West Cork History

1765.  Letting of Lands at ‘The Lough’, Cork by Cornelius Leary Father of  Art Ó Laoighre, Hungarian Hussar in Employ of Empress of Austria, Outlaw, Raleigh, Macroom, Judicially Murdered, and Callanans Apothecaries.

The Raleaigh house was a very substantial residence.  Cornelius O’Leary was a Land Agent for the Minihear family of Carrigaphuca.

Minihear Magistrates:

Henry Baldwin MInhear, 1870, Carrigafooka Castle/Bank House, Macroom, Resident, listed 1875-6, listed 1913.

James Miniher, Member Election Committee, Alexander McCarthy, 1855

Thomas Minhear, 1864, Raleigh, Macroom, Non-Resident, £90

William MInhear, listed 1838, Cornelius O’Leary, Raleigh,  son of Keadagh and he himself father of Art O’Leary the judicially murdered outlaw was the agent of the Carrigaphuca family estates mid 18th century.

This is from John T.Collins Newspaper Extracts.  This is from the collection compiled by the Kearneys of Garretstown House.

The Callanans referred to were apothecaries and well connected to the old Gaelic Aristocracy.  They were…

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