The Blairs may have originated in Armagh, they were in Dunmanway at the end of the 17th century and were associated with the Whites of Bantry.   White married Miss Hamilton from Armagh, early 18th century.  From Bantry they moved to what is now Durrus c 1780s.  The Estate was bought some time earlier c 1,000 acres.  The name Tonson occurs with the children, may be associated with the Riversdale/Hull family who may have sold the Blairs the land or marriage.

Genealogical Research Conducted by Paddy O’Keeffe, Bantry Antiquarian, 1963 on Blairs of Blair’s Cove, Durrus, West Cork, to Descendant, Inspector Hynes, Melbourne


Paddy O’Keeffe Blair papers 039


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Paddy O’Keeffe Blair papers 039
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