Fragments from St. James Church Records, Durrus, West Cork and Census Records Copied Prior to 1922 Destruction.

Some of the Irish pre 1901 census records were pulped due to a paper shortages in World War 1,  no such destruction in the UK.  Other were destroyed due to lack of space.  The greatest  destruction was in the loss by the explosion in the Public Records Office in 1922.  It is not know if this was deliberate or accidental.  In the prior years due to the Troubles there was a fear that Protestant Churches might be in danger and the Records were exhorted to place the church records in the Public Records Office in Dublin for safe keeping.  The result was an unmitigated disaster.

However there was some copying of records prior to 1922 for genealogical purposes.


Thrift Notes Item 4117, copied prior to 1922 Destruction, from research commissioned by Inspector Hynes, Melbourne a descendant of Blair Family of Blair’s Cove, Durrus



Genealogical Office p 3 (1)


Marriage Licence Bond:


The Reverend Daniel McCarty of the City of Cork, Clerk and Thomas Kennedy of the same cooper, bound in £1,000 – dated 26th July 1793.  Daniel McCarthy may marry Sarah Blair of the Parish of St. Paul’s, Cork, Spinster.


Daniel McCarty (Muclagh):



Family extracts from Fragment St. James, Destroyed:

Lost Census: