st 1925 Fanny Dukelow 70 Dunbittern Wife of Charles d 1937
July 12th 1925 John Johnston 36 Fahane
January 20th 1926 Elizabeth Dukelow 78 Dromataniheen
May 31st 1926 Avesia Brookes 74 Dromreagh
July 26th 1926 Robert Dukelow 72 Crottees
August 10th 1926 Francis Brookes 76 Dinorame? Skibbereen
August 15th 1926 Diana Sweetnam 54 Dunbeacon Tombstone erected by husband
1927 John Shannon Catherine Shannon Sarah Shannon Brahalish Sarah daughter of John and Catherine
July 11th 1927 Hester Anne Brookes Bantry Grave daughter of John and Margaret
September 1 1927 Robert Shannon Rossmore Father William d 1948
September 20th 1928 James Dukelow 88 Coomkeen Grave husband of Sarah
October 13th 1929 William R Dukelow 56 grave
November 23rd 1929 Mary Dukelow Moulivard Graveyard husband Charles 1888 son Jack d 1939
September 1930 John Shannon Dromataniheen Grave of Robert Shannon d 1961
December 16th 1930 Elizabeth Brookes Palace Anne Mills Enniskeane Grave
November 24th 1931 Mary Deane 83 Crottees Husband Thomas d 1918
March 16th 1932 Samuel Attridge Gearhameen Grave husband of Susan
April 19th 1932 Catherine Love Grave nee Atteridge? on Samuel’s grave March 1932
August 23rd 1932 Elizabeth Wright Rock Cottage Grave of father William d 1910
February 28th 1933 Annie Johnston 88 Fahane Gravestone
December 16th 1933 Susan Shannon 34 Brahalish Grave of husband Robert d 1966
December 28th 1933 Robert Deane 53 Crottees/Ballycomane Father Thomas d 1918 mother Mary d 1931
January 11th 1936 Elizabeth Jane Swanton Blairs Cove Widow Probate granted to Charlotte Dukelow estate £37
March 10th 1936 James Swanton Aghagocheen Probate granted to Mary Swanton widow £82
April 1st 1936 John Skuce 2 Cousane Ballydehob Grave son of Sam Coosane Ballydehob descendant of John Skuce b 1819 Culculaghta d 1939 mother Elizabeth Salter
September 10th 1936 Mary McCarthy Dunbeacon Grave daughter Catherine Evans d 1956
March 22nd 1937 Charles Dukelow 88 Dunbittern Born Brahalish spent time in USA grave wife Frances d 1925 father William d 1896 mother Margaret Sullivan d1907[v]
March 9th 1937 Catherine Shannon 72 Brahalish Grave son Thomas d 1967
May 27th 1937 Percival Dukelow Fort View Grave father Thomas d 1964 mother Sara d 1980
June 4th, 10th,  14th  1937 Annie Olive, William, Eva Shannon Brahalish Died in diphtheria epidemic, father William d 1948
July 30th 1937 Edward Brooks 64 Marino Terrace, Bantry
September 17th 1937 John Deane 52 Ballycomane Father Thomas (Crottees) d 1918 mother Mary d 1933
October 17th 1937 Samuel Gay 78 Dromreagh
March 4th 1938 William Attridge 76 Rossmore Wife Frances d 1958
April 2nd 1938 Mary Daly 6 months Rooska
April 26th 1938 Margaret Wright Rock Cottage Grave of husband William d 1910
September 2nd 1938 George Hegarty 77 Rossmore
November 1938 William Dukelow 80 Brahalish Wife Anne nee Swanton father William d 1907 Grave daughter Lily McCarthy
January 18th 1938 Thomas Shannon 80 Brahalish
1938 Sam Attridge Gearhameen
November 1938 William Dukelow 80 Brahalish Wife Anne nee Swanton
March 1938 William Attridge Rossmoor Grave son Alfred d 1967
December 7th 1938 Joseph Acton 75 Durrus
June 3rd 1939 Thomas Deane 62 Ballycomane Ex DMP Involved in setting up Durrus show diocesan synod
August 9th 1939 Richard Draper 21 Grave Abbey Bantry
September 25th  1939 Samuel Skuce 56 Coosane Ballydehob
October 15th 1939 Jack Dukelow Grave (old Durrus Moulivard) son of  Charles d 1888 and Mary d 1929
December 12th 1939 Martha Clarke 39 Rheeneskiddy Carrickaline
December 14th 1939 Richard Brookes 78 Skibbereen Methodist Ministers Cullen, Moran and Ludlow
1940 Edward William Draper 32 Abbey Bantry, killed in action, brother Richard d 1939
1940 Maurice (Monzie) Murreagh Grave killed U Boat attack
January 27th 1940 Samuel Swanton 98 Clonee
January 26th 1941 Thomas Shannon 53 Bawnakea Ballydehob Son Jack d 1995
January 31st   1941 John Miller 44 Coolculaghta Methodist Minister Cullen His reps selling his 3 farms in Coolculaghta in February 1942
February 1941 Ann Dukelow Brahalish Grave wife of William d 1938 mother Lily McCarthy d 1948
July 27th 1941 Anne Dukelow 80 Brahalish
1941 William Morris Mureagh Formerly Castle Salem Roscarbery sister Dora Bird 2nd wife Potter son Judge Shanghai
March 28th 1941 Ann McCarthy 70 Dreenlomane
March 30th 1941 Richard Daly 10 months Rooska
April 6th 1941 John Skuce 95 Coosane
September 10th 1941 Matthew Shannon 67 Moulamill
February 13th 1942 Catherine Dukelow 80 Brahalish
May 22nd 1942 Ursula Dukelow 36 Crottees
July 7th 1942 William Dukelow 78 Crottees
October 9th 1942 Charles Williamson 68 Brahalish
September 30th 1943 John Williamson 88 Kealties
May 5th 1944 Honor Hamilton Grave
January 3rd 1945 Margaret Wright 90 Cashelane  Married Michael Wright 5 children d 1945 father William Dukelow Crottees d 1896 mother Margaret nee Sullivan Tedagh
January 3rd 1945 John Clark 86 Reenskiddy Carrickline
March 8th 1945 Mary Anne Dukelow 80 Derrycahoon Ballydehob
June 29th 1945 Michael Wright 90 Castlefane Cashelane
August 1945 Jack Levis Mentioned in diaries of Gerald McCarthy (insurance agent and husband of Rita) Durrus
January 23rd 1946 William Gay Grave, wife Mary Jane d 1969
October 17th 1946 Samuel Swanton 84 Clonee
December 19th 1946 Margaret Brookes 52 Dromreagh Wife of Herbert
January 17th 1947 Robert Allen 69 Kealties
Feb 1947 George Swanton Mentioned in diaries of Gerald McCarthy (insurance agent and husband of Rita) Durrus
February 21st 1947 Henry McCarthy 76 Dreenlomane Methodist Minister Campbell
March 1947 Tom Lannin Mentioned in diaries of Gerald McCarthy (insurance agent and husband of Rita) Durrus
June 26th 1947 Elizabeth Brookes 70 Marino street Bantry Methodist Minister Campbell
October 10th 1947 John (Jack) Dukelow 60 The Fort Bantry Road
October 24th 1947 Thomas Shannon 54 Dunbittern Bantry parish
February 13th 1948 Elizabeth McCarthy 50 Brahalish
March 4th 1948 Thomas Lannin 78 Scart
July 2nd 1948 Thomas John Dukelow 70 Windgates Bray ex Clashadoo Sea Lodge
July 31st 1948 Ann Myria Shannon Wife of John Shannon d 1954 son Albert d 2002
August 2nd 1948 Anna Myria Shannon 56 Brahalish
August 4th 1948 William John Shannon 69 Rossmore Wife Mary nee Swanton d 1970
August 16th 1948 William Hegarty 47 Shountullig On grave of Frances Hegarty d. 1956
September 5th  1948 Robert  Shannon 92 Gortanish Ahakista
January 1949 J Draper Kealties Mentioned in diaries of Gerald McCarthy (insurance agent and husband of Rita) Durrus
January 11th 1949 Robert Sweetnam 84 Cashelane
February 8th 1949 Avesia Swanton 38 Clone
February 9th 1949 David Shannon 67 Brahalish Brother of John T. husband of Marie father of Ursula
February 18th 1949 Annie Acton 84 Durrus
October 7th 1949 Richard Brookes 77 Dromreagh Methodist Minister T.C.Elliott, husband of Sarah
February 9th 1950 Sarah Brookes 78 Dromreagh Methodist Minister Edgar Batty wife of Richard
August 17th 1950 Sarah Newman nee Shannon 62 Ardnamanagh Schull
October 6th 1950 Eva Dukelow nee Gay wife of William Dukelow died in Schull hospital 55 Coolcaha Ballydehob
November 25th 1950 William Sullivan 68 Bog Road Clonee Buried abbey Bantry


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