Jeremiah Joseph (JJ) Callanan, 1786-1829, Some poems From Irish, Dirge of O’Sullivan Bere, The lament of O’Gnieve, The Outlay of Loch Lene, The Convict of Clonmel. Original English Gougaune Barra (I too shall be gone;- but my name shall be spoken When Erin awakes, and her fetters are broken), Oh Say, my ‘Brown Drimin’, On Cleada’s Hill (Mountain range between Millstreet and Killarney) the Moon is Bright, Poetry Hot Spots 1810s 1820s Carbery, Caheragh, Drinagh and Castlehaven.

Death Lisbon, 1829.


Royal Irish Academy, Windele collection:

Manuscripts iconCorrespondence between John Augustus Shea, New York and John Windele, Antiquarian of Sunday’s Well, Cork, in which Windele responds to a letter from Shea, noting its contribution to ‘breaking a silence of 13 years’ (see 12 L 7/97) and Shea details his life and work in New York and outlines his intention to set up a newspaper and promote the works of J.J Callanan in New York.
Shea, John Augustus; Windele, John, 1801-1865.
3 October 1843
12 L 8/68

Jeremiah Joseph Callanan Poems

Gougane Barra was written while he stayed with Dr. Burke of the Square in Bantry. According to Paddy O’Keeffe , Bantry Historian, he stayed in Bantry in 1822/4 and 1826 (Bantry House papers C.14).

1810, 1831, 1840, 1846Dr. Thomas Burke1824, Surgeon, HP, Blackrock-road (NGC). Possible The Square, 1810 Thomas Burke Half Pay Surgeon married Margaret McCarthy, (1784-1831), posssibly through her he acquired lands at Caheragh, she was likely of the Muclaghs (Clann Tighe Roe Scartaigh) and the lands from McCarthy Gurtnascreena.May be from Caheragh the person that poet JJ Callanan stayed with for around 2 years when he wrote Gougan Barra and Lamesnt to Morty Oge. memorial to Father Walsh PP leaving Bantry. Attending Great Meeting re Poor Law in 1840, Bantry, gave a speech promoting reeclamation of waste, mine development, employment rather than charity. 1846 distress meeting Bantry.1832 contacted fever attending Cholera Hospital Bantry voteof thanks by John Y. Kingston.Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier 28 April 1831.Viscount Berehaven expressed regret in 1841 at his resignation for 15 yearas as Dispensary Docotr.The 1815 lArmy ist and from it I find that Thomas Burke joined the army on the 14th August 1808. His rank was Assistant Surgeon. He served in the 1st Garrison Battalion which most likely was based in Ireland (They manned the home Garrisons, Kinsale, Bantry etc) He was disbanded from the service in 1814 on the cessation of hostilities with France and the surrender of Napoleon.He appears to have been on 72% pay. Army surgeons often had no real medical training and they learned as they went. The saw was one of their main instruments. Thomas Burke did not go to Trinity but perhaps had some Medical Training in such place as the College of Surgeons. It might be worth contacting them.Possibly Thomas Burke MD, Skibbereen, died 1859 estate £1,500 executors James Crowley Merchant Cork, Father Francis Casey, Curate, North Parish Cork.

The Bantry Estate records have a Doctor Callanan there in the 1770s he may be his father or another relation. Through his network of Doctors, Teachers and Policemen he had access to a network of poets and the folklore of west and North Cork.

Memorial Gougan Barra:

had learned Irish at school in Cobh and doubtless it was improved in his years of wandering.

Seán Ó Coileáin, ‘Silver tongue of Carbery’


O’Daly Poets Muintervara:

Extended Cork Callanan Medical/Apothecary Family:

1775Dominic CallananApothecaryCork CityA List of several Papists who came before the Mayor of the City of Cork, took the Oath of Allegiance, with the Quality, Title, Place of Abode, and the Days on which the appeared. 6th August. 1775.
1787Dominic CallananSouth Main StreetLucas Directory 1768, Died Callanan, Dominick, Mr., Apothecary, South Main-street – (HC 28/1/1790)Married Miss Jane Minton, Bandon January 1784 ‘Beautiful, young, blessed with a fortune £5,000 sterlingCame before Lord Mayor as papist and took Oath of Allegiance 1775 (Mary Heaphy transcribed)
1840, 1843Albert H. CallananPhysician and Accoucheurs (Obstretician), Morrissons Island1840 calling for Testimonial to late William Crawford Cork benefactor.Thompsons Almanac 1843
1824James CallananAlos Druggist Barrack-streetPigot’s Directory 1824Another Callanan was an attorney in Barrack St at this time
1775, 1787Dr. John Callanan, MDDoctor, Marlboro StCork CityA List of several Papists who came before the Mayor of the City of Cork, took the Oath of Allegiance, with the Quality, Title, Place of Abode, and the Days on which the appeared. 6th August. 1775.Will of George Tarrant 1822 proved in Prerogative Court Cantebury leaves roperty at Ballyaheen to his reputed son Samuel Tarrant hedl from the late Dr. O’Regan, Mallow, and houses in Mallow held under deed executed by Dr. Calllanan Cork deceased.Lucas Directory
1791Dr. John CallananDoctorCallanan, John, Esq., Md., to Miss Kelly – (HC 15/8/1791)Freeman. Callanan John Esquire M.D. 16/9/1796
1803, 1805John CallnanBarrack St.Holden’s Directory 1805Father Michael died 1770 John to continue1829 return transcribed by Kae Lewis1775 Dr. John Callanan, Doctor of Physic. Cork City.Oath of Allegince
1764Kain CallnanSelling anti venereal pills, Surgeon and Apothecary, Tuckey St.Cork Journal 11th October 1764
1826, 1842Albert Henry Callanan MDDoctorFrom Clonakilty medical family. Going for election as physician at House of Recovery on death of Dr. MartinDr Albert Callanan became one of the best known doctors practising in Cork city. In 1852 he still retained property in Clonakilty in the Long Quay area. He was a generous benefactor to the Convent of Mercy which was set up in his old home in 1856. The Rosminian fathers in Upton also benefited from his generosity. Albert Callanan died at his residence in Charlotte Quay on April 5th 1862. His wife and family had all died before him. The main beneficiary of his will was his nephew Alfred Elmore, by then an eminent painter. Elmore died on January 24th 1881, at St Alban’s Road, Kensington. His mortal remains line in Kensal Green Cemetery.Attending protest meeting Cork 1842 re Medical Charities Bill and effect on fever hospitlas,
Died 1801Michael CallananSon John to continue a different Michael with son John died 1770Multiple references to Callnans in Exham deeds at Cork Archives, also multiple Doctors in family involved in property i.e.Dr. Callnan 1772
1778Michael CallananApothecaryMarried
1787, 1801 DiedMichael CallananSouth Main StreetLucas Directory 1768. Died Callanane, Michael, Mr., Apothecary, son John to continue business – (HC 29/10/1801)Mrs Callinan wife of Michael Apothecary died 12th March 1795. Possibly the father of James 2nd son, b 3rd January 1783, mother Elizabeth McCarthy, admitted to KIngs Inns 1800 p. 92 online admission records. May be the Michael Apothecary who married Miss McCarthy, Clonakilty, November 1778Family may be related to JJ Callanan poet 1786-1829 his father was JOhn MD associated with McCarthys Burke doctors. Died at his house at Barrack St, Michael Callinan, Apothecary 26th October 1801.Son, 1801, John advertising he had served with his late father Michae, and has attended during two years chemical and medical lectures in Dublin.
Died 1767Mr CallananApothecaryFell from horse near Carryrohane and died next dayRosemary FFolliott
Died 1779Callanan, James,SurgeonCallanan, James, Mr., Surgeon, son Mr. Owen, Apothecary – (HC 5/2/1770)
Kelly, Miss, 1791, see Callanan, John, Esq., MD, 1791
1734, 1756, 1770 DiedOwen Callanan1734 subscriber to ‘An Essay on Epidemic Diseases’. 1755 daughter of eminent apotecary married Dr HalyCALLANAN, OWEN, near South-gate, CORKE JOURNAL 1756 (CJ 4/3/1756)

In ad JTC 1st August 1765 letting of two fields at the Lough ready to mow contact him or Cornelius Leary Realeigh near Macroom father Art Ó Laoighre outlaw. Died Callanan, James, Mr., Surgeon, son Mr. Owen, Apothecary – (HC 5/2/1770)

Daughter marries Eugene Sweeney Bookseller and newspaper printer (Cork Journal). Wife died near South Gate September 1758. Son James died January 1770 at his house near North Gate bridge. Daughter died May 1764.The Callnan family were hereditary physicians to the McCarthy Riabhach family. CJ 4/3/1756) – TO be let in the town of Youghall, from the 25th of March next or such term as shall be agreed, the house near the clock-gate, wherein Thomas Hough shoemaker lately dwelt. For particulars, enquire of Mrs. Catherine Roche, near said house, or Mr. Owen Callanan near South-gate, Corke.
1772 (November)Owen CallinanRosemary FFolliott
1765Miss CallananMarried Dr Haly (Healy?) daughter of Mr. Calanan eminent apothecary, August 1762John T Collins
1812Dr. Thoms Callanan MDDoctor1812 election voted Hutchinson.