1709.  Sale of Part Estate Muskerry by Hollow Blade Company to Humphry Massy, Macroom, Protestant of Late Donogh McCarthy late Earl of Clancarthy Attained for Treason.




Massey Magistrates:

Right Honourable Hugh Massy, 1797

Humphrey Massy, 1719, Macrompe (Macroom), purchased former Earl of Clancarty Donogh McCarthy Muskerry estate from Hollow Blade Company 1709.

Massey Hutchinson  Massey,  Mount Massey, Macroom.   Pre 1830, listed 1835.

William Massey, pre 1830

William Hugh Hutchinson Massey, Mountmassey, Macroom, listed 1875-6. 1870 return, 13,363 acres.

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