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McCarthy Genealogy: From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O’Hart

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Arms: A stag trippant, attired and unguled or. Crest: A dexter arm in armour ppr. cuffed ar. erect and couped at the wrist, holding in the hand a lizard, both also ppr. Supporters: Two angels ppr. vested ar. habited gu. winged or, each holding in the exterior hand a shield, thereon a human head affronted erased. Motto: Forti et fideli nihil difficile.
FAILBHE FLANN, son of Aodh Dubh, who is No. 94 on the “Line of Heber” (ante), was the ancestor of “MacCarthy Mór.” From him the pedigree of the family is as follows:
95. Failbhe Flann (d. A.D. 633): son of Aodh Dubh; was the 16th Christian King of Munster, and reigned 40…

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