Emanuel Hutchins, Cregane Castle, Co. Limerick (of Bantry family)  Plea for Clemency for  Bantry United Irishmen Men, letter 11th August 1799, to The Lord Lieutenant for Bantrymen, Doctor Bryan O’Connor and  Attorney,  Florence McCarthy.  This was against Transportation to Botany Bay.

The O’Connor maybe of a Land Owning, Merchant family.   One married John Jagoe of Bantry who was a fish merchant, later fishery inspector.  Their son John was a barrister defending evicted tenants in Bantry, in the 1840s.   Their daughter married Patrick Desmond, Attorney , Bantry, who were the parents of Sister Beningus, a pioneer of women’s education in Townsville, Australia.

From Memoir of Sir Cosmo Haskard :

Quoted in p. 18, O’Hea O’Keeffe, Jane, Voices from the Great House Cork and Kerry, Mercier Press, 2013.