1821, 1848.  Antiquarian Queries, to John Windele, Cork, from William M. O’Hea, Castle Salem,  (Rosscarbery), Lady Bernard, Zachariah C. Hawkes, [antiquarian and farmer, of Moneens, Bandon.

The Royal Irish Academy have a manuscript collection of John Windele’s correspondence almost 4,000 items. Many relate to Ogham Stones,Round Towers, Ancient Remains but also of legal nature, he ran the Sheriff’s Office in Cork. He had a wide range of correspondents including Robert McAdam, of Belfast founder of the Sirocco Works. He alos features in another collection in the RIA that of the Rev. Graves in letters to and from Dr. John O’Donovan.








Roger Downing

Proposing Resolution Bantry Catholic Meeting 1826.  1826, as Roger R. Downing, Gent with Paul John Kingston, Gent, witness to Clerk/Young deed. Slater 1846 Tobacco Manufacturer, Main St.  Described as wily Kerryman. Brother of Timothy McCarthy Downing, born Kenmare, Skibbereen Solicitor, MP. and landowner. The discovery of this object (The Brahalish Brooch) was first reported to John Windele by one of   He reported the find of the Brahalish Hoard in Durrus to John Windle 1843. In a letter dated 4 January 1843, he states ‘You have at top, the size of the piece of Gold found at Brahalish, 4 Mile Water, it weighs 3⅝ ozs avoirdupois Wt. both ends are in the form of a Cup; with a narrow Carving inside of the edges, the outside of the ends, and the greater part if not the entire of the handle are carved as above;You will perceive by the Size and Wt. of the article that it is not Solid, the oining being visible on the inside of the handle, it appears to be of thepurest gold; I need not say that the finder sets a great value on his God Send; he says he is certain of finding more of it; that he dreamt 30 years since that there was gold hidden where he found this article. It would not astonish me, if he rooted up half his farm in search of the precious metal. If this Article lies in your way and that I can be of any assistance in purchasing it, I am at your service. Comment Windele notes that the finder’s name was Owen Sullivan (referred to as Eugene Sullivan by Roger Downing) and that the find-place was the site of an ancient fort, the article having been found under the root of a hawthorn. 1863, Bantry Quarter Sessions, Grand Jury  Windle correspondence.  Correspondence between John Windele, antiquarian, County Sheriff’s Office, Cork and Roger Downing, of Bantry, Co. Cork, concerning a prospectus for Windele‘s ‘Historical and descriptive notices of the city of Cork and its vicinity ; Gougaun-Barra, Glengariff, and Killarney’ where Downing outlines apparent omissions of sites of antiquarian interest in areas covered by Windele in his work, specifically castles in the Blackwater area. Windele thanks Downing for the information, regretting it is too late to include the sites in his work. Windele invites Downing to become a correspondent in order to continue informing him of interesting sites in Kenmare. letter, to John Windele, antiquarian, of Blair’s Castle, Sunday’s Well, Cork, from R[oger] Downing, of Bantry, Co. Cork, in which he notifies Windele of his having sent him a salmon. Letter to John Windele, antiquarian of Blairs Castle, Sunday’s Well, Cork from Roger Downing, Bantry, Co. Cork, in which Downing refers to his employment of a young painter to copy the coat of arms of O’Sullivan at Dunkerron Castle and outlines his intention to compile a list of battles associated with Ardtully castle and Ardea Castle (Beara, Co. Cork).


12 L 5/66CollectionWindele MSSTitle or Description Letter from John Windele, antiquarian, County Sheriff’s Office, Cork to Roger Downing, of Bantry, Co. Cork, asking his advice on the quickest route from Bantry to Skellig and an approximation of how long such a journey would take.AuthorWindele, John, 1801-1865.Date

3 August 1839







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Manuscripts icon Correspondence between John Windele, antiquarian, of Sunday’s Well, Cork, and Lady Catherine Bernard, Countess of Bandon, of Castle Bernard, concerning her queries regarding some of the antiquities in the Bernard collection and their exhibition at a meeting of the Cork Cuvierian Society.
Bernard, Catherine, Lady; Windele, John, 1801-1865.
14 February-22 April 1848
4 B 7/75




Manuscripts icon Copy letter, to Zachariah C. Hawkes, antiquarian, of Moneens, Bandon, Co. Cork, from John Windele, antiquarian, of Sunday’s Well, Cork, in which he refers to reports of ancient forts located in the vicinity of Killaminogue, Co. Cork.
Windele, John, 1801-1865.
20 October 1848
4 B 8/42