Emanuel Hutchins,  Barrister 1792, Landlord Ardnagashel,  Bantry later  Magistrate Friend of Wolfe Tone.

Barrister 1792.




From Cork Archive Directory:



Laminated A3 page containing an extract of text from diary of Wolf Tone, 24 Dec 1796, on board a French Warship in Bantry Bay, mentioning his ‘friend Hutchins’ [Emanuel Hutchins of Ardnagashel, Ballylickey, Bantry]. A note regarding the involvement of both men in a Dublin political club in 1790 follows below the extract, and a profile portrait of Tone is also included. On reverse are copied title pages of ‘Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone’ (Washington: Gales & Seaton, 1826) and ‘Memoirs of Theobald Wolfe Tone’ (London: Henry Colburn, 1827), cited as ‘source’. Three notes regarding the provenance of the item occur: note: ‘Extracted copy from the Two Volumes in possession of Arethusa Hutchins Greacen… Portrait & Vol II page 144 and p 545’; note: ‘Arethusa’s copy is believed to be the one acquired by Emanuel Hutchins who died in 1839’; sticker: ‘Photocopy with Richard N Hutchins.. Solicitor (Retired).. Bantry’.