West Cork History


The Hollow Blade Company (they had funded Parliament’s 1680s campaign against the English King and these lands were part of their reward)


Pre Hollow Blade tenure


was originally set up to manufacture swords in the 1690s but shortly afterwards was used as a shell to engage in banking.  It would have been the Anglo-Irish Bank of the early 18th century and failed in a spectacular fashion with its involvement with the South Sea Bubble .

It acquired various Irish properties in 1703

http://landedestates.nuigalway.ie/LandedEstates/jsp/estate-show.jsp?id=1129  including property at Reendonegan, Bantry.  This townland has land which is very fertile and much sought after abutting theBay, atthe time access to seaweed and sea sand would be a contributor to value.

This was leased to Henry Hutchinson of Bantry and is recorded in the Registry of Deeds  1714 Vol 13 page 185 Memorial Number 5543 to Hutchinson a “Protestant’ for £266.

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