West Cork History

Original Book Cornell University, New York

Prom the Genealogical Table given at p. 4, it is clear that
Cuchonnacht na Sgoile O'Daly, who died at Clonard, in 1139,
was the first man of the O'Dalys who was celebrated for his
learning. Prom his period forward poetry became a profession
in the family, and the Corca-Adaim sent forth poetical
professors to various parts of Ireland. About the middle of
the twelfth century Eaghnall O'Daly settled in Desmond, and
became chief professor of poetry to Mac Carthy, king of Des-
mond. Prom him, no doubt, the O'Dalys of Muintir-Bhaire, in the south-west of the County of Cork, are descended ; but their pedigree has not been preserved by the O'Clery's or Mac Pirbises, and it is to be feared that it is irrecoverably lost. Dr. O'Brien, indeed, asserts in his Irish Dictionary (voce dala), that the O'Dalys of Munster are descended from…

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