Transportation to Botany Bay, Australia of Doctor O’Connor and Alexander McCarthy, Barrister, Both Bantry, West Cork, after Abortive United Irishmen Rising, Ireland, 1798. Plea for Clemency Arthur Hutchins, Ardnagashel, Bantry.

This is an incidental to Paddy O’Keeffe (Bantry, Businessman and Antiquarian) researches into Blair family of Durrus.  McCarthy may be an attorney does not appear in Kings Inns records for Bantry.


Bryan O’Connor went out to Norfolk Island as assistant to the surgeon William Redfern. O’Connor ended up in gaol in 1802. letters from him and his brother in law, William Alcock to Governor King in Australian Archives .  From a relation: ” “The Limrick family. My great great grandmother (Mark O’Connor, Australia) was Ann Limrick Starkey (Starkie) born in Rosscarbery to Wm Starkie and Anna Maria Alcock, (her father was the nephew of Henry Alcock of Wilton in Co. Wexford. Her father was William Henry Loftus Alcock, transported with his brother in law Dr Bryan O’Connor of Bantry to Australia for being United Irisman and William for visiting Dr Bryan O’Connor in Goal ” “Dr Bryan O’Connor did in fact return to Ireland after receiving a full pardon in 1809, his brother in law, William Henry Loftus Alcock, never did return to Ireland from Australia. Dr O’Connor had a medical practice in Clonakilty, where he lived with his wife Jane until he passed away. “

Dr. O’Connor had three brothers at the time officers in the British Army.

After some years Dr. O’Connor, was allowed to return home and became a GP in Clonakilty, a respected member of the local community.

Extended Jagoe/O’Connor family early draft document:

Robert Swanton Ballydehob, Later Judge New York:

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