Thanks to Peter O’Driscoll, San Francisco.

“This Classic report of 1948 score” this is a report on a famous (road bowling contest between Jimmy Crowley and Dan Dempsey, Glandore, it was reported in The Kerryman a newspaper on Saturday, April 3rd 1948.

The contest took place on the Skibbereen Castle Townshend Road on Sunday, March 21st, 1948.

The two reasons this contest became famous are:

One the score was never finished.

Two it took place when bowl playing was making a transition from been played on a rough surfaces road to played on tar surfaced road.

Jimmy Crowley and two brothers: his older brother John and younger brother Joe are better know as the Crowley family of Colomane that owned and operated a Ransom Thrashing Machine. They were one of the first to bring this modern type Thrashing Machine to West Cork. They traveled from farm yard to farm yard to thrash the local farmers grain crops of oats, barely & wheat.

This Crowley family were first or second cousins to Jeremiah Wholey that is listed in the new post on West Cork History (of May 2015) Bringing the Iron Wheeled Threshing Machine from Kealkil, West Cork from 12th October to West Waterford in the 1940s and other areas. These Crowley also followed in the foot steps of Jeremiah Wholey to some area of County Waterford.


Flor Crowley, Founder An Ból Cumann:

Road Bowling.