West Cork History

Interestingly the Christian name Edmund runs in this branch.  The scholar Dr. John O’Donovan also had this name in his extended family.

For his researches:




Rev. Patrick Ernest Donovan (1861-1953), Foronaught, Myross, Skibbereen, West Cork, Irish Speaking Methodist Missionary.

Courtesy Wesley Weir.

His daughter was one of the early girls to attend Wesley College.

The First Girls To Enter Wesley College As Pupils In 1911

Both his Dublin and English house were named Myross.

Over the years members of the Donovan/O’Donovan families changed religion.  From the early 18th century the title  ‘The O’Donovan’ was held by family members who converted to the Church of Ireland.  Probably now in the USA members of the Diaspora are Mormons or Evangelists.

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Residents of a house 32 in Gt. Charles Street (Mountjoy, Dublin)
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