West Cork History

Flax was grown in West Cork in the 18th and early 19th century and its growth was promoted by landowners including Lord Bandon and the Earl of Bantry. There are numerous references to linen weavers in the period. See re 1749 and Cox in Dunmanway:


It underwent a revival during World War 1 and later World War 2. These articles are from the Adrdfield/Rathbarry JournalNo. 1 of 1998/9 and Roscarbery Past and Present Vol 5 2003.

In Bennet’s History of Bandon he refers to Sir Richard Cox’s efforts to develop flax growing and linen in Dunmanway in the early 18th century. The memories of William Jennings 1837-1922 who went to Australia refer to his longing for the Flax Mills on the River Bandon in Dunmanway:


In Ross Cathedral records the following appear, John son of Daniel Carthy, Froyle, flax dresser 30 July 1739, Tim Connolly, linen weaver, 1774…

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