1883 Funeral of the Earl of Bantry, aged 83, Auction of the Late Earl of Bantry, Livestock including Two Handsome Plough Bullocks, Trained. Probate £107,000 (Circa €25 Million in 2020 terms).

To Give an estimate to present day values a Resident Magistrate had a package of around £500 per annum a rough equivalent Irish District Justice is on around €150,000, c £120,000.

His predessor left an estate of c £50,000.

What is surprising is that the Bantry Estate throughout the 19th century hoved on insolvency, Lord Ardilaun commissioner a financial report.

Finances of Bantry Estate, 1888, requested by Lord Ardilaun rents of £11,600 for Bantry and £4,800 for Macroom, deficit of £2,035, with rent reductions for tenants of 25%.

1871 Lord Ardilaun (Guinness heir) married Lady Olivia Hedges-White, daughter of The 3rd Earl of Bantry, whose family home is Bantry House in County Cork. His report showed a rental of £10,000 per annum. The agent to the estate the Somers Paye kept the White family on a tight financial leash. Despite the value of his estate the previous Earl of Bantry, Lord Berehaven kept complaining about a lack of cash.

Funeral of the Earl of Banty aged 83,

1884, William Henry Hedges Hare Hedges-White, (1801-1884), 3rd Earl of Bantry.  Probate £107,000.


Plough Bullocks Carlow 1790s


.On 3 January 1790 Phil reports something new – Ned Nolan has lent him two plough bullocks to help keep the ploughs going.