1715.  Discovery of Genealogy of Tadhg-an-Duna, McCarthy, Dunmanway in Paris 1848.  Consigned as Rubbish in French State Papers.



In Dr John O’Donovan, Annals of the Four Masters there is an appendix and the McCarthys feature at p.2492.  He refers to a letter from Tim O’Donovan benefactor of Jerry-an –Duna who died at O’Donovan’s Cove in his 84th year. He says ‘His appearance was most respectable, and he had the manners and information of a gentleman; all classes around Dunmanway had a respect for him to the last, and he acknowledged his descent from Teige-an –Duna. He was married to a Miss Callanan of Kinsale, a very respectable lady, who ran off with him, and he spent what fortune she brought him with his Irish recklessness.  He often told me that his family papers were in a chest the left with a Mrs McCarthy of Glanda, near Dunmanway. He made a request to me to have him interred in the family tomb at Kilbarry (I mile west of Dunmanway) which of course I complied with  and he was buried with his ancestors, and with all due respect.  His eldest son Charles, is now living in Cork, he is I am told, a well-conducted honest man, but in very low circumstances.

O’Donovan Hostory (Durrus/Kilcrohane):





Letter from Timothy O’Donovan, J.P., to Dr. John O’Donovan, re Jerry McCarthy (Jerry na Duna), 24039/JOD/278(ii)

O’Donovan’s Cove,

August 17th 1847


In reply to your favour I beg to state that my old friend Jerry McCarthy commonly called Jerry na Dunna from his ancestor’s property the ancient castle of Dunna in the  adjacent district to Dunmanway.

He died some years ago at my house in his 84th year.  He spent most of his later years at my place. I was partial to him as being a resident old gentleman his appearance was most respectable and he had the manners and formation of a gentleman.  He was married to a Miss Callanan of Kinsale a very respectable lady she ran off with Jerry na Duna and he spent what portion she had.

They parted after having some children, Mrs McCarthy got some work as a Governess for herself and daughter in some highly respectable  family.

I think the daughter is alive, her eldest son is a painter and glazier he was married to one of the Henegans of Drimoleague and resided chiefly in Kilkenny.  I don’t know when he married when last I heard of him I think he was waiting to go to America.

BB Jerry after his demaine (death?)  his papers were in a chest which he left with Arthur McCarthy of Glanadra near Dunmanway.  I was after anxious to look at the documents but he attached no such importance to them.

I did not wish to ask.   He made a request to me to have interred at the family tomb at Kilbarry which of course I complied with and he was buried with his old ancestors with all due respect, this is all I know of him.

I think his mother was an O’Donovan, he was very unfond of talking of his family and  very sensitive of any allusion being to their former respectability in contrast to his own desperate state.  I always avoided the subject.

It seemed to wound his feelings for he had great pride and this I was really anxious to know.. his cruel family  and the story of the decline of his ancestor’s house. I could not do anything that I thought may be disagreeable to him

I shall always be glad to give you any information in my power








Richard Caulfield, transcription:

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