Fishing Business Bantry Bay, part of North Atlantic Fishery 17th Century.

The enclosed relates to Edward Davenant who leased part of Whiddy from the O’Sullivan estate.   From other sources it appears that the Bantry Fishery and those of Hull at Leamcon and Baltimore were part of a business financed from London. Also included would be the fishery in the West County of England and it appears that Hull also had a fishery in Newfoundland.

In the 1836 Fishery Enquiry in Bantry John Young of the family associated with fishing testified that c 1640 his family had lost a lot of money in the collapse of a Spanish Bank in Bilbao.

John Young re 1640:


Edward Davenant entry to Cambridge University 1584:

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Courtesy Seamus Crowley, Mizen Journal 2001.

17th century, Bantry

1612Peter AkockeWhiddy IslandWill Index
1629Richard SteventonWhiddy Island
1632Agnes PredisBantry
4th November 1633Edward TurnerBalligobaneMerchant. Wife and exectrix Joan presumably a widow as her husband haad been Newton, he was earlier married to Joan.Eldest daughter Ann , Margaret. 3 daughters by Joan Sarah, Mary, Esther, four by wife of former husband Samuel, Jonas, John, Mary NewtownBrothers Isaac, Henry Turner sister Sarah Hugett, England,Oveseers Anthony Stowell Oneskayne (Enniskeane?), Edward Eyre, Durris, witnesses Edward Eyre, W. Snelling (active in fishing industry), Thomas Whiddington, Charles Dennis (the Bantry Dennises may dereive from him)Welply’s wills. Snelling referred to as overseer was the subject matter of a peition wiht Edward Davenant by Gavin Gibsn, Vicar of bantry that they were withholding tithes. on pilchards. Further suit with Wiliam Davenant fish merchant brought by Mark Paget Vicar of Bantry 1637 re same went to House of Lords.
1632Robert MarshallBantry Casey Vol. 6
1637John HoptonDurrus
1637Thomas WoodsBantryWill Index
1637Margaret JohnsonKilmocomogeCork and Ross Wills 1584-1800
1639Edward DavenantWhiddy IslandWill dated Whiddy 29th December 1636. He was brother of Bishop of John Davenant of Salisbury, active in Bantry Fishery since 1608 when he leased Whiddy Isladn from Sir Owen O’Sullivan’s widow.To son Edward D.D. New Sarum, WiltsHis father-in-law was Simms, London. One daughter marrried John Palmer of Whiddy, another son JOhn of Whiddy married Ann Boyle both drowned crossing to Whiddy 1641. William may have been anaother son.Paddy O’Keeffe papers, Cork Archives
1641JOhn Palmer, Ann Palamer nee BoyleWhiddyDrowned crossing. He son of Edward fish merchant English but in Whiddy. She may be related to Richard Boyel, earl of Cork.
1668George WatersWhiddy island and probably LondonGentIn his will he was posessed of 70 ploughlands in Bantry and Bere and an agent for the transport of soldiers to the Kng of SpainPaddy O’Keeffe papers, Cork Archives
1669Maria GalweyBantryDr. Casey Vol 6
1676Henry MeaghNewtown (Bantry?)Dr. Casey Vol. 6
1679Captain Cornelius LeuryBantryDr. Casey Vol. 6
1881John BeavillBantry
1681John CriminBantryCork and Ross Wills 1584-1800
1685Walter LangBerehaven
1685Simon SrevensonSkarte (may not be Bantry Scart)Dr. Casey Vol 6 from 1156
1686Walter LangBerehavenCork and Ross Wills 1584-1800
5th Febuary 1707Thomas Mandkocy?Graave no 316, Abbey oldestPaddy O’Keeffe survey
1707Thomas HandcockBantry and Ross Wills 1584-1800
Pre 1600Edward EyresPossibly born EnglandNamed as overseer in will of Edward Turner, Ballygobbib (Bantry) 1633 with Anthony Stowelly, EnniskeaneCopied by Welply prior to destruction 1922