West Cork History

Hereditary Ecclesiastics, Daniel McCarthy (1761-c1830) Parish Priest of Durrus, West Cork, Minister Church of Ireland and his grandson Welbore McCarthy (1840-1925), Anglican Archbishop of Calcutta, India.

In olden Ireland it was common for certain families to provide clergy father to son in areas controlled by different local chieftains. Around the same time under the Brehon Law and in accordance with local religious customs various forms of marital relationships such as concupinage and divorce were allowed as well as wives in different degrees.

Father Daniel Mccarthy’s marriage in 1793 to his ward Miss Sarah Blair and leaving the priesthood caused a storm that reverbeated for years.

1793 Sarah Blair Rev. Daniel McCarthy (An tAthair Tadgh Na Muclagh), Bantry/Blair’s Cove Durus. He had been the parish priest of Durrus and reputedly the head of the ‘Muclaigh’ Sept of the McCarthys who built the Mccarthy Cool-na-Long Castle in Durrus early 1620s. Descendant include…

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