West Cork History

Sir John Jocelyn Coghill, one of Ireland’s first photographers from 1854,Glenbarrahane, Castletownsend, West Cork, and Coghill Magistrates.

Another early photographer at the time was the Rev. Freke of Durrus but thee is no trace of his work.

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Sir John Jocelyn Coghill, 4th Baronet, and typically known as Sir Jocelyn Coghill, came from a long-established and wealthy Yorkshire family. He was born in Co.KIlkenny. His second marriage brought him ties to Ireland. When or how he became interested in photography is not known, but Coghill began taking paper negatives by the early 1850s or even before. His photographs reflect the interests of a wealthy amateur and include family portraits, idyllic country scenes, and architectural studies. Coghill became briefly active in photographic circles in 1857, contributing a view to The Photographic Album for the Year 1857; showing nine landscapes in the “Manchester Art Treasures” exhibition…

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