West Cork History


Jeremiah Wholey, Bringing the Iron Wheeled Threshing Machine from The Mealagh Valley, West Cork from the 12th October to West Waterford in the 1940s and others in the area, 1910 Threshing Photographs, Coomkeen, Durrus, Jack Attridge’s home built Threshing Machine.

In the era of horses on farms there was an ongoing demand for oats so many farmers grew oats. After harvesting they were piled in a stack awaiting threshing which from the late 19th century was do by a steam threshing machine. This continued to the 1960s, in the Durrus area there was a threshing on the Shannon farm in Rossmore in 1965 and thereafter the use of the threshing machine petered out. By the mid 1960 the combine harvester had arrived in the area with the O’Donovan brothers from Kealties followed by Phil Shanahan.

The Wholey brothers from the Mealagh Valley threshed in the Bantry area and traditionally…

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