Inventory Gill Abbey (Cork) 1541

Against the background of the Tudor appropriation of religious property an inventory of property belonging to Gill Abbey was conducted in 1541.  A panel of Cork jurors were appointed and numbered, Walter Gallwey, John and Richard Skiddy, Patrick and William Coppinger, William Meade and Richard Gould (these were representative of old Cork Merchant families some of possible Viking decent).  They included under ‘Durruske’ the vicarage of Durrus which also belonged to St. Catherines in Waterford.   In the 1580s the parsonage and vicarage had a valuation of 40s. A further list was compiled in 1588 and the valuation of Durrus vicarage was £1. 6s. 8d. and ‘Kylcroghan’ was £2. 10s. 0d. in 1591.

It might be noted that the Coppinger family at one stage owned the Durrus town land of Ballycommane