West Cork History

Scart, off Bantry/Cork Road.


Cool-na-Long, Gearhameen:


Genealogy of McCarthy (Muclagh/Clann Tadhg Ruaidh-na-Scairte) family of Scart (Durrus/Bantry), West Cork, later Cul-na-long, from 1185 AD including descendants of Father/Reverend Daniel McCarthy from Samuel Trant McCarthy, High Sheriff Co.Kerry, Srugrena Abbey 1912 intermarried with O’Learys Incigeela, Mccarthys Kilcoe, O’Donovans, O’Mahonys Dunbeacon, McCarthys Dunmanway, Blairs Bantry/Coolculaghta/Blair’s Cove among others, 18th century family members in France.

From Judge Samuel Trant McCarthy’s General McCarthy History.

The Castle was in the townland of Scart around a mile from Durrus Cross adn the family moved to the then new Castle at Cul-na-Long, Gearhameen, Durrus s till well preserved. Their lands partly came into possession of Sir. Walter Coppinger (the Coppingers are of Hiberno-Danish descent) who went into possession when they defaulted on the mortgage c 1640 these would be the eastern end Caheragh and Ballycomane. His land was forfeit due to rebellion and eventually came into…

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