The case was brought by John Jagoe, B.L. on behalf of his wife Anne Dowe. The case concerned the authenticity of a will and related to former Coughlan lands at Carrigmamanus.

1844  Jagoe V Hungerford. Throwing light on Genealogy of Mizen Peninsula Genealogies of mid 18th Century Middlemen, Coughlan, Dowe, Driscoll/O’Driscoll

Ann Dowe was the maternal great granddaughter of Charles Coughlan. His son Richard married Miss Anne Driscoll 1768.  Through the O’Driscoll connection the family is connected to a large network of O’Driscoll network of middlemen on Mizen, Skibbereen, Creagh, Caheragh, Catholic and Protestant. Another possibly son Benjamin and Jeremiah.  Richard and two sons Richard and Cornelius who died without issue and a sister Alice who married Mr. Josiah Dowe in 1793, their eldest son Richard  who died without issue as did Alice and through his daughters were parties to the action, Mrs. Jagoe and Alice Jagoe. Jeremiah Coughlan was a brother of Charles Coughlan and Joshua Dowe was in occupation of the Carrigmanus estate for many years.

Post 1768 Charles Coughlan sons, Benjamin,  Richard 1768, married Miss Driscoll marriage settlement lands at Gurrycurihane and Carrigmanus, Richard Coughlan’s Cornelius d 1798, Richard d 1804, daughter Alice m 1803, Joshua Dowe, their daughters Alice and Miss Dowe married John Jagoe, Barrister, Bantry.  1844 Court Action Cork Assizes unsuccessful to recover lands at Carrigmanus

Possibly of extended family:

Magistrate, Daniel Coghlan, Seaview, Kilmoe, Lloyd’s Agent, later J.P. brother Naval Commander Jeremiah Coghlan, gun certificate, Crookhaven (Small Landlords, Protestant since 1600), member fishery committee, alleged to have been a smuggler.

Convert Rolls, Driscoll, West Carbery:

Cornelius Driscoll/Driscole, Gent 1766 Skull of West Carbery Dr. Casey has a marriage 1770 Cornelius Driscoll and Rebecca Williamson Appears in 1766 deed for 3 ploughlands from Richard William Hull, Gunpoint.  1766 Cornelius, Denis, Timothy Driscoll make over 3 ploughlands at Dunbeacon to John Townsend

Cork Examiner 3rd August 1842.

Southern Reporter 13th August 1844

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Jagoe/O’Connor Estate: