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Magistrate, Nathaniel Evanson, 1675, probably Castledonovan.

Gearhameen, originally McCarthy Castle then Durrus Court c 1740:


Ardgoeena from c 1740 still there in ownership of Gallagher family,remnants of probable stable still extant main wall of old house collapsed some years ago.   Well behind stables.:


Friendly Cove/Murreagh probably from c1790:


There were two large crypts at the sea ward side of St. James Church of the Evansons until a cemetery clearance in the 1930s. The family in England had paid for their maintenance from the late 19th century and when after WW2 they discovered the loss of the tombs with all their detail they were most upset.

Branches of the family were sugar planters and slave owners in Barbados. They expanded into Bandon and Cork where Charles was Mayor. It is difficult to distinguish whether at time the were based in both Bandon and Durrus the house name ‘Brookfield’ may be either Durrus Court or a Bandon House.

Evansons named in 1837/8 enquiry into fictious votes Cork City
Evanson, the Rev. Alleyn Four-mile Water yes
Evanson, Nathaniel Four-mile Water no
Evanson, Charles Four-mile Water no
Evanson, Abraham M. Four-mile Water no
Evanson,William B. Four-mile Water yes
Evanson, Richard Tonson Ardoguma yes
Evanson, Nathaniel Friendly Cove
Evanson, Nathaniel jun. Four-mile Water no