1765.  Letting of Lands at ‘The Lough’, Cork by Cornelius Leary Father of  Art Ó Laoighre, Hungarian Hussar in Employ of Empress of Austria, Outlaw, Raleigh, Macroom, Judicially Murdered, and Callanans Apothecaries.

The Raleaigh house was a very substantial residence.  Cornelius O’Leary was a Land Agent for the Minihear family of Carrigaphuca.


Minihear Magistrates:

Henry Baldwin MInhear, 1870, Carrigafooka Castle/Bank House, Macroom, Resident, listed 1875-6, listed 1913.

James Miniher, Member Election Committee, Alexander McCarthy, 1855

Thomas Minhear, 1864, Raleigh, Macroom, Non-Resident, £90

William MInhear, listed 1838, Cornelius O’Leary, Raleigh,  son of Keadagh and he himself father of Art O’Leary the judicially murdered outlaw was the agent of the Carrigaphuca family estates mid 18th century.


This is from John T.Collins Newspaper Extracts.  This is from the collection compiled by the Kearneys of Garretstown House.



The Callanans referred to were apothecaries and well connected to the old Gaelic Aristocracy.  They were prominent also in medicine, having being hereditary physicians to the McCarthys.





Died 1801 Michael Callanan Son John to continue a different Michael with son John died 1770
1778 Michael Callanan Apothecary Married
1787, 1801 Died Michael Callanan South Main Street Lucas Directory 1768 Mrs Callinan wife of Michael Apothecary died 12th March 1795. Possibly the father of James 2nd son, b 3rd January 1783, mother Elizabeth McCarthy, admitted to KIngs Inns 1800 p. 92 online admission records. May be the Michael Apothecary who married Miss McCarthy, Clonakilty, November 1778 Family may be related to JJ Callanan poet 1786-1829 his father was John MD associated with McCarthys Burke doctors. Died at his house at Barrack St, Michael Callinan, Apothecary 26th October 1801. Son, 1801, John advertising he had served with his late father Michae, and has attended during two years chemical and medical lectures in Dublin.
Died 1767 Mr Callanan Apothecary Fell from horse near Carryrohane and died next day Rosemary FFolliott
1734, 1770 Died Owen Callanan 1734 subscriber to ‘An Essay on Epidemic Diseases’. 1755 daughter of eminent apothecary married Dr Haly In ad JTC 1st August 1765 letting of two fields at the Lough ready to mow contact him or Cornelius Leary Realeigh near Macroom father Art Ó Laoighre outlaw Daughter marries Eugene Sweeney Bookseller and newspaper printer (Cork Journal). Wife died near South Gate September 1758. Son James died January 1770 at his house near North Gate bridge. Daughter died May 1764. The Callinan family were hereditary physicians to the McCarthy Riabhach family https://durrushistory.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/callnan-family-hereditary-physicians-to-the-mccarthy-riabhachs-1798-in-west-cork-dr-john-richard-elmore-owner-of-largest-linen-mill-in-munster-in-clonakilty-1820s-and-dr-william-and-albert-callnan/
1772 (November) Owen Callinan Rosemary FFolliott
1765 Miss Callanan Married Dr Haly (Healy?) daughter of Mr. Calanan eminent apothecary, August 1762 John T Collins

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