1825, Travails of Blair Family of Blairs Cove, Durrus, with some McCarthy/Patrickson Genealogies.


CSO/RP/1825/1634.   Petition of William Blair, late lieutenant, south Cork regiment of militia, Galway, County Galway, to Richard Wellesley, 1st Marquis Wellesley, Lord Lieutenant, Dublin Castle, requesting appointment of himself or his son to a situation of employment under government. Recall his own loyal contribution to the crown having served for a period of 25 years in the Cork militia and stresses his need to provide for the interests of an elderly mother and family of 7 children. Claims his brother, Thomas Blair, acted as naval surgeon for 19 years on the ship ‘Majestic’ and was ‘present with Lord Nelson at the Battle of the Nile’. He also refers to the military service and sacrifices of three other brothers. With attached certificate in his favour from Richard White, 1st earl of Bantry, County Cork.

Half Pay Officer on 2s 6 pence a day insufficient to make provision oe educate family of 3 boys, oldest 17 and 4 girls and a delicate wife.

Brother Thomas Blair, a Ships Surgeon on Majestic and other ships. Served with Nelson at the Battle of the Nile died as a consequence of disease contacted while on service.

Alexander Blair, for 6 years a mid ship man in the British Navy

Another brother an Ensign in the 11th Regiment of Foot, died in consequence of fatigue

4th brother Charles Blair, lost his life in the West Indies

A recent loss of property the principal reason for soliciting your Excellency’s aid

The late Paddy O’Keeffe estimated that around 1820 there were around 22 half pay officers in the Bantry area. Post the Battle of Waterloo there was a huge reduction in the British Military forces.

Under lease 1783. Three lives renewable for 99 years.

This refers to the above lease.

The lives in the lease 31st Jany. 1783 mentioned above were: Richard Blair, aged 14 years, William Blair 13 years,  Hamilton Blair, 8 years

FRom a descendant: William Blair, the Attorney,  was also a Lieutenant in the South Cork Militia and born in Bantry in 1862. He was the brother of my 4 x Gt Grandparent Sarah White Blair, born 1755 & Reverend Daniel Blair, 1755-1828. Sarah White’s Brother, William Blair of Bantry was born on 20 December 1795. Richard Blair of Blair’s Cove, 1758-1855 was my 5 X Gt Uncle and Father of Richard Lewis Blair, 1793-1858. Catherine Blair, Richard Lewis Blair’s wife, was born in 1803. Elizabeth Lewis, b 1768, was the wife of Richard Blair of Blair’s Cove, 1758-1855. Hamilton Blair, b 1776, was the youngest son of Richard Blair, 17720-1791, and his wife Honora, nee Pattison, my 5 x Gt Grandparents.



HI sister Sarah married Daniel McCarthy, late Parish Priest Durrus, from whom a very large number of world wide descendants :


Patrickson monument in St. Mary’s Church, Dunmanway, West Cork. Here are Deposited the Bodies of Rev. John Patrickson, AM, Chantor of the Cathedral of Cloyne and Ross who Died 1717 aged 73, Martha his daughter By Frances Daughter of Sir Emanuel Moore Bart, and His 2nd Wife daughter of Colonel Robert Phaire Died 1717, Among connected Families: Blairs of Blair’s Cove, Durrus, Children and Descendants of Father/Rev. Daniel McCarthy (Muclagh) and Sarah Blair, Clearys of Dunbeacon, Durrus.